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Data Maturity 2.0 - 2023 vs. 2021

October, 2023

We are thrilled to present our second report in collaboration with EY on the state of data maturity in business, unveiling key insights from over 100 companies.

Over the past two years, the data maturity landscape has shown limited progress in certain areas, with a relatively slow pace of change and evolution among leadership, suggesting that organizations need to accelerate their efforts to drive significant advancements in how they approach data. Data availability continues to pose challenges for marketers, indicating persistent difficulties in accessing and utilizing data effectively. The shift towards prioritizing the develop- ment of first-party data has intensified, highlighting a growing understanding of its value and ownership. However, there has been limited progress in data integration, hindering the ability to centralize data and make it accessible across the organization. To unlock the full potential of data, organizations must prioritize robust integration strategies to break down data silos and enable comprehensive data utilization.

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