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MMA IMPACT India 2024

MMA Impact India is part of a global series which MMA hosts across markets bringing the ecosystem of publishers, agencies, marketers and tech enablers under one roof to accelerate modern marketing practices, and discuss and learn upcoming trends and challenges in modern marketing.

As a body we recognise that AI is not just the next big thing; it's the cornerstone of marketing . As more and more use cases emerge and more we experiment and unlock its value the more integral it will become to marketing organisations.

Enabling AI adoption at scale has become a key narrative for marketers across industries, and we thought that there was no better time to help marketers inspire, innovate, and integrate in the age of AI. This reflects our commitment to empowering marketers like you to harness the power of AI in marketing to unlock its value and drive marketing growth

Inspire | Innovate | Integrate the 3 'I's driving marketing in the age of AI

Inspire: At IMPACT 2024, we're not just sharing success stories; we're igniting a spark of inspiration. Through real-world case studies and thought-provoking discussions, we aim to inspire you to reimagine what's possible with AI in marketing. From revolutionizing consumer behavior to driving tangible business results, the potential of AI is limitless – and it's time for you to tap into it.

Innovate: Innovation is at the core of marketing's DNA. It's about pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and embracing change. At IMPACT 2024, we're leading the charge in exploring cutting-edge AI-driven innovation be it Gen AI for personalization to predictive analytics and AI stacks paving the path to profitability and efficiency

Integrate: In today's interconnected world, success isn't just about having the latest technology; it's about how effectively you can integrate it into your existing processes and workflows. That's why integration is key. At IMPACT 2024, we're not just talking about AI in isolation – we're showing you how to seamlessly integrate it into every facet of your marketing strategy. Thereby create a unified ecosystem of AI-driven marketing excellence.

Join us at IMPACT 2024 as we inspire, innovate, and integrate to redefine marketing in the Age of AI. Together, let's unlock the full potential of AI in the age of marketing

It is held across 42 countries and has become a signature property that is poised to shape the future of modern marketing. For any queries, email us at [email protected]



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April 24 - Mumbai | Taj Lands End

May 21 - Delhi | TBD


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