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MMA Innovate Vietnam 2024

"MMA INNOVATE Vietnam 2024" serves as the premier hub for thought leadership, functioning as a growth engine for the latest business strategies within the marketing industry. This cutting-edge event combines visionaries from technology, business, and real-life case studies to push the envelope of what's possible.

This year, we focus on utilizing emerging marketing technology as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies to tackle significant global challenges, emphasising their application in marketing strategies. Participants will be immersed in enlightening sessions, collaborative workshops, and exhibition booths. All are curated to foster innovative solutions with tangible impacts. Join Innovate 2024 to network with industry leaders and propel your business forward through transformative strategies and insights.

    Why you should be attending INNOVATE Vietnam​

    As an attendee at INNOVATE Vietnam, you will get the benefits below:​

    • Network with industry leaders: At INNOVATE Vietnam, you will have the chance to connect with industry leaders, influencers, and experts from all sectors of the marketing ecosystem.​
    • Discover cutting-edge technology: The marketing landscape is constantly evolving, and INNOVATE Vietnam is where you will find the latest in marketing technology and tools, with a chance to get hands-on experience with new products and services that can help streamline our operations.​
    • Gain insights from thought leaders: The brightest minds in marketing will gather to share their insights, expertise, and experiences with me. From keynote speakers to panel discussions, you will have the chance to learn from some of the most successful marketers in the industry and gain valuable insights that can help your company stay ahead of the curve.​

    Who should have a booth at INNOVATE Vietnam


    Media seller - Start-up - Brand Marketer

    Technology Enabler - AdTech - MarTech



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    AdFlex is a pioneer in the MarTech field, helping businesses optimize their marketing performance and accelerate their digital transformation.. By the power of technology, AdFlex is ranked as a top 5 Mobile marketing agency for its excellence of performance and quality of service throughout SouthEast Asia, trusted by over 1000 partners as their chosen solution for their businesses. AdFlex provide a package of comprehensive digital transformation solutions, including martech, cloud, and infrastructure service, to enhance business efficiency and optimize expenses Ready to revolutionize your marketing strategy? Discover why AdFlex is the trusted choice for businesses across Southeast Asia at our booth!

    Why Visit Us:

    • AdFlex martech solution is of high quality, meeting all Digital Marketing KPIs
    • Optimize time and budget by up to 60% With a 12-year history of formation and development, AdFlex leads agencies in the field of
    • Affiliate Marketing with a network of B2B publishers exceeding 300 global partners.

    Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Our stand-out financial solution, the “Bùng Sức Sống 10+ cùng Vitality”, is the first life insurance product in the Vietnam market to integrate with Vitality - a digital health program to not only offer a comprehensive financial protection against health risks but also help customers to activate their wellbeing lifestyle and live healthier, longer, better lives.

    Join us at our booth to discover how AIA Vietnam can walk you through the journey of health and help you increase your health quality.

    Why Visit Us

    • Gain a deeper understanding of your health status.
    • Improve your health through simple physical activity.
    • Have a chance to win exciting rewards.
    • Know more about “Bùng Sức Sống 10+ cùng Vitality” insurance coverage boosting mechanism when adopting a wellbeing lifestyle.

    We look forward to connecting with you and exploring opportunities for collaboration and innovation.


    AnyMind provides comprehensive support from production and e-commerce, to logistics and marketing, using its proprietary technologies and local networks established across the world. With operations expertise and local networks across 15 markets, we help enterprises further unlock cross-border e-commerce opportunities. Join us at our booth to discover how AnyMind Group can drive your business growth

    Why Visit Us:

    • Explore our end-to-end solutions from influencer marketing, digital marketing, e-commerce, logistics, cross-border expansion, creator and publisher monetization
    • Gain insights into unlocking local and cross-border e-commerce opportunities
    • Learn how our platforms and solutions provide greater flexibility and scalability to the entire business process

    We look forward to connecting with you and exploring opportunities for collaboration.


