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Le Ba An Binh

Le Ba An Binh
Managing Director

Mr. Le Ba An Binh was previously work as Integrated Marketing Communication for Coca-Cola Indochina & he is currently Managing Director at Adtima.

Binh started his professional career with a 02 year working as a Software Engineer but quitted as soon as he realized that even the most technical piece of software needed to be rooted in a deep human need. Brought with him the “shipping” mindset from that engineer time, Binh continuously shipped good campaigns and results for all brands he has worked for, namely Yomost, Ovaltine, The Laughing Cow and Coca-Cola. He’s a critical contributor to make Coca-Cola the most preferred commercial brand among Vietnamese Youth (TRU 2012) and the most loved brand for Tet in the last 4 consecutive years (MillwardBrown). Binh also helped to localize the Share a Coke campaign with names and to make Vietnam the 1st market worldwide to launch season two of Share a Coke with Emoticons.