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MMA CEO & CMO Summit Vietnam 2021 Virtual

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With the erratic fall and rise of the pandemic wave, both consumers and retailers are eagerly looking forward to a return to normal. Consumer behavior has been indelibly impacted by the pandemic, and this year, in particular, consumers are in a state of limbo: hope is on the horizon, but “normal” is yet to arrive.

A consistent, simplified consumer experience will be priority as consumers seek the convenience of daily life that they used to have. As consumers continue to rely on digital channels, a great experience across all channels will become increasingly important in influencing purchase decisions and loyalty. The objective is to alleviate COVID-related problems and return to a feel-normal experience. Those retailers that strive to build simplified omnichannel experiences will have an advantage as physical retail is likely to take a long time to recover.

In past year, digital tools rescued the day, allowing much of life to continue despite the physical limitations imposed by the pandemic. As a result, even the most seasoned customers are now accustomed to digital interactions and now demand seamless experiences.

This year, we bring back the CEO & CMO Summit Virtual providing discussions on how to utilize media, digital tools, omnichannel as well as other advanced technologies to solve the burning problems of businesses in the time of Covid for capturing positive consumer experiences and shaping "the new normal".

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The invites are taylored for CEOs and CMOs who are seen mobile & new technology (blockchain, AI, IoT,…) as a key accelerator to itself business in perspectives of marketing and growth; and deeply understanding of digital marketing through daily on basic marketing activities.

***Note: Please use your working email to register for the event, we can disapprove the registration if it does not meet our requirement (C-Level)



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