    AWING is an innovative Location-Based Marketing Channel able to digitalize and track ad campaigns in real-time. AWING channel allows advertisers to precisely target tens of millions of consumers active on offline spending (especially at store chains), and to show Brands’ Ads sponsoring Free Wi-Fi at those branded placements. Brand Safety, Exclusive-screen Display, Interactive Ads, Highly Segmented Cohorts, … and many more. AWING also simultaneously displays various (Interactive) Ad formats including TVC, Bumper Ads, Slided Banners, Text-Matching, Voucher Distribution, Surveys, etc. Join us at our booth to discover how AWING utilizes and connects individual Wi-Fi hotspots to build up a large-scale Mobile Location-based Marketing (mLBM) Channel (Vietnam nationwide & overseas)

    Why Visit Us:

    • Experience the service that 1/3 of Vietnam internet users (25 Million users) are experiencing at more than 7,000 locations nationwide
    • Explore tech-based marketing channel crafted from Vietnam about to expand overseas
    • Get a chance to receive gifts (vouchers, coupons, coffee cups,..) when experiencing AWING ads

    We look forward to connecting with you and exploring opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

    Byte MediaB10

    At Byte Media JSC, we excel in delivering top-tier e-commerce marketing solutions, with a special emphasis on TikTok, Shopee, Lazada. Our expertise ensures your brand reaches its full potential in the vibrant digital marketplace, driving engagement and maximizing your ROI. Tap into our intelligence to discover Comprehensive Marketing Solutions from A to Z – Visit Byte Media's Booth Today!

    Why Visit Us:

    • Free Give Away: We have a high value prize and gift from our existing clients. One of them will be: Starbucks
    • Professional Camera: We capture a moment and value that we are together rather than sell something.
    • Key Pick Out: If you have any concerns or difficult issues, find us and we discuss that and solve it together.

    We are eager to explore how our collaboration leads to remarkable results, leveraging our combined expertise and creativity.


    With 18 years of operation and development, Chicilon Media has established itself as a leader in providing advertising and communication solutions to over 700 major businesses in Vietnam, where the DOOH market is rapidly growing, driven by urbanization, technological progress, and smart city projects, making it a key element in business advertising strategies. Chicilon Media operates an extensive media network across elevator digital channels, airport channels, and supermarket channels, successfully building five major media channels: elevator TV, elevator posters, supermarket posters, airport posters, and airport large LED systems. We prioritize placing our screens at strategic locations, specifically buildings having over 9 floors, and a floor area of more than 300 square meters, with a view to maximizing advertising impacts on the target audience.

    Why Visit Us:

    We have:

    • 92% coverage of building elevator media in Vietnam, with over 37000 high-tech advertising screens ensuring sharp and vivid display images.
    • A media network across over 3,800 mid-range and high-end buildings in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang, and more than 40 supermarkets and 14 airports nationwide.
    • 40M target audience impressions per day.

    Join us at our booth to discuss potential avenues for partnership and new ideas!

    Coca ColaD3
    Double Verify-

    At Ecomobi, we offer cutting-edge technology platforms designed to optimize KOL Affiliate Marketing and Livestream Services for global brands. Our platforms, Passio and ECOLIVE, provide comprehensive solutions to enhance your marketing efforts across multiple channels.

    Why Visit Us:

    • Vast Influencer Network: Tap into our vast network of over 1,000,000 KOLs, KOCs, influencers, and publishers.
    • Strategic Partnerships: Co-create strategic partnerships with Ecomobi and our leading regional partners to foster business growth.
    • Advanced Data System: Optimize campaigns with real-time, multi-platform data (Shopee, TikTok, Lazada).
    • Seamless Integration: Smoothly execute marketing campaigns for maximum ROI.
    • Top Livestream Service: End-to-end solutions with premium facilities, dedicated host programs, measurable outcomes, and expert operations.

    Join us at our booth to discover how Ecomobi PTE can transform your marketing strategy with our state-of-the-art solutions. We look forward to connecting with you and exploring opportunities for collaboration and innovation.



