1. What is the MMA?
  2. How many members does the MMA have?
  3. How does my company join the MMA?
  4. How do I contact someone at the MMA?
  5. Are there committee’s my company can become involved in as an MMA member?
  6. Are there speaking opportunities within the MMA?
  7. Are there sponsorship opportunities within the MMA?
  8. How can I promote my company within the MMA?
  9. How do I sign up for the MMA’s Mobile Messenger Newsletter?
  10. What is the MMA’s International Journal of Mobile Marketing?
  11. Is the MMA active in industry events?
  12. What is the MMA’s Mobile Marketing Forum?
  13. What are industry initiatives?
  14. What do committees do?
  15. What committees exist?
  16. How do I get involved with committees?
  17. How does my membership level affect my ability to participate in committees?
  18. Where can I find meeting minutes and attachments for past meetings?
  19. How can I create a committee?
  20. What is the difference between a whitepaper, best practice, and guideline?
  21. How do I write a whitepaper?
  22. I have a question on a document. Who do I contact?
  23. Where do I report mobile marketing abuse?
  24. What are Local Committees?


  1. The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is the premier global association that strives to stimulate the growth of mobile marketing and its associated technologies. The MMA is a global organization with representation in over twenty countries. MMA members include agencies, advertisers, hand held device manufacturers, carriers and operators, retailers, software providers and service providers, as well as any company focused on the potential of marketing via mobile devices.
  2. The MMA currently has over 800 member companies worldwide and this number continues to grow.  For a current list of MMA members, please click HERE.
  3. To join the MMA, please review and complete the MMA Application Form.
  4. For complete contact information for MMA staff, please click HERE.
  5. Definitely.  The MMA has several Committees, Special Interest Groups, and Task Forces.  Committees are open to MMA members only - if you are interested in taking a leadership role on our committees, or for more information, please click HERE.
  6. Yes.  Throughout the year, the MMA places speakers at industry conferences, as well as at our own events.  Please follow the process for submitting a speaker proposal, found HERE.
  7. Yes.  The MMA has several sponsorship and promotional opportunities available throughout the year.  To view our current sponsorship document, please click HERE.
  8. The MMA has several ways for you to reach your target audience.  To view how your company can reap the benefits of these opportunities, please click HERE.
  9. Signing up for the MMA’s monthly newsletter, the Mobile Marketing Messenger is easy!  Simply click HERE.
  10. The MMA’s International Journal of Mobile Marketing (MMA-IJMM) is the world’s ONLY journal strictly dedicated to mobile marketing.  Purchase your copy today by clicking HERE.  If you are interested in submitting an article, please click HERE.
  11. Yes.  In addition to its own events, the MMA carefully selects other industry events to sponsor.  In total, the MMA participates in over 50 industry events worldwide.  For a complete listing of these events, please visit our event calendar HERE.
  12. The MMA’s Mobile Marketing Forum is a leading industry event focused solely on mobile marketing.  For more information, please visit www.mobilemarketingforum.com.
  13. Industry initiatives involve the promotion of sustainable growth by establishing guidelines and best practices, as well as providing leadership for our member-driven committees.
  14. Committees consist of energized leaders in the mobile space who collaborate to develop and execute initiatives that reflect the needs of the evolving mobile ecosystem. Committee work products can range from forming guidelines and best practices, to publishing case studies and formulating strategies on how the MMA should respond to issues affecting the ecosystem.
  15. For a complete list of committees, please visit HERE
  16. To get involved with committees, please email [email protected] with a list of the committees your organization is interested in participating in and the contact information for the members of your team you’d like to have join these committees.
  17. Global and Regional members have the ability to participate in all committees, whereas Local members are limited to Local Committees.
  18. We post contact lists, meeting minutes and relevant materials to our committee work on our members-only message forum HERE
  19. Please review Section 6 of the MMA Committee Guidelines, which can be found HERE
  20. A whitepaper deals with a new technology or issue facing the mobile marketing ecosystem. A best practice is created after a technology has existed for a time long enough to establish some dos and don’t around it. A guideline is the next evolution of a best practice, as the name implies, to standardize the way in which a system operates.
  21. To write a whitepaper, please review our submission guidelines HERE
  22. Email your question to [email protected] and it will be directed to the appropriate party.
  23. You can report mobile marketing abuse by emailing the issue to [email protected]
  24. Local committees are committees that have been created by MMA Local Councils. These committees provide support for networking committees and committees responsible for localizing MMA best practices and guidelines, or providing contribution to global MMA best practices and guidelines. For a complete list of Local Councils see HERE