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Helping Brands Deliver in A Mobile-First World: Interview with PIVMO's Scott Schmidt

The mobile industry has grown at a staggering pace since you’ve been in the industry. How have you noticed the conversations around mobile shifting and maturing during this growth?

Local Media App Trends


Mobile moves incredibly fast. Keeping pace with both the technology and consumer expectations presents unique challenges and opportunities. Data on mobile usage is helpful, but is by its very nature looking backwards instead of ahead to the future. This survey, released in July 2013, aspires to answer the qualitative questions that quantitative data simply cannot.

Here are a few key findings from our first study:

• 1 in 4 smartphone owners have a local news app installed.

• The TV Broadcast is still the primary choice for receiving local news content, as voiced by 47% of the survey population.

• On-air promotion is the single most important driver of app awareness and downloads, receiving 41% of responses.

• Apps trump websites for the second choice for local news content.

• Consumers prefer apps for breaking news, and tablets for reading content.

• For a paywall to succeed, a local media company must deliver very unique content.

WildTangent Studios Launches Its First Mobile Game, Polar Bowler 1st Frame

WildTangent Studios Launches its First Mobile Game, Polar Bowler 1st Frame
The mobile update of WildTangent’s Polar Bowler game is now available on iOS
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WEBINAR: Apple Announcements - How app marketing on iOS will change

Learn what an app marketer needs to know about the impact of the new iPhone 5, iOS 6 and updates to the App Store.

The iPhone 5 release has generated a lot of excitement, but despite all the press, many of the changes to the iOS ecosystem have not been covered in depth. Find out more about the changes to Apple's App Store and how you should advertise.

12:00 PM, September 26th

FunMobility Launches AppWidgets Mobile Marketing Tool For Businesses

Mobile usage is increasing at an unbelievable rate. According to some estimates, 87% of the world’s population now uses a mobile device. Almost 700 million of those devices are smartphones. And yet businesses are only slowly recognizing the opportunities that this brave new mobile world represents. It isn’t enough to enact one or two steps, such as simply implementing a mobile version of your website and calling it a day. In today’s ever-changing world you need a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy. One that focuses on building holistic relationships with customers.

How to Own the Customer Experience in the Store by Engaging with Shoppers through Your Branded App

The need for retailers to develop a rich, unique mobile shopping experience through a branded mobile optimized website and rich app enabling consumers to easily and conveniently search, browse and buy anytime and anywhere was the first step in a mobile strategy.

AdColony Brand Impact Study Reveals TV + Mobile Drives Huge Lift Across All Key Brand Metrics

New research conducted by Nielsen for mobile video advertising company AdColony proves that the influence of the 3rd screen is dramatically expanding and becoming a significant factor for brand results. The co-branded "Cross-Platform Video Ad Effectiveness Study" shows that cross-screen viewership, defined as TV and mobile on smartphones and tablets, can drive purchase intent for a brand by 72 percent. With so many consumers multi-tasking while watching TV, this new research set out to measure the impact of "being" with the consumer across all the devices including simultaneous viewership of TV and mobile devices to measure how effective mobile video ads complement television campaigns.

AdColony Study Shows TV + Mobile Video Advertising Drives Huge Brand Lift

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Snapplify – transforming publishing content into mobile apps


South African company launches and signs first deal at Frankfurt Book Fair

The recent launch of mobile app developer Snapplify gives the publishing market a full turnkey solution for transforming their content into mobile apps within minutes, for global distribution via the Apple App Store. It is the first to offers this kind of service to publishers at zero upfront cost.

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