    Goldsun is a leading advertising media service provider in Vietnam with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Our outstanding strengths is Outdoor Advertising (OOH, DOOH) with more than 89,000m² of advertising area, covering all regions of the country, from dense intersections, national highways to 730 advertising locations at crowded airports. We also provide Wifi Marketing services at airports nationwide so that businesses reach potential customers in the most subtle, impressive and effective way.

    Why visit us:

    • Goldsun is highly appreciated for reputation, capacity and experience with 30 years of operation in the field of advertising. We always pioneer in applying the latest advertising technologies, bringing optimal effectiveness to customers. More than 400 brands have trusted and cooperated with us, becoming trustworthy partner.
    • Prime and exclusive OOH and DOOH advertising system, covering all provinces and big cities nationwide, enhancing reach efficiency. In addition, we also own modern and diverse LED systems, meeting all clients' advertising needs.
    • Not only excelling in outdoor advertising solutions, Goldsun also provides Wifi Marketing services at airports nationwide, helping businesses reach potential customers in the most effective way.

    Haravan is a leading technology company in Vietnam in providing Omnichannel Commerce Platform, e-commerce websites builder platform and Online Marketing; helping businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) grow in the digital economy. With over a decade of development, by technology pioneering and dedicated team, Haravan has deployed to more than 60,000 merchants in Vietnam, including Nestle, L'Oreal, Dell, Maison, Aldo, Abbott, Thiên Long, Bitis,... making it easy for them to sell online with multi-channels on Website, on social networks and marketplaces, helping to grow their business. customers, and easily take care of and resell to customers automatically.

    Why Visit Us:

    • Comprehensive E-commerce Solution: Haravan provides an all-in-one solution for businesses, including online store setup, order management, product management, customer data management, payment gateways, shipping integration, marketing tools, and integration with other platforms.
    • Headless Commerce: Flexible front-end system development, Haravan's back-end system operates powerfully, with high speed and unlimited scalability.
    • Haravan offers professional customer support, helping businesses quickly and effectively resolve technical and business issues.

    We look forward to connecting with you and exploring opportunities for collaboration and innovation.


    Integral Ad Science (IAS) is a leading global media measurement and optimization platform that delivers the industry’s most actionable data to drive superior results for the world’s largest advertisers, publishers, and media platforms. IAS’s software provides comprehensive and enriched data that ensures ads are seen by real people in safe and suitable environments, while improving return on ad spend for advertisers and yield for publishers. Our mission is to be the global benchmark for trust and transparency in digital media quality. For more information, visit

    Why Visit Us:

    First-to-market products:

    • Frame-by-frame video analysis
    • Sentiment & 90 emotions detection
    • Quality path optimization with Total Visibility

    Key themes:

    Outcomes - Customer results are the focus of everything we do, with that in mind our first roadmap pillar centers around continuing to deliver actionable and measurable results for our customers across our portfolio of solutions.

    Science - At IAS, Science is in the name - and this is reflected in our AI/ML technology used throughout our current and future products to deliver greater automation, precision, and measurable scale.

    Enablement - Building on our values of #CustomerObsession, we’re focused on equipping customers with insights and intuitive interfaces for optimal processes and ease of use in 2024.


    MGID is a global advertising platform helping brands reach unique local audiences at scale. It uses privacy-first, AI-based technology to serve high-quality, relevant ads in brand-safe environments. The company offers a variety of ad formats, including native, display, and video to deliver a positive user experience. This enables advertisers to drive performance and awareness, and publishers to retain and monetize their audiences. Every month, MGID reaches 900 million unique readers, with 200 billion ad impressions, across 25 thousand trusted publishers.

    Join us at our booth to discover our newest solution: MGID Rich Media – Interactive ads that are engaging, and targeted based on page content rather than browsing data.

