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[Indonesia] State of AI in Marketing

March, 2024

In the dynamic realm of global marketing and advertising, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved from a technological shift to a strategic imperative. At MMA Global, we are committed to facilitating in-depth discussions on the granular integration of AI into marketing practices. The 'MMA State of AI in Marketing' report for Indonesia signifies the initiation of a comprehensive journey, emphasizing global initiatives localized to explore critical areas where AI has proven effective.

Key Findings:

  • AI Adoption and Priority:

38% in the experimental phase, 32% partially integrated, and only 16% fully integrated AI into marketing strategies.
22% consider AI a high priority, while 38% rate it as a medium priority, indicating growing recognition of AI's importance.

  • Confidence in AI's Impact:

52% express confidence in AI's potential to revolutionize marketing practices.
10% hold a more reserved perspective, believing AI will have a limited impact.

  • Concerns and Challenges:

Data privacy is a significant concern for 31% of respondents.
Cybersecurity apprehensions expressed by 22% of participants.

  • Challenges in AI Adoption:

49% face challenges in applying AI to content marketing, emphasizing the importance of tool selection.
44% express concerns about biased and fabricated answers, highlighting the need for data safeguards.

  • Barriers to Adoption:

22% cite a lack of understanding in AI adoption, while 17% identify high costs as a barrier.
38% recognize the need for skills training to effectively leverage AI technologies.

The survey reveals a recognition among industry leaders for the integration of AI into marketing strategies. However, challenges such as tool selection, bias concerns, and skills training hinder full implementation. As AI continues to evolve, MMA Global Indonesia remains at the forefront of innovative marketing research, navigating the development and deployment of AI with careful consideration. In the journey towards a future where AI is the expected standard, we remain vigilant, envisioning possibilities, and embracing unprecedented innovation to stay ahead in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

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