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Rex Briggs
Founder and CEO
Marketing Evolution

Rex Briggs has been helping Fortune 500 marketers improve marketing ROI by applying analytics for more than two decades. Rex is a leading expert in unlocking marketing ROI profits through measurement. Rex is credited with pioneering many digital measurement techniques, including post-click analysis, attribution modeling, online advertising effectiveness, Cross Media Measurement, Social Media effectiveness, and the integration of marketing mix modeling with attitudinal measurement. Rex’s ROI work is referenced in over 100 marketing books, and his own books, What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds (2006) and SIRFs-Up: The Story of How “Spend To Impact Response Functions” (SIRFs), Algorithms and Software Are Changing The Face of Marketing (2012), have been required reading at top business schools including Wharton and Harvard. Both of his books have made news on the cover of Ad Age for its groundbreaking insights on how to reduce waste and improve marketing ROI.

Rex’s company, Marketing Evolution, was founded in 2000 operates in over 20 countries, serving companies including AB InBev, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, Cox, Citi Bank (to name a few) and has been named the fastest growing ROI Company in America by INC. Magazine for the past two years. Rex is a sought after corporate presenter and guest lecturer for top business schools because he uses his deep expertise in ROI measurement to simplify and focus the message on the practical ways to integrate ROI into the marketing organization for competitive advantage.