    Why Visit Us:

    • In-depth exploration of digital media marketing and monetization
    • Diving into strategic decisions and AI technologies ensuring seamless, transparent ads.
    • Uncover powerful strategies to boost ROI and successful sales funnels insights.
    • We look forward to connecting with you and don’t miss out our Exclusive Prizes and Bonuses for your Brandformance campaigns.
    Nesle/ NesCafeC9


    NIQ is the world’s consumer intelligence company. We deliver The Full View™, the world’s most complete and clear understanding of consumer buying behavior that reveals new pathways to growth. We’re 100 years of industry and analytical expertise with:

    Most Complete

    Highest quality data from more channels, consumers, countries, and categories

    Most Clear

    More understandable and actionable insights through more advanced analytics and tech

    Join us at our booth to discover our Product Categories:

    • Market performance measurement
    • Consumer and shopper insights
    • Revenue growth management
    • Assortment and merchandising
    • Route-to-market
    • Marketing, media, and personalized offers
    • Operations and supply chain
    • Product offer management.

    Why Visit Us:

    We’re creating a new era of consumer understanding and growth. We provide you with the latest and most comprehensive insights and solutions, enabling you to understand the market and your customers fully, and to develop winning strategies for growth.

    WHAT IS HAPPENING: What consumers do and buy

    WHY IT’S HAPPENING​: What consumers think and feel

    WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT: Capitalize on opportunities & mitigate risks


    About Novaon Digital: Novaon Digital utilizes the power of Strategy, Technology Solutions and Creative Thinking to drive brand growth. Our inspiration comes from creating experiences that transform brands better, helping customers understand & appreciate your brand. Trusted by leading global and local brands such as Vietnam Airlines, Panasonic, Peugeot, Lexus, VP Bank, BMW, TCL,... we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results in the competitive South East Asia market.

    About Novaon Commerce: Novaon Commerce is dedicated to transforming the e-commerce landscape by offering a holistic approach that encompasses every facet of online business operations. As a comprehensive e-commerce solutions provider, Novaon Commerce has collaborated with and delivered success to over 200 leading VNR500 enterprises, such as Viettel, MAY 10, VinHomes, VinFast, TCL Lighting, Forever Bedding, etc. alongside more than 50 international clients, including LG, Tokyo Life, etc. Novaon Commerce has effectively assisted these brands in achieving their objectives as they embarked on their e-commerce ventures in Vietnam.

    Join us at our booth to discover how Novaon Group (Novaon Digital & Novaon Commerce) can elevate your brand experience with our comprehensive solutions.

    Why Visit Us:

    • Digitally transform your brand experience with cutting-edge technology
    • Enhance audience engagement with creative strategies
    • Collaborate with trusted partners of leading brands.

    We look forward to connecting with you and exploring opportunities for collaboration and innovation.



    For us, coffee brings people together. It's the thread that connects individuals, helping them discover themselves and build a community. Our team's goal is to create an immersive coffee experience, drawing inspiration from coffee culture's rich heritage and focusing on heartfelt service. OKKIO is a place where you can explore diverse coffee flavors and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We're a team of coffee enthusiasts, united by our shared passion about making and serving great coffee. We believe in the human connection we can build over a simple coffee cup through a medium of crafting exceptional experiences, one cup, one story at a time.

    Why visit us:

    • Small batch craft roastery based in Saigon.
    • Our team's goal is to create an immersive coffee experience, drawing inspiration from coffee culture's rich heritage and focusing on heartfelt service.
    • Our dedication goes beyond just coffee beans; it extends to the cups we serve. Infused with a sprinkle of "Kindness In Every Cup," our dedicated team ensures you savor a memorable experience.

    We are looking forward to potential collaborations and innovations.


    OMverse Group is an ecosystem providing Comprehensive Growth Solutions for businesses through its four member companies: Omega Media, Omega Martech, Fantastic Eggs, and Omeez. We support businesses throughout their communication campaigns, offering services from consulting on communication strategies, design, and production, to advising on product and service improvements; Manage and optimize campaigns through technology solutions and affiliate marketing platforms, helping businesses achieve their growth goals.

    Visit our booth to discover how OMverse can transform your marketing strategy with our innovative Growth formulas through Integrated Marketing, from Product Strategy.

