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Today’s consumer encounters a wide range of marketing messages throughout the purchase journey. New attribution models are helping retailers create more effective campaigns that attract new customers, accelerate sales conversion and increase revenues and profit margins. This report outlines some of the issues that are currently impacting attribution assignment and highlights how some retail marketers are addressing the difficulties that arise when laying the foundation for future success.
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Results at a glance: * 80% increase in total sales * 5x increase in clicks YoY * Market share increased to 41% during the offer period * 21% mobile click volume driven by geo-fence placements
LONDON, UK, 29 May 2014 – Infobip, the international provider of mobile messaging and payments has announced the addition of innovative features to its push notifications service oriented towards app developers, brands and marketers. All features of Infobip Push, including the newly-created Live Geo and Rich Media, can be tested for free, and as part of a special offer, Infobip clients can get up to 14 million free notifications by the end of the year.
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New Research from Havas Worldwide Reveals Only 16% of US Consumers Have Used a Mobile Device to Shop, Compared with 50% in China, 48% in Singapore, and 42% in India
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As the number of Americans with smartphones passes the halfway mark this year, retailers have an opportunity to directly engage with their customers and go on the offensive against “Showrooming,” a trend in which consumers use their smartphones in a store to scan the barcodes of products to find better deals on Amazon or at a nearby competitor’s location. It is clear that retailers must go on the offensive against showrooming and find new ways to market to consumers and harness the power of mobile phones.

With the introduction of the iPhone and the rapid evolution of smartphones and tablets, users could access the web wherever they were. They also became consistently accessible, with most mobile device owners becoming so attached to the technology that they never had it far from them and they never turned it off.  By far the biggest single piece of new information that is available from consumers’ mobile devices is the accurate location of the device, powered by the onboard GPS that has become a hallmark of all modern smartphones.

Semi-Annual Mobile Messaging Analytics Report
December 2012
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