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Context and Sentiments are Critical- IAS Congruence Study Finds

Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in digital ad verification, today released a new research study, The Congruence Effect. Surveying over 1,000 U.S. consumers, this new report from IAS explores how aligning ad messaging to content sentiment impacts consumer preference.


Integral Ad Science Congruence Effect Study

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Understanding the impact of COVID-19:South Africa

This report provides insights into the perceptions and changing consumer behaviour patterns in South Africa since the onset of COVID-19. Areas highlighted include, shopping behaviour, government perceptions, and finances.

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2020 Ramadan Insights by InMobi Pulse

With the holy month just around the corner, I am excited to share with you our annual 2020 Ramadan Insights Report. We spoke to over 1800 Indonesians to understand shifting consumer behaviour as well as expectations, and how they will influence marketing strategies across the region. 

Download your copy now to understand: 

  1. The aspirational Ramadan consumer 
  2. The emerging types of Ramadan shoppers 
  3. The role of mobile during Ramadan
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Ramadan 2020 banner

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InMobi Mobile Marketing Handbook - SEA, 2020: Understanding the SEA Connected Consumer

Examine regional macro trends with our SEA 2020 Mobile Marketing Handbook. We discuss the digital landscape in SEA and the paradigm shift in consumer behaviour. We also share insights from the region's top marketers including leaders from Unilever, Samsung, GSK, Mindshare, and L'Oreal. 

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SEA Yearbook 2020

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InMobi Mobile Marketing Handbook - India, 2020: The Era of the Connected Consumer

The average Indian consumer journey has witnessed a near unrecognizable transformation in the last decade. Through the combination of rapidly evolving app ecosystems, and increasing connectivity at breakneck speed, consumers today have unlimited access to products and services, but are limited by their shrinking attention spans. This transformation has left especially lasting impact in three distinct areas: 

  • Context: More than 55% of global consumers are keen to share personal context with brands if they are offered better consumer experiences. 
  • Commerce: M-Commerce has exploded in India and it set to hit $94 billion in 2023 with a CAGR of 30%
  • Content: Time spent on media has risen by 5X, driving the convergence of content and commerce in India

Check out how consumers and marketers across the nation are seeing changes that will define the next era of advertising. 

India Yearbook 2020

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The Rise of Voice Search White Paper

From direction requests in the car to step-by-step recipes in the kitchen, voice assistants are everywhere.

But this exciting new era presents complex new challenges for brands of all shapes and sizes. Almost overnight, voice search has become a critical consideration—so how do you succeed in a world where the top search result is everything and all subsequent spots are unspoken?

Find out how the two leading voice assistants—Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant—react to different types of queries; how local search is being redefined; and how to make sure your brand is heard in the age of voice.

Download the rise of voice search white paper

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Customer Experience Trends 2020 - Indonesia

Bridge the gap and connect the dots on Customer Experience

With ever-evolving needs and expectations of customers legacy brands are struggling to retain their supremacy. We are in an age when customers are in control and calling the shots. They are becoming increasingly omnichannel, and their expectations for great experiences keep growing.

To help you stay on track, we are launching a free report on the latest CX trends in Indonesia.


This Report Uncovers Six CX key Trends to help you reinforce a positive CX course

  •  Customer Experience - The Competitive Differentiator
  •  Rise of the ‘On-Demand’ Economy
  •  Customers Expect Deeper Personalization
  •  Loyalty Programs – The Next Game Changer
  •  Keep it Simple, for your customers
  •  Holistic Brand Experiences is the New Decision Journey

Grab your copy now and learn how to improve your customer experience. 


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The 2019 Festive Season Guide for Marketers in India

With a holiday to celebrate every month of the year, India is undoubtedly the land of festivities. Yet, starting in September, the country witnesses a distinct excitement in the air around the biggest Indian festivals of Dussehra, Diwali and Christmas.

89% of consumers plan to spend more than or the same as last year in the upcoming festive season. However, 43% of consumers are undecided about their shopping or are heading unplanned into what is conventionally a highly-planned affair. The always-on Connected Indian Consumer, with a nonlinear shopping journey, is now dictating how brands can engage with them. Brands need to understand the connected consumer’s shopping journey and deliver a frictionless experience to capitalize on this opportunity.

Download this report to understand:

  • The emerging trends in consumer behavior,
  • The festive shopping journey and its biggest friction points
  • The best practices marketers can adopt to win the connected consumer during the biggest shopping spectacle of the year.

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How Advertisers Allocate Holiday Ad Spend - 2019 Survey Results

We surveyed 243 SMB advertisers in July 2019 to understand when, how and where they are spending their holiday ad dollars. We conducted a similar study in 2018 as well, so we have the unique ability to compare 2019 ad spending trends to last year.


1. During the holidays, my advertising budget (or my clients’ ad budget):

Our research shows that 44% of SMB advertisers are increasing their ad spend for the holidays in 2019. This represents an 18.3% increase over last year. We have a few hypotheses as to why this is:

When the economy is doing well, consumer confidence index goes up. SMBs tend to capitalize on that optimism by spending more on holiday advertising. With the CCI being fairly durable ad spending is up.

The “retail apocalypse” seems to have slowed as well. The National Retail Foundation reports “for every retailer closing stores, five retailers are opening stores”.  With more stores, there is more competition and the need to advertise.

Reveal Mobile: How Advertisers Allocate Holiday Ad Spend - 2019 Survey Results

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CHEQ Report: 73% of Safe LGBT Online News Denied Ad Dollars by Brand Safety Blacklists 

A CHEQ research discovers Brand Safety keywords blocking stories mentioning “lesbian”, “bisexual” and “same sex” marriage.  




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