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The Rise of Voice Search White Paper

From direction requests in the car to step-by-step recipes in the kitchen, voice assistants are everywhere.

But this exciting new era presents complex new challenges for brands of all shapes and sizes. Almost overnight, voice search has become a critical consideration—so how do you succeed in a world where the top search result is everything and all subsequent spots are unspoken?

Find out how the two leading voice assistants—Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant—react to different types of queries; how local search is being redefined; and how to make sure your brand is heard in the age of voice.

Download the rise of voice search white paper

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Customer Experience Trends 2020 - Indonesia

Bridge the gap and connect the dots on Customer Experience

With ever-evolving needs and expectations of customers legacy brands are struggling to retain their supremacy. We are in an age when customers are in control and calling the shots. They are becoming increasingly omnichannel, and their expectations for great experiences keep growing.

To help you stay on track, we are launching a free report on the latest CX trends in Indonesia.


This Report Uncovers Six CX key Trends to help you reinforce a positive CX course

  •  Customer Experience - The Competitive Differentiator
  •  Rise of the ‘On-Demand’ Economy
  •  Customers Expect Deeper Personalization
  •  Loyalty Programs – The Next Game Changer
  •  Keep it Simple, for your customers
  •  Holistic Brand Experiences is the New Decision Journey

Grab your copy now and learn how to improve your customer experience. 


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The 2019 Festive Season Guide for Marketers in India

With a holiday to celebrate every month of the year, India is undoubtedly the land of festivities. Yet, starting in September, the country witnesses a distinct excitement in the air around the biggest Indian festivals of Dussehra, Diwali and Christmas.

89% of consumers plan to spend more than or the same as last year in the upcoming festive season. However, 43% of consumers are undecided about their shopping or are heading unplanned into what is conventionally a highly-planned affair. The always-on Connected Indian Consumer, with a nonlinear shopping journey, is now dictating how brands can engage with them. Brands need to understand the connected consumer’s shopping journey and deliver a frictionless experience to capitalize on this opportunity.

Download this report to understand:

  • The emerging trends in consumer behavior,
  • The festive shopping journey and its biggest friction points
  • The best practices marketers can adopt to win the connected consumer during the biggest shopping spectacle of the year.

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How Advertisers Allocate Holiday Ad Spend - 2019 Survey Results

We surveyed 243 SMB advertisers in July 2019 to understand when, how and where they are spending their holiday ad dollars. We conducted a similar study in 2018 as well, so we have the unique ability to compare 2019 ad spending trends to last year.


1. During the holidays, my advertising budget (or my clients’ ad budget):

Our research shows that 44% of SMB advertisers are increasing their ad spend for the holidays in 2019. This represents an 18.3% increase over last year. We have a few hypotheses as to why this is:

When the economy is doing well, consumer confidence index goes up. SMBs tend to capitalize on that optimism by spending more on holiday advertising. With the CCI being fairly durable ad spending is up.

The “retail apocalypse” seems to have slowed as well. The National Retail Foundation reports “for every retailer closing stores, five retailers are opening stores”.  With more stores, there is more competition and the need to advertise.

Reveal Mobile: How Advertisers Allocate Holiday Ad Spend - 2019 Survey Results

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CHEQ Report: 73% of Safe LGBT Online News Denied Ad Dollars by Brand Safety Blacklists 

A CHEQ research discovers Brand Safety keywords blocking stories mentioning “lesbian”, “bisexual” and “same sex” marriage.  




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How Human Bots May Be Sinking Your ROI

For those of us in the digital advertising space, bots are a familiar and always evolving, challenge. They can engage in convincingly human-like behavior (clicking on ads, playing videos, performing searches, and on and on), and for that reason are a favorite tool of fraudsters seeking to mislead marketers, publishers, and agencies about the real impact of their ads. IAS offers a range of solutions that help identify these malevolent bots, spotting when online behavior is not that of a human, and helping advertisers avoid the corruption of their metrics by such deception.

But what if the bot is a human? No, we’re not talking about some dystopian, Terminator-like scenario in which the line between human and android becomes blurry. Rather, it’s a case of humans being rewarded for taking bot-like actions — and it’s a fast-growing concern for our industry.

IAS_Human Bots

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Making the Most of a Mobile Ramadan: Indonesia 2019

Indonesia is home to the largest Islamic population in the world, with 87.2% of people identifying as Muslims - who observe the holy month of Ramadan as a commemoration of their beliefs.

As consumers buy gifts and presents for family, relatives and friends, there’s a significant uplift in online retail sales during the Ramadan month, and particularly in the last couple of weeks before Eid al-Fitr. Consumer patterns change, demand is at an all-time high and shopping budgets soar across households.

With almost 100 million smartphone users as of 2019 and the country spending more time on mobile than ever before, it is of little surprise that the Indonesian consumer will be increasingly using mobile as the primary device for shopping during the Ramadan season. Mobile is the constant companion during Ramadan, with Indonesians turning to their mobile in this period more than any other part of the year.

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The Changing Face of the Indian Mobile User

India is inching closer to becoming a trillion dollar digital economy with rapidly expanding digital infrastructure coupled and greater accessibility to technology. With 90% of India set to own a mobile phone by 2022, it comes as no surprise that mobile is the primary driver of this digital transformation.

The face of the Indian mobile user is changing and how! A distinctive feature of the change is that it is not just restricted to metro cities. Bharat - comprising of Tier II and III cities and rural India, is bringing an ever-increasing number of first-time internet user online. In addition, it’s not just the teens or young adults that are tech-savvy today. Digital adoption is growing across all demographics. India, like most countries, is also moving away from traditional means of content consumption to more convenient, one-to-one interactions enabled by mobile. Be it gaming, video-viewing or shopping, mobile is now the primary screen for users.

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The Ultimate Brand Marketer's Guide to Location Intelligence

Lifesight announced a comprehensive e-book in a bid to educate marketers and brands of all sizes about the incredible power Location Intelligence is wielding on marketing in the Asia Pacific region. The e-book titled “The Ultimate Brand Marketer’s Guide to Location Intelligence” covers everything brand marketers need to know as they start their journey of location-based marketing.

Read this eBook to discover:

the Ultimate Brand Marketer's Guide to Location Intelligence

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Kantar IMRB, Pokkt & MMA Understanding Mobile Gaming in India 2018

India’s mobile app market is growing at breakneck speed, with mobile gaming platforms increasingly commanding a substantial share of the advertising pie. MMA in partnership with POKKT, India’s and SEA’s leading smartphone advertising platform for mobile games, has released a report, titled ‘The Power of Mobile Gaming in India’, offering the latest data and insights on mobile gaming trends in the country. The report was released in collaboration with Kantar IMRB.

With over 250 million mobile gamers, India has emerged as one of the top 5 gaming countries, globally. Having already reached 269 million users as of 2018, the mobile gaming segment in India has registered phenomenal growth, with the number expected to rise to 368 million by 2022. The report further reveals that three out of four Indian gamers play mobile games at least a twice a day, for an average of 60+ minutes, each day. Mobile gaming is also quite prevalent in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, with similar amounts of time spent on gaming by users in these regions.

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