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Nguyen Thanh Anh

Nguyen Thanh Anh
Head of Country Marketing
Grab Vietnam

Thanh Anh is Head of Country Marketing, responsible for developing marketing strategy, social impact agenda, media strategy and building marketing capability for Grab's marketers. Thanh Anh joined Grab as a 10-year veteran in FMCG industry, with experience in brand building, channel development and customer development for a variety of categories in the industry. Her most recent role was leading Global Innovation for Japan & North Asia E-commerce market for Unilever. Thanh Anh brings with her a deep understanding about Vietnamese consumers, commercial merchants network beside marketing expertise from different areas. 

Thanh Anh also has a special passion behind behavior-change-program. She was among the key persons behind the hand-washing-program together with Vietnam's Ministry of Health which helped 26 million rural children to adopt hygiene habits. She is the creator of the viral hand-washing dance which becomes the daily exercise of all schools in Vietnam from kindergarten to elementary. Recently she worked on the Anxiety-free program for Japanese men with the goal to reduce suicidal rate in Japan.