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Phan Bich Tam

Phan Bich Tam
Country Director Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia & Board Member Vietnam
MMA Global - APAC

Phan Bich Tam is a dynamic force in the world of modern marketing, serving as the Country Director of MMA Global, Inc. ( for Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia. Her journey, which began in 2013, reflects a deep-seated passion for fostering a vibrant and unified modern marketing ecosystem across the Indochina region, with the aim of positioning it prominently on the global marketing map.

With a remarkable career spanning over 17 years, Tam has adeptly navigated diverse roles, from Sales & Marketing Director to COO and CEO, across various businesses. Her previous stint as a strategic team member at a leading ICT company funded by Mekong Capital resulted in impressive revenue growth within a short span.

Tam's unwavering commitment extends beyond her professional life. She is dedicated to community building, making a meaningful impact, and advocating the application of modern marketing strategies for transformative business success in the Indochina markets. 

Tam has assumed leadership roles in a variety of organizations, including serving as the CEO of the CSR Universal project (Non Profit), steering the Philip Kotler Awards in Vietnam, and contributing as a board member of Vecom.

Beyond her role as a dedicated marketer, Tam's interests and talents extend to the world of style coaching. She is a certified style coach, trained by the Style Coaching Institute ( Her love for fashion finds expression in her role as an inspirational figure and life-changer, as she runs her own accessory brand in Vietnam, known as Kya Jewel.

Phan Bich Tam's academic background includes earning an MBA from Gloucestershire University, UK, in 2012. Her holistic approach to life encompasses both the business and creative worlds, making her a truly multi-faceted professional.