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The mission of the Mobile Games Program of the MMA is to explore how brands and marketers can best connect with consumers in this unique environment, keeping the attention on providing a positive consumer experience that adds value to the entire ecosystem. The program will focus on best practices for driving consumer engagement, conversions and brand uplift through sponsored content, native ads, value-exchange ads, contextual ads and more

Find Out What Marketers Should Know – But Don’t – About Advertising in Mobile Games

Most marketers don’t know it, but virtually everyone with a smartphone is playing mobile games. In the U.S. alone this year, some 192 million people will play, and for many of them – young, old, male, female – mobile gaming is a daily habit that outstrips most other smartphone activity in terms of time spent.

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MMA Program

The Committee is focused on two critical issues:

  1. Best practices for advertising within mobile games, because if done incorrectly advertising can have an adverse-effect on campaign goals, and
  2. Who the mobile gaming audience is, including their demographics, psychographics and behavioral characteristics.

Current Projects

The Committee will host a webinar on March 27th at 2pm ET, featuring the highlights of the Gaming report, with a special emphasis on the value exchange model, new statistics and case studies supporting it.

Member Participation

Any MMA member who wants to get help shape and advance the agenda should contact us at [email protected].

Committee Member Companies Include