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Rahul Joshi

Rahul Joshi
Sales Head - India

Rahul Joshi has truly made his mark in the realm of Digital Advertising over his 15+ years work experience. With a multifaceted skill set encompassing Adtech, Digital Marketing, Business Strategy, and Revenue Management, he's become a trusted expert in his field.

Currently leading Sales and Partnerships at Silverpush in India, his passion lies in crafting and implementing technology-driven marketing solutions for both Brands and Media Agencies, contributing significantly to the success of numerous award-winning brand campaigns. What sets Rahul apart is his commitment to a solution-oriented approach and his ability to cultivate strong, enduring relationships. These qualities have not only earned him accolades but also fostered a reputation for reliability and excellence.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Rahul finds joy in adventure, particularly in activities like deep-sea diving, reflecting his adventurous spirit and thirst for new experiences.