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Ashley Stewart increases overall sales by 80% through RetailMeNot’s in-store platform

April 20, 2015
Submitted by RetailMeNot


Ashley Stewart has seen strong year-over-year growth with RetailMeNot in the e-commerce space and looked to expand their relationship by adding support to the stores business. Through testing and learning, Ashley Stewart aimed at increasing scale and visibility of their brand by reaching new customers and promoting a “Buy More, Save More” offer to RetailMeNot’s audience.



Ashley Stewart looked to expand its in-store promotions by utilizing RetailMeNot’s proprietary in-store platform, built in responsive design, which allows consumers to print or text the offer to their phones to redeem.


Offer exposure came from various RetailMeNot promotional placements including the following channels:

• Homepage carousel

• Printables carousel

• Email newsletter inclusion

• Mobile coverflow

• Mobile mall geo-fence highlight



With the inclusion of in-store sales, Ashley Stewart increased overall sales by 80% from RetailMeNot.

• In-store AOV was 52% higher than that of online.

• In-Store sales accounted for 45% of the total merchant sales volume during the offer period.


Placement within the mall geo-fence drove a 21% increase in mobile clicks.

• An additional 22% of users saved or shared the offer while in the geofence. Compared to direct competition, Ashley Stewart’s market share increased to 41% during the offer, peaking at 73%.

• Whereas prior to offer launch, market share was only 15%. Click volume increased 5x YoY, with peaks surrounding days with highvisibility exposure.

• 18% of total clicks originated on a desktop.

• 76% of total clicks originated from smartphones.

• 6% of total clicks originated from tablets.


RetailMeNot, Inc. was able to provide additional reporting and analytics that became available from utilizing the in-store platform (reporting by device, by day and interaction level reporting). After seeing success from the in-store platform, Ashley Stewart has run additional in-store offers with RetailMeNot and plans to continue the relationship throughout the year.


About Partner

When the brand launched in the early 1990’s, Ashley Stewart captured the hearts and minds of curvy women throughout the New York area offering inspiring, fashion-forward, affordable clothing in an easily accessible and welcoming environment. Today, the brand has over 100 stores in the U.S. and a growing international presence through . As a leading retailer of plus sized fashion, Ashley Stewart continues its heritage of uncompromising style and flattering fit for the trend savvy & confident woman.