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MMA DATA Unplugged India | 3rd Edition - Attendee

The 3rd edition of MMA Data Unplugged delivered profound exploration of AI and ML, offering valuable insights into their potential future impact. The event provided in-depth analysis that enhanced an understanding of the dynamic landscape of these technologies. I eagerly anticipate future editions, hoping for continued enlightening perspectives on emerging trends in the field.

Marketing Lead

MMA DATA Unplugged India | 3rd Edition - SPEAKER

Congratulations on such a wonderful & successful event with diverse opinions and backgrounds. It was great chatting with everyone and sharing our thoughts on AI.

Head of Data Science and AI
Hansa Cequity

MMA DATA Unplugged India | 3rd Edition - SPEAKER

Thank you for giving this opportunity. Truly thank the team at MMA and everyone involved to provide a platform to express our views. It was well managed and co-ordinated event with many insights coming in for AI in marketing.

The work done by MMA is fantastic and looking forward for more and more collaboration.


Partner, Data & Analytics, Technology Consulting

MMA DATA Unplugged India | 3rd Edition - SPEAKER

Thank you MMA team for the lovely event and curating an amazing panel.

I had a great time and met some amazing people.

Vice President Of Global Business Development and Partnerships

SMARTIES India 2023 - Attendee

I take this opportunity to applaud and commend the entire team on a brilliant afternoon and evening. What a fest to have pulled off such a brilliant evening... Kudos to all MMA... Keep it going and thanks for inviting me over.

Principal Partner - Global Growth and Market Expansion

SMARTIES India 2023 - Attendee

We are elated as a team and I have to mention the MMA did a fabulous job of both the judging event and the grand finale. So congratulations to you all for putting together such a great event.

Consumer Experience Lead

SMARTIES India 2023 - Industry Award Winner

Winning Agency of the Year for two consecutive years showcases the groundbreaking work we do at Wavemaker India. It's a testament to the dedication and talent of our incredible teams who have poured their hearts in the work they do. We're incredibly thankful to our clients and partners who have made it all possible.

CEO, South Asia

SMARTIES India 2023 - Industry Award Winner

We’re delighted to receive the MMA SMARTIES India ‘Publisher of the Year’ industry award for the second year in a row. At Amazon Ads, we are customer-obsessed and we continue to work to improve our ad solutions, based on customer feedback. We look forward to helping more businesses of all sizes achieve their goals in 2024.

MMA India Board Member; Director, Amazon Ads India

MMA IMPACT India - Delhi Edition - Attendee

It was so lovely to meet team MMA in person and I just wanted to thank you for having me as a part of the event. It was all so nicely organised and I hope it all went even better than expected! 

Heads Up For Tails

MMA IMPACT India | 12th Edition - Delhi Edition - Speaker

MMA IMPACT India event was an eye-opener for me. I used this as a learning experience and upskilling. My session with leading D2C startup founders Rashi, Deep, Sukhleen, Hitesh, and Aastha was a great experience to take back home. These founders with their belief in the concept have built digital-first businesses and have understood the pulse of consumers.

Head of Media
Dabur India Limited

MMA IMPACT India - 12th Edition | Delhi Edition - Speaker

Participating in MMA IMPACT India was enlightening, harnessing collaboration and innovation to redefine the landscape of modern marketing.

Founder and CEO

MMA IMPACT India - 12th Edition | Mumbai Edition - Speaker

Congratulations to the MMA team for their outstanding efforts in organizing and executing the MMA IMPACT - Mumbai Edition event. Your dedication and expertise have created a platform for marketers to rethink strategies, relearn emerging trends, & rebuild their organizations for success. Your commitment to driving innovation & fostering collaboration within the MMA community is truly commendable. Thank you for inspiring us all to push boundaries & embrace the transformative power of marketing. Together, we can shape a brighter future for the industry.

Emerging Tech Lead, WPP & GroupM India
WPP & GroupM India

MMA IMPACT India - 12th Edition | Mumbai Edition - Attendee

Another great one - IMPACT 2023 (Mumbai Edition) - Winning Marketing Organizations 2.0 - Rethink, Relearn & Rebuild and helped make IMPACT Mumbai. Enriching experience! Congratulations to you and your entire team! Look forward to many more!

VP - Global Marketing Operations

MMA IMPACT India - 12th Edition | Mumbai Edition - Speaker

Attending the MMA IMPACT India - Mumbai Edition & being a keynote speaker has been an incredible experience! The insights from industry leaders backed by data collated by the partners are ideal for every marketer. Discussing on how integrating 5G with drone technology can revolutionise the marketing industry has been a game changer for all marketers. Thank you for having me & I look forward to collaborating in the near future to transform to thrive in the dynamics of the marketing industry.

