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Supporting the Growth of Mobile Marketing

MMA programs and working groups are aligned with Brand Marketer’s priorities as confirmed by the Global MM25 Marketer Peer Group. The programs and working groups meet on an ongoing basis to develop and execute industry initiatives that reflect the needs of their initiative area and the brands that support it. The work of many of the programs result in Guidance Reports and best practices.

If you want to see what all of the MMA’s committees are working on, download the Program Overview at right. For a close-up on individual committees, see below.

Program Members Include

Program Topics

Developing Smart Ad Counting Methodologies
Data, Privacy, Context and Delight: The opportunities and challenges for marketers
Evangelize the “unique to mobile” location opportunity
The MMA has created a Mobile Fraud Council to better help our members stay ahead of Mobile marketing fraud.
Driving consumer engagement, conversions and brand uplift through sponsored content, native ads, value-exchange ads, contextual ads and more
Leveraging Mobile's Safest Channel
Building Best Practices: Addressing the opportunities with this growing format
Navigating the unique challenges in mobile programmatic: From transparency, to data control, to creative
Data, Behaviors and Best Practices Shaping Success
Addressing key issues related to this rapidly evolving platform
Be and remain the first voice for mobile privacy by supporting best practices and consumer protection