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Welcome to the MMA AI Leadership Coalition

The mission of the MMA AI Leadership Coalition is to revolutionize the world of marketing by advancing the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through consortiums and think tanks.

The Coalition understands the transformative power of AI and its potential to reshape the marketing landscape. With a simple yet ambitious goal, MMA aims to drive improved business growth, deliver personalized experiences, and enhance operational efficiency through strategic AI utilization in marketing.

MMA has already established a baseline for the power of AI in our Consortium for AI Personalization that showed improvements in digital marketing performance as high as +260% in one brand’s study. But how to achieve that was most important.

The MMA AI Coalition strives to ensure that MMA's members remain leaders in this generation's most important frontier of technological innovation. Welcome to the MMA AI Coalition, where intelligence fuels innovation and marketing reaches new heights.

Are you ready to redefine the possibilities of marketing through AI?

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MMA AI Coalition Members

MMA AI Leadership Coalition includes over 200 forward-thinking marketing leaders from 150+ companies, who recognize that embracing AI goes beyond staying ahead of the curve. It is about harnessing the most important technological revolution of this decade to achieve unparalleled success (like mobile before, and internet before that). The MMA AI Leadership Coalition serves as a platform where marketers can explore, experiment, and execute groundbreaking AI initiatives that push the boundaries of what marketing can achieve.