MD, Co-Founder
BotLab Dynamics

MMA Member Meet - Attendee

Congratulations and thank you for the MMA [Member Meet] event in Mumbai. It was my first and has made a lasting impression on how well it was conducted. Have been to many industry events and been a panellist in a few but the one we all had was unique. Just wanted to take this opportunity to appreciate and wish luck for all such future events. Look forward to the active invitation and participation from Truecaller. 

VP - Global Marketing Operations

Digital Commerce Dialogues - Decoding ONDC - Speaker

I was honoured to be a part of it & thoroughly enjoyed the event as it was extremely insightful. Your dedication to continuously improving future events is greatly appreciated.


Plotch.ai - Craftsvilla Handicrafts Pvt Ltd

Digital Commerce Dialogues - Decoding ONDC - Speaker

Thank you for giving me this opportunity.​ Will look forward to more such learning and networking​ sessions occasions.

Associate General Manager, Systems
Asian Paints

Testimonial for the 'Audio Playbook Launch: The Essential Guide to Voice and Audio Marketing'

Great session on Audio Marketing, my compliments. After a long time an interesting narrative and engaging speakers!

Director Marketing - Luxury, Flagship & Ecosystem
Samsung Electronics

Testimonial Received for MMA DATA Unplugged India - 2nd Edition

The event was very insightful and well thought through on the current data concerns and what the future possibly holds. It was short and crisp, yet detailed with a perfect balance between research companies and advertisers. Looking forward to more insights like these.

Marketing Lead

Testimonial Received for SMARTIES India 2022

MMA Smarties has been one of the most bespoke, decorated & celebrated events within the digital & media landscape. 2022 Smarties was no different, the team yet again this year brought the glamour, the audience & a star-studded night which built memories for many brands/agencies/platforms to cherish for years. Personally, for me, it was extra special as MediaSmart was clearly the most awarded platform of the year alongside Affle being the Tech Enabler of the Year - 4th time in a row. The meritocracy of this event is highlighted by the stalwarts of the MMA board council & also the quality of the screening jury. Congratulations team MMA APAC on another fantastic night, onwards to 2023. Cheers 

Chief Growth Officer

Testimonial Received for SMARTIES India 2022

MMA SMARTIES is a celebration of the creativity and innovation that goes into all things advertising and marketing. Rephrase.ai is proud to be nominated - to have won is a milestone for us. Right from bringing together an esteemed jury to having an insightful nomination process, the entire process was so put together. To top it all, the awards night was a celebration, with such a curated audience. The eye for detail from the organizing team throughout the process has been inspiring to watch and therefore an honour to be awarded.


It was great to be part of the council and hear from the members in the meetings over the months.

Head of Product
Airtel Ads

Really excited to be part of this esteemed group.

VP Marketing

Testimonial Received For MMA Impact India 2022

Our team had a great time at this year’s MMA Impact India, surrounded by industry leaders from across the country. A huge thank you to the organizers, MMA APAC, our wonderful panellists, and to everyone who joined us there! #impact2022

-Program Partner - InMobi

Testimonial Received For MMA Impact India 2022

We are delighted to have partnered with MMA APAC India for IMPACT 2022 and the Change Makers Meet. Happy for this immense opportunity to network and have an insightful session on Brand Safety with other panellists. A special thanks to everyone who joined us at the session. Our team had a great time while socializing and interacting with the industry experts at the event.

Innovation Partner: Xapads Media

Testimonial Received For MMA Impact India 2022

Kudos to the team for having pulled off a good event.

MMA India Board Member; Vice President of Monetization

Testimonial Received For MMA Impact India 2022

Congratulations to the entire team at MMA on putting together a wonderful event! It was a great experience being part of MMA Impact and it is one of those rare events that is able to bring the entire marketing ecosystem together. I personally believe that the assets, frameworks, best practices & research findings shared at the event will continue to benefit the industry long after the curtains are drawn.

Director and Head - Marketing and Communications
SAS India

Testimonial Received For MMA Impact India 2022

Thank you, team! It was great to be part of the conference and really appreciate all the support to make this happen.

VP, Head of Product Strategy & Deployment

I can see that each member who joins the MMA represents, a unique industry perspective that I completely value.

Head of Chrome, Web and Core Partnerships, APAC

Great to get connected to this esteemed council. Look forward!

Managing Director
Accenture Song in India

Good to connect with everyone in the group. Look forward to sharing thoughts and ways to collaborate.

Airtel Ads

Really nice to be in the company of all industry veterans who are part of this group. Look forward to interacting with everyone and contributing here.

Chief Data & Platforms Officer

Has been the most interesting forum and partnership with MMA for the last couple of years. Wishing you all the best!


Chief Digital & Media Officer

Excited to be part of this elite group.

