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In emerging markets, formal banking only reaches a small percent of the population, compared with high penetration rate for mobile phones.  Low access to financial services and the fact that people in these markets tend to trust mobile brands more than banks, encourages them to use their device to carry out financial activities.


Mobile phones offer numerous benefits in emerging markets; they ensure the safety and security of money, make payments more convenient and promote M-Commerce opportunities for local entrepreneurs.  They also present opportunities for western companies looking to move into these markets, as well as learning’s for those who want to implement similar mobile finance models in developed markets.


This whitepaper is an invaluable resource for businesses from all sectors searching for enhanced and more comprehensive ways to understand and reach their target audiences. With insight into best practices and new methods of measurement, companies can better aggregate and apply customer data to generate sales, maximise loyalty and measure ROI to meet the wants and needs of consumers like never before.

This whitepaper explores how brands, advertisers and retailers alike can make advertising spending more accountable and measurable, including: 

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The whitepaper explores the benefits that enhancing consumer privacy has to offer, including:

  • Why enhancing user privacy helps enhance your brand as well.
  • Why the mobile marketing platform can create new value or subtract it and how to make sure mobile adds value to your brand and your customers overall experience.
  • The importance of complete preservation of user anonymity at every stage, of every transaction, in every campaign.
  • How vendors can fulfill specific user needs and interests via targeted marketing, without compromising user privacy in any way.
  • Why respect for user privacy should be inherent to solutions and services from the start not bolted on afterwards.

The whitepaper also looks at how iSIGN PAN (personal area network) solution helps to accomplish these goals, including:

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