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Impact Indonesia 2023

Mobile has sparked a new world of media in which every object is a medium and every place an opportunity for a message. There is no other platform that is as personal, as pervasive and provides the opportunity for proximity to connect with consumers in the right place and time.

It is time to reimagine marketing with mobile leading the charge. To that end, the MMA, with input from leading brands, launched the industry’s positioning promise: Nothing Brings You Closer to the Consumer.

Given this simple truth, the focus shifts from recognising the potential of mobile to the opportunities created by closing the knowing versus doing gap. MMA Forum will provide marketers the knowledge to effectively allocate resources and establish the right infrastructure to leverage mobile.


Kindly note that due to venue regulations, those who are not officially registered on/before November 7th, 2022 (03.00PM Jakarta Time) will not be permitted to join the event. Please contact us at forum.[email protected] should you have further enquiries.

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Price Valid from Sep 13 - Nov 10

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Price Valid from Sep 13 - Nov 10