General Manager
The Trade Desk, India

It was great working these last couple of years with MMA and wish you all the best on future endeavours :)

Lead, Performance Ads Marketing
Google India

Watching from the audience, I thought it was fantastic - great range of topics and granularity, that I think was legible and actionable for the audience.

Ads Privacy Lead, Google APAC
Google Asia Pacific

Testimonial received for the webinar, Leveraging Consumer Data for Marketing: Insights from our survey of over 150 marketers

I found the MMA-EY study on how marketers use consumer data, measure ROI and build capabilities very timely and insightful. This resonates very well with our own insights. India is at the cusp of a digital and data revolution and how marketers segue into this rapidly and responsibly will determine the successes of many business objectives.

MMA India Board Member; Director, Head of Ads Business (MBG), India

Testimonial Received for the launch of the report, Leveraging Consumer Data for Marketing: Insights from our survey of over 150 marketers

Thank you for having me on the panel for the unveiling of the MMA EY Report on how marketers use consumer data, measure ROI, ensure governance and build data capabilities. The conversations with fellow panellists was extremely engaging and it was a great opportunity for me as a marketer in CPG to get a perspective of other industries. It was also heartening to note that even those who are ahead of the curve on data have similar challenges as us who have recently embarked on this journey.

Director Consumer Experience and Ecommerce
Mondelez South Asia

Testimonial Received for the webinar, Evolution of E-Commerce in Mature Markets - India's Next Growth Phase

Participating (in the webinar) was informative and stimulating – India is a market we watch closely, and to hear from leaders across the sectors is a brilliant opportunity and gives us a lot of food for thought.

Global Head of Ecommerce

Testimonial Received for Webinar, Evolution of E-Commerce in Mature Markets - India's Next Growth Phase

Thanks, speakers and fellow panellist - it was a great session and conversation. Very insightful! Thanks, MMA team for organising and bringing all of us together!

Chief Strategy Officer, WPP India & President
GroupM South Asia

Testimonial Received for Webinar, Evolution of E-Commerce in Mature Markets - India's Next Growth Phase

Thanks, MMA and all other speakers. It was a good session. In fact, some of the questions were amazing & a wonderful crowd.

Senior Agency Partner Manager

Testimonial Received for Webinar, Evolution of E-Commerce in Mature Markets - India's Next Growth Phase

The webinar was very informative and insightful for us and all of us enjoyed it! :)

Head of Sales & Marketing
Slang Labs

Participating in MMA Impact India, provided us the chance to share our thesis on how to grown brands through personalization, while simultaneously learning from so many other brilliant members of the advertising community. I’m inspired to do even better and be back soon.


VP, Consumer Experience
Mondelēz International

Testimonial Received for MMA IMPACT India 2021

Thank you for the Keynote speaker opportunity. I had some nice Twitter and LinkedIn exchanges after the presentation.

CEO and Founder

We are all in a new normal with hyper-digitization. Privacy has now taken centre stage as the digital landscape evolves at an accelerated pace. At a time like this, the rich discussions that MMA is curating for marketeers around privacy and digital transformation are invaluable. 

It was a rewarding experience to get together with the MMA members and share Google's view of a Privacy-first future and how we can prepare ourselves to navigate this new reality successfully


Testimonial Received for MMA IMPACT India 2021

The entire experience and speaker line-up was indeed outstanding. Congratulations to the MMA Team for putting together such a terrific show.

MMA India Board Member; President
Aditya Birla Management Corporation Pvt Ltd.

Testimonial Received for MMA IMPACT India 2021

MMA Impact India’s charter to facilitate the adoption and success of modern marketing, among today’s marketers, is truly commendable. The 10-minute format introduced to bring a sector-wise perspective made it very insightful.

MMA India Board Member; Chief Marketing Officer
Aditya Birla Capital Limited

MMA Impact is one of the key events in India that covers the length & breadth of Modern Marketing by going in-depth with a wide range of topics. MMA truly carries the mantle of #ShapingTheFuture for Marketers by presenting curated sessions & a fantastic lineup of keynotes. I personally enjoyed my panel session on ‘Why Outcomes re the metrics that matter in 2021’. Not to forget the virtual environment was great & easy to navigate as well.

Sr. Vice President and Head of Digital Acquisition/Website/Content & Social Media Marketing

 Testimonial Received for MMA IMPACT India 2021

It was great participating in the 10th edition of MMA Impact India.  The forum was interesting in its range of topics and the questions during the session was a great indicator of the delegates' participation and interest.

Angel Investor & Business Strategist

 Testimonial Received for MMA IMPACT India 2021

The event, in general, was executed seamlessly.

