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State of AI in Digital transformation - MMA's CDO Benchmarking Study

June, 2023
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As the world stands on the precipice of what has been called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is our privilege at the MMA Global to present this first report in a series, resulting from our benchmark study on the state of AI application in digital transformation. A reflection of collective wisdom from our Chief Digital Officers Insight Collective (CINC), this report traces the contours of the AI landscape as seen by those at the helm of digital transformation, the Chief Digital Officers (CDOs).

Our findings signal a clear need for stronger leadership commitment, improved knowledge sharing, and prioritization, especially as only 10% of CDOs feel they have enough support and urgency from leadership to solidify the business case for AI. On the technical side, key challenges lie in overcoming pre-existing limitations such as data hygiene issues and the scarcity of specialized talent.

While the challenges are significant, so too are the opportunities, and it is clear that the path ahead requires collaboration, strategy, and an acute understanding of the technology's capabilities and implications. In our pursuit of understanding the complexities and opportunities in AI application, the MMA Global continues to explore these critical areas. To this end, we are currently developing a comprehensive report on the state of Generative AI, aimed at providing further insights into the evolving digital landscape. Stay tuned for more illuminating revelations from our CDO Insight Collective, as we journey through the era of digital transformation and AI. Together, we can navigate the challenges and harness the immense power of AI for a more productive, innovative, and efficient future.

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