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Member Testimonials

The MMA is ambitiously digging into the substantive issues reshaping the marketing landscape at a level that makes things truly actionable within companies – not just talk.
Former Partner, Marketing Practice Leader - EY Consulting
Best run trade group board in my experience.
Former SVP & GM Platform Business
MMA doesn’t just think it, MMA does it. Strategic and pragmatic solutions for the ever-transforming world of marketing. Bravo!
Former EVP, Chief Marketing Officer
The MMA is an amazing collection of passionate, driven people committed to making the business we love better.
Former Senior Vice President, Global Media
We tackle some of the most vexing issues for marketers by tapping into the most respected industry thought leaders AND academia!
SVP, Retail Media
[MMA’s Media & Data Board] truly is a group that’s passionate about media and cares so much about making the future media marketplace better for business and the customers & communities we all serve. What a tremendous privilege to serve with this group!
Media Director
Three things set the MMA apart: expertise, research, and actionability. The staff at the MMA is impressive with their relevant commercial and academic experiences. The topics presented by the MMA are researched in depth – not just trendy topics with anecdotal evidence. And the resulting work is pragmatic and digestible.
Chief Marketing Officer, US Meals & Beverages
MMA is the only industry group trying to tackle the issues that matter: how can marketing drive measurable growth and outcomes? We are long past Wannamaker’s lament about not knowing which 50% of his advertising works, it’s time for the industry to take seriously its responsibility to be accountable and MMA is leading the way.
Former Chief Marketing Officer
Spending time with MMA is like being with marketing architects and engineers as opposed to cake decorators and mortician makeup artists. Trying to improve the sausage factory versus wallpapering over the patient.
I don’t know how you do it, but MMA comes up with topics I don’t here anywhere else, and they matter a lot to my business.
Chief Customer Officer
I deeply believe it is the most progressive organization of marketing growth leaders in the world.
Chief Commercial Officer
MMA is truly a game-changer for us! Thought leadership around new and progressive topics, and action-oriented at its best.
Head of Global Advertising & Media
The MMA is the only trade group I’ve been a part of that addresses the real issues that impact the every day job of running Marketing. A lot of organizations talk about those things but aren’t actively doing work to make things better and easier for leaders.
MMA is where you want to be if you want to have your finger on the pulse of where marketing is headed. The organization is all substance, little hype.
VP, Media
The Hershey Company
Open, honest, smart, and completely unafraid of the difficult topics and conversations.
Former Head of Brand Advertising and Partnerships
MMA is a great organization offering, in addition to industry leadership, extensive resources, education and answers. We’re proud to be a member.
Vice President Marketing
MMA membership and our active leadership within helped boost overall awareness and education of the benefits of mobile video advertising, awareness for our company (which is important for an earlier stage firm), and awareness for our key executives like myself, Mike Owen, Nikao Yang and others.
Chief Executive Officer
MMA is a primary driver in developing mobile marketing standards and practices to enable greater investments in this growing and critical channel. The organization’s dedication to the mobile marketplace drives the entire industry to think bigger and helps marketers better understand the importance of this budding medium.
VP, Mobile and Connected TV Sales
Tremor Video
I can say that our MMA membership is extremely valuable. Our participation in the MMA Programmatic committee has helped us to both stay educated and contribute thought leadership among some of the preeminent experts in mobile. The MMA helps us stay in touch with today’s market, which should ensure a healthy return after we launch.
At Campbell, we are using mobile to connect with consumers where they are and to engage them with personally relevant content at the right moments in their daily lives. I look forward to working with this talented group of brand marketers as we seek to define mobile's role in a rapidly-changing consumer and media environment.
I am huge fan of MMA initiatives as they keep on generating great business for Vivo in advertising, the events have with rich content and amazing networking opportunities, I am very happy.
Diretora de Marketing
The MMA and its initiatives are very relevant, there are always more and more people interested in participating and getting into what is going on in the mobile industry and its trends. I am very glad about being part of it.
MMA initiatives and events are important because this Market is constantly growing, as the mobile performance this year in Cannes was very representative, and we need to show our clients how crucial it is to pay attention to that, it is a huge opportunity.
Chief Creative Officer - a WPP Company
The MMA with its initiatives show us where the mobile marketing is heading to and it is nive to see the increasing number of people participating because it clearly points to the evolution of mobile as an important marketing tool and I am very happy to be here.
Head of CPG
For me it is very important to participate in the MMA events. There are more and more brands and agencies becoming part of it, the brands are getting more interesting in mobile trends and when we see the mobile performance in Cannes, for example, we can be very proud to know that it is becoming a fundamental part of the marketing mix and that advertisers see it as an opportunity.
Digital Managing Director
Nielsen Brasil