Senior Marketing Specialist
SAS India

MMA has created an efficient ecosystem that promotes the growth of mobile marketing in India by connecting Martech players, Marketers and Media Owners. Their events attract some of the best minds in advertising which creates innumerable opportunities for learning, networking & generating business - and I have experienced these first-hand. The MMA team is highly professional and is always striving to help their partners succeed. I enjoyed my association with them and recommend everyone to work with them.

Co-founder & CEO

Testimonial received for MMA CDP Certification Program

MMA Certified Digital Professional Program was a very well-drafted & useful session delivered in an excellent manner. 

I would highly recommend the MMA CDP Program to anyone interested in improving their understanding of the ever-evolving Digital Sphere and in growing their professional skillsets. 

Senior Creative Strategist

Testimonial received for the webinar: Unveiling The Voice Playbook - Shaping The Future of Voice

Thank you for having me on the MMA Voice Playbook Webinar. It was a very enriching conversation for me as a marketer, to see the potential of voice in the future of marketing as one of the emerging channels of communication to stay connected with our consumers. A particularly like the opportunity to get a broader perspective from other members of the panel, ranging from service providers to technologist and other marketers. 

Director Consumer Experience and Ecommerce
Mondelez South Asia

Testimonial received for the webinar: Unveiling The Voice Playbook - Shaping The Future of Voice

It was a pleasure to be a part of the panel. The confluence of voices from the bell-weather industry – FMCG, from a leading voice channel and a curator of solutions for voice. Anchored by one of India’s leading media agencies, the notes were just right for a crescendo – It is wise to Voice, your brands. The innovation of brands into creating voice moments, the application of voice to get things done and the universality of voice in vernacular language provides a lot of opportunities for brands to change their media mix. Voice gives a distinct baritone for brands to connect on tap with their consumers.

Federal Bank

Testimonial received for the webinar: Cloud For Marketing

Thanks to the entire MMA team for organising this so seamlessly. One of the best virtual session management. And great to meet everyone and hear your insights.


Vice President, Marketing

Testimonial received for the webinar: Build For Voice

MMA's Build For Voice initiative is a cornerstone in developing the growing Voice and Audio ecosystem; all stakeholders stand to gain from shared knowledge and collaborative mindset. Look forward to more.


Agrahyah Technologies and aawaz.com

Testimonial received for the webinar: Responsible Marketing with First-Party Data

Thank you for inviting me to this panel. I thoroughly enjoyed the quality of conversation that we had. The mix of the panel was just right and the perspective from each one really built the discussion. What I specifically liked was that the entire conversation was candid, practical & free of jargon.


Head - Customer & Shopper Marketing - Foods & Beverages
TATA Consumer Products

Testimonial received for the webinar: Navigating the Shift in Consumer Behavior in Asia during COVID-19

Was great being a part of the MMA sessions, as always but with a whole new experience of doing it remotely.​


Chief Business Officer, Consumer Platform Advertising, InMobi
InMobi Glance

Testimonial received for the webinar: Using Artificial Intelligence and Data to Transform Marketing

Thanks to MMA for the opportunity to host a webinar along with our valued customer and industry leader, Smartfren. I found the webinar extremely valuable for Mobilewalla in terms of sharing insights on the use of data and AI in enterprises, as well as having hundreds of marketing leaders across Asia-Pacific attending the virtual event. Great that MMA is doing this important work, especially needed during this restricted period. Looking forward to the next one!


Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Testimonial received for the webinar: Progress Through Creativity and UGC in Times of Uncertainty

Glad to conclude yet another super productive webinar with MMA India. In spite of us still adjusting to the WFH arrangement, I have had the chance to interact with a young audience of marketing professionals. While doing so, I too shared insights on the role of UGC platforms like TikTok that enable the execution of successful brand campaigns in this digital age. Looking forward to more such webinars in the times to come with MMA.


MMA India Board Member; Head of Global Business Solutions, Southeast Asia

Testimonial received for MMA India Forum 2018

To me, the MMA forum unifies the true voice of advertisers, publishers & partners in deliberating extremely relevant topics & issues within the mobile marketing ecosystem. The quality of discussions are high, the audience relevant & event well organised with a clear agenda. This is one forum a marketer should not miss.

Growth & Marketing Head, TOI
Times Internet

Testimonial received for MMA India Forum 2018

MMA has a great format with mix of best brands & networks. Loved the panel discussion formats with first in class quality of speakers & great content on the topics.

Head - Mobile App Marketing and SEO Growth

Testimonial received for MMA India Forum 2018

MMA Forum 2018 had stimulating insights from leads across topics & industries. The carefully curated content lineup spanning video, web, apps, measurement & fraud gave attendees a great perspective & best practices to adapt. Thanks to the great team, we had a successful outing at the Forum. We're looking forward to doing more exciting things with MMA in the future.

Product Marketing Manager