    Why Visit Us:

    • Experience an IMC Campaign beginning with Product Strategy.
    • Discover a new growth formula with Brandformance, Performance Solutions.
    • Get expert guidance from a Martech Consultant.

    We look forward to connecting with you and exploring opportunities for collaboration and innovation.



    Peacom is a Multichannel Messaging Marketplace Platform that provides the full ecosystem toolset for brands to drive monetisation through business messaging. In cooperation with Google RCS messages, Apple Message for Business and OTT applications, we open up powerful conversations and opportunities for two-way interactions between brands and customers.

    Why Visit Us:

    What differentiates Peacom from other business messaging platforms?

    • We leverage RCS Business Messaging, which upgrades the native SMS with branding, rich media, interactivity, and analytics.These functionalities outperform the traditional SMS and businesses are able to reach their customers in new, powerful ways.
    • We have the ability to carry out deep customisation and integration for enterprises
    • We are extremely scalable
    Oreo - MondelezC8


    Welcome to the world of OREO! This iconic World’s No.1 cookie, with its twist–lick–dunk ritual, has been a playful treat for generations. Since 1912, Oreo has been delighting people around the world and offering more than just a satisfying snack. It's a foundation of playful connections, built on the rich taste of cocoa cookies and creamy filling. Our vast recipe creations go beyond just milk dunking, inspire playful moments, and ignite imagination in the kitchen. Come explore the playful world of OREO and discover your own delicious twist!

    Why Visit Us:

    • Discover the tastiness of OREO Cookie & Pie
    • Explore different playful ways to enjoy OREO and try our delicious OREO creations
    • Spark playful connections with people around you

    Quickom is a centralized telecommunications platform, patented in the United States. Quickom's decentralized network and cloud-based infrastructure enable flexible two-way interactions and accommodate up to 10,000 participants in a meeting room. The Quickom platform offers an all-in-one solution for event management and content sharing. Quickom integrates advanced technology to streamline event registration, ticket distribution, and attendee interaction. Moreover, our 24/7 customer support team in Vietnam is always ready to assist customers.

    Why Visit Us:

    • Discover how Quickom optimizes event management and content sharing.
    • Engage and receive special offers.
    • Explore innovative solutions tailored to your needs.
    • Experience the latest technology from Quickom.

    Visit our booth to explore how Quickom enhances your event management and content sharing with our advanced solutions.


    Samsung Electronics leads the way into a new era of AI phone that will forever change how mobile devices empower users. We have launched the Galaxy S24 Series that is creating a completely new mobile experience with Galaxy AI. With an AI mobile in your hands, you can unleash the whole new levels of creativity, productivity and possibility. Join us at our booth to discover how Galaxy AI empowers your everyday lives and changes the way you connect with the world.

    Why visit us:

    • Enjoy the Epic Space of Galaxy AI on the full range of the Galaxy Ecosystem.
    • Experience Galaxy AI on the new generation Galaxy Ecosystem in various use cases.
    • Receive exclusive offers for upcoming products launch.



    Established in 2006, VCCorp is a pioneering technology and high-tech company in Vietnam. Leveraging extensive expertise and innovative solutions, VCCorp leads the technology landscape, providing unmatched value to its clients through Admicro and Bizfly.

    Admicro: Admicro is an online advertising technology platform, serving over 55 million users (accounting for over 90% of total Internet users in Vietnam) with more than 200 reputable websites, nearly 30 of which are proprietary, serving billions of views per month.

    Bizfly: Bizfly is one of the leading providers of marketing software services in Vietnam, offering a comprehensive ONE-STOP SOLUTION Ecosystem. This includes over 12 integrated marketing and sales technology applications such as CDP, BizCRM, BizMail, BizChatAI, BizWebsite, BizLoyalty, and more. Tailored for Big Clients and SMEs.

    Why Visit Us:

    • The most extensive advertising network in Vietnam. Deep understood & serving 90% Vietnam internet users.
    • 18-year experience in data analyst with goal: Optimization & Growth
    • Comprehensive ONE-STOP SOLUTION Ecosystem CUSTOMIZE according to requirements, meeting all business models

    We look forward to connecting with you and exploring opportunities for collaboration and innovation.


