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Corina Trang Luong

Corina Trang Luong
Senior Sales Director

Corina embarked on her marketing career in a tech startup located in Paris. She then ventured into the AdTech industry when she moved to Singapore. In 2016, she made a significant transition, returning to Vietnam with the objective of establishing the company's presence within the country. Since then, she has assumed pivotal roles as the Country Manager - Vietnam at POKKT (now part of Anymind Group) and Sales Director - Vietnam & Indonesia at RTB House, diligently working towards expanding the business in the fast-growing Vietnamese market. Recently, Corina made a transition to DoubleVerify, where she now holds the position of Senior Sales Director for Vietnam. 

In addition to her career in the tech industry, she is also a successful entrepreneur in the F&B sector, leading the plant-based food revolution in Vietnam and demonstrating her commitment to sustainable and forward-thinking initiatives.
Corina's multifaceted career and her dedication to innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship make her a remarkable individual contributing to various industries