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Need to reduce the white noise but keep up to date on the latest in Marketing transformation? We have all the options that will suit your needs and keep you focused on what you need to know.

MMA SmartBrief for Modern Marketing:
North America Edition

Provides the most important and up to the minute mobile marketing news provided by leading publishing and news sources.



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MMA SmartBrief - AI

A weekly snapshot of AI in marketing with news from Washington Post, USA Today, New York Times and other leading sources.


MMA SmartBrief - Data in Marketing Think Tank

A weekly snapshot of what's new in data in marketing with industry news from Reuters, TechCrunch, and other leading sources.


Marketing Webinar Series

We cover all the priority need to know topics and work with the industry leaders to provide that information in clear and concise sessions developed to inform and inspire. Sign up for the monthly email digest.

Video Insights

With over 100 videos available across YouTube and Vimeo, the MMA provides some exceptional insight sharing from leaders in the Media & Marketing Ecosystem. Watch on:

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