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The Tipping Point: Data-Driven Marketing vs. Data Complexity

Where does your organization fit?

The MMA partnered with EY and surveyed over 100+ senior U.S. marketing leaders across major industries to assess the maturity of consumer data in organizations. Together we endeavored to understand how the tug of war between growth through data-driven decisions playoff against the risk of managing the complexity of marketing-generated data within today's modern organizations.

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Personal Data, Privacy & Smartphones: The Marketer/Consumer Disconnect

Education for consumers presents new opportunities for brands

In June of 2020, Apple announced that with the introduction of iOS14, new privacy features would include consumer opt-in for permission to track.

In partnership with AppsFlyer, the MMA conducted research with marketers and consumers about the implication of these privacy related updates to their business outcomes. The insights generated include how marketers and app developers are thinking about, planning for and changing operationally for the new world of privacy and data limitations. They also include how consumers are thinking about data privacy in light of the Apple iOS 14 update to a full opt in system for data usage—which other companies are likely to follow.

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Outcome-Based Marketing 2.0 (OBM2) Research Initiative

Achieve profitable growth by targeting consumers in the movable middle

Marketers typically create media plans that aim to maximize campaign reach. But is a plan that is designed to maximize sales and outcomes perhaps better for brands? What is the role of targeting in terms of ROAS and which approach better serves the brand both in the short term and the long term?

The Outcome-Based Marketing 2.0 (OBM2) Research Initiative was created to study these questions. And through this research, a new whitepaper has been released providing a comparative analysis of alternative media plans and explain why these findings are repeatable and provide a better growth framework for brands.

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Brand as Performance Research Initiative

An Industry Consortium to Develop a New Growth Framework for Brands

The need for a comprehensive growth framework has never been greater for brands. Digital marketing has ushered in an obsession with immediate measures and short-term focus, making it increasingly difficult to justify an allocation of marketing dollars to longer-term brand-building. Even when marketers judge advertising by its ability to lift brand KPIs, there is really no solid evidence of the performance value of these metrics over time.

The MMA is forming a consortium of marketers and media companies who are interested to take a leadership role and help develop a new growth framework for brands. Learn more about the initiative and how to get involved.

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Mobile Cognition Research

Do you have a First Second Strategy?

Released March 2019

A groundbreaking new Cognition Neuroscience Research project conducted by the MMA in collaboration with The Advertising Research Foundation (The ARF), the trade group focused on unbiased quality in research on advertising, media and marketing, and Neurons Inc., an applied neuroscience research company, set out to understand how consumers process information in a mobile environment.

To learn more about the research and its findings, download the First Second Strategy Report, the Research Results and the Methodology Deep Dive. Click here to read the press release.

Read the story on The Wall Street Journal here.

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The State of the Industry: Mobile Marketing in North America

A Report from WARC and the Mobile Marketing Association

Released May 2017

WARC, a leading source of marketing intelligence, in partnership with the MMA, has just released this special report giving marketers the clearest snapshot available about what marketers are thinking about mobile right now.

By downloading this report, you’ll learn:

  • How much marketers think they’ll invest in mobile within the next five years.
  • Which mobile tactic shows the most potential for future growth.
  • What marketers really think about accurately measuring ROI in mobile.

… And those data points just scrape the surface!

Download the Report

An industry level research initiative aiming to give marketers an incredibly compelling, fact-based story on the ROI value of mobile to their business goals. Participating Marketers include:

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Making Marketing Work Harder with Mobile

There is no doubt that mobile presents the greatest transformation in consumer behavior that we will experience in our lifetimes. But what is its impact on business outcomes?

The Mobile Opportunity

Current predictions of mobile advertising’s meteoric rise are themselves too conservative - underestimating the size and growth of the mobile ad spend opportunity.

Mobile Video Benchmarking Study

With participation from six mobile publishers, who provided one month's mobile advertising data, the 2014 study provides mobile video performance insights to advertisers, agencies, publishers and 3rd party video severs.