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Location continues to be a driving force in mobile marketing, where location targeting brings great ROI but where issues around data integrity and privacy also warrant attention. The Location Committee is focusing on location data and attribution, while the MMA Global Board is beginning to address the data integrity and privacy issues.

See How Marketers Are Revolutionizing the Use of Location Data

Naturally, location data has become of intense interest to marketers in our increasingly mobile world, with some 82% of them saying they have used it to personalize the customer experience. The new MMA report, “Checking In: Use Cases for Location Data Beyond Geo-fencing” takes a close-up look – examining the innovation being unleashed by marketers as they find new uses for location in both marketing and predictive analytics. Its 14 mini-case studies include:

  • What Swarovski has found powerful about the combination of digital and out-of-home.
  • How Danone gave encouragement to consumers during traffic-filled commutes.
  • Where brands and location data providers have helped people in areas affected by hurricanes.
  • Why AccuWeather is particularly able to forecast sales.
  • How WeWork is using location data to assess neighborhoods for future locations.

Download the report now – and get a much closer look at location data innovation.

A Master Class on Cost Per Visit from GroundTruth and the MMA

Cost Per Visit (CPV) is a new metric that marketers – particularly retailers – should pay attention to, as it is an innovative way to use location data that connects media directly to store visits.

That’s why the MMA, in partnership with GroundTruth, have produced a new Master Class paper, “Cost Per Visit: A Metric for the Future of Location Data,” which is downloadable at right.

The paper will show you how major retailers – including a home improvement chain and a QSR — are using CPV. You’ll also learn how this use of location data isn’t just about targeting customers in-store, but also about uncovering insights that can help drive your business. Location is showing its worth as a core dataset for many marketers. This Master Class paper helps explain why.

Location-Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines

The Location-Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines are now complete.


The Media Rating Council, at the behest of the MMA, and in collaboration with the IAB, has issued the final Location-Based Advertising Measurement Guidelines. These Guidelines are intended to establish and document good practices of measurement; improve practices and disclosures used by practitioners; and also provide education to users of location-based measurement data from all segments of the Industry. Specifically, these guidelines provide marketers with further clarity on what they should expect from their location data providers, how to align metrics to their marketing objectives and better leverage mobile’s unique ability to drive business impact. This document also establishes a recommendation and a benchmark for audit processes whereby the practices and disclosures of location-based measurement organizations can be voluntarily validated by third parties.

MMA Program

With new leadership, the MMA Location Committee is focused on educating the market to view and use location data (and signal) in more multi-faceted ways. We recognize that location is not just as an executional targeting layer, but also has application more broadly in the planning, strategy and creative areas of mobile.

Current Projects

A Working Group will set the framework and content for a report on attribution and location data, and is being led by: Ubimo, Factual and Ninth Decimal, while Think Near and Waze, as Co-Chairs, will also be part of the Working Group. Any MMA member is welcome to join.

Member Participation

Location is fundamental to the value of mobile marketing and we encourage members in this part of the market to join the MMA and this dynamic program. Please contact us at [email protected].

Committee Member Companies Include