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MMA's First Second Strategy Checklist and Facebook's Thumbstopper Creative Best Practices are what you need to win with short video ads.

Release Date: 
September, 2019
Mobile Trends 2018

In this document, the Mobile Marketing Association intends to dissect the main trends that will drive mobile marketing in 2018. Here, you’ll have access to insights, analysis, opinions and projections from some of the great players in the industry, who will discuss the benefits and challenges of topics such as Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Payments, Location-Based Services, Multi-Touch Attribution and Transparent Use of Data.

Release Date: 
April, 2018
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How to Build Up A Closer Relationship Between New Products and Consumers: 4 Essential Approaches in Go-To-Market Plans

Release Date: 
December, 2018
Case studies about Danone, Patrón, Swarovski and more will change how you employ location data
Release Date: 
December, 2018
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The Mobile Marketing Association’s MTA Tactical Success Guide is a tool for marketers to determine their organization’s data readiness for employing Multi- Touch Attribution, discussing specific data linking strategies, the value of Unified User IDs and more. It also includes a workbook which allows marketers to examine how their own data might be used in MTA.

Release Date: 
July, 2018