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Mobile Shopper Marketing

The MMA is conducting a marketplace assessment of the mobile shopper marketing space in order to identify the big picture issues that need to be addressed, as we have been too often bogged down by tactical considerations indigenous to certain brands and retailers.

The MMA wants to thank Walmart, Ubimo and RetailMeNot for helping us investigate this area of marketing.

Find Out How Mobile Affects the Consumer Journey In the MMA’s Mobile Shopper Marketing Report

Everyone in the marketing ecosystem realizes mobile is inextricably intertwined with the consumer journey. The challenge is in learning how to leverage it.

In the MMA’s latest white paper: “A Circle, Not a Funnel: The Role Mobile Plays In the Consumer Decision Journey,” you’ll discover mobile’s role from consideration all the way through the post-purchase experience. Along the way, you’ll also find out why the sales funnel is actually a circle, in which satisfied consumers repeatedly re- engage and re-purchase.

This report is essential for anyone in marketing who is determined to meet the consumer where they are – on their mobile device.

Download the full document here.

After issuing preliminary guidance on this topic, this program is on hiatus.