    PangoCDP provides advanced and specialized technological solutions in the field of effective customer data management and utilization, assisting businesses in increasing revenue and developing sustainably based on data. VietGuys J.S.C, a member of Accrete Inc. - The No.1 International SMS gateway provider in Japan, is currently a strategic partner of PangoCDP, known for their leadership in Advertising and Mobile Marketing solutions. Believing that the more we invest in customer interaction, the more sales will grow, Dr. Dinh Mong Kha - Angel Investor & Board Member PangoCDP, CEO VietGuys has introduced the concept of “The Master Channel” – helping businesses connect with customers as intimately as they do with family and friends.

    The Master Channel Team has provided solutions to over 90 marketing teams from leading corporations. Some prominent brands that The Master Channel Team has partnered with include Nutifood, CellphoneS, Mykingdom, Coca-Cola, Highlands Coffee, Carlsberg, Abbott, Guardian, AB Inbev, VUS,... Join us at our booth to discover how The Master Channel empowers businesses to develop sustainably with a data-oriented approach.

    Why Visit Us:

    • Free marketers from the complexities of technology with easy-to-use operations that don't require tech knowledge.
    • It’s simple to manage and supports numerous campaigns with growing revenue.
    • Effortlessly build unlimited customer experiences through The Master Channel.

    We look forward to connecting with you and exploring opportunities for collaboration and innovation.


    Founded by experts in Retail and Omnichannel in Vietnam, ScaleUP aims to provide retailers and brands with platform, infrastructure and service to leverage the maximum capability to achieve breakthrough omnichannel growth. Unlike other solutions, which only cover some part of the Omnichannel Retail, ScaleUP’s services will cover all parts of the process, from building the system, operating the sale process efficiently to utilizing expenses to attain sustainable growth in Omnichannel sales.

    In brief, ScaleUP helps you grow and maximize business potential while making profit.

    Join us at our booth to discover how ScaleUP can transform your business with our state-of-the-art solutions.

    Why Visit Us:

    One-stop Omnichannel Enabler solution. We, as Retail industry insiders, understand retailers’ pain points.

    Full package: from Building, Operating the process to optimizing expenses to achieve sustainable growth.

    We look forward to connecting with you and exploring opportunities for cooperation.

    Ureka MediaB11

    Our flagship product, the UConnect Screen Network, revolutionizes audience engagement with its unparalleled connectivity and dynamic content delivery. Leveraging advanced OTT technology, UConnect seamlessly integrates into diverse environments such as karaoke venues, universities, HoReCa, and transportation hubs. Our unskippable ads ensure maximum visibility and impact, while comprehensive analytics provide deep insights to refine your marketing strategies for optimal results. Join us at our booth to discover how Ureka Media can elevate your marketing strategy with our cutting-edge solutions.

    Why Visit Us:

    • Harness advanced OTT technology to captivate and engage your audience
    • Utilize data-driven insights for strategic marketing optimization
    • Explore versatile applications designed to meet your unique business needs
    • We are excited to connect with you and explore opportunities for collaboration and innovation.
    F2 FashionB6


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    • Networking opportunities: Connect with other professionals from diverse backgrounds
    • Explore the exhibition booths to discover innovative solutions and engage with industry experts.
    • Immerse yourself in the expo experience by visiting booths and uncovering exciting surprises.
    • Get a chance to claim valuable gifts and win surprising rewards worth up to 1 Million.

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    • Networking Opportunities: 

    a. C-Suite Lounge: Connect with like-minded visionaries, specifically designed for high-level networking. 
    b. Social Fusion: Join fellow executives at our after-event party for an evening of celebration, camaraderie, and relaxed networking, fostering valuable connections in a vibrant atmosphere.

    • Participation in the conference sessions where you can explore innovative strategies, analytics, and transformations for driving business growth and success.
    • Exclusive lunch for C-Suite.

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    Ho Chi Minh City: 

    Address: 88 Dong Khoi St, District 1. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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