Infobip’s app engagement platform adds expert push notifications - Up to 14 million free push notifications available for developers and marketers to test the service | MMA Global

Infobip’s app engagement platform adds expert push notifications - Up to 14 million free push notifications available for developers and marketers to test the service

May 30, 2014
Submitted by Infobip
LONDON, UK, 29 May 2014 – Infobip, the international provider of mobile messaging and payments has announced the addition of innovative features to its push notifications service oriented towards app developers, brands and marketers. All features of Infobip Push, including the newly-created Live Geo and Rich Media, can be tested for free, and as part of a special offer, Infobip clients can get up to 14 million free notifications by the end of the year. The Live Geo feature harnesses the location-based capabilities of Infobip push notifications to deliver a geographically targeted, scheduled engagement campaign. With Live Geo set up, app users will receive a push notification whenever they enter a pre-set area, as opposed to standard location-based push notifications, which target an area and send out a bulk push regardless of the users in the area. Live Geo is perfect for short-term, time-sensitive campaigns like happy hours or shopping nights. Additionally, Live Geo can be scheduled, further improving accuracy and engagement. With Rich Media Push, content such as an image, a video or a GIF can be delivered to the app user. Visual cues are a proven enticement for app-based communication and engagement – adding them gives app developers, brands and marketers another asset to promote their product or service at no cost for the end user. Infobip’s research suggests that the open rate for push notifications increases three times with the addition of images or video content. “Mobile app developers and mobile marketers are always struggling with the major challenge – how to keep, engage and grow their app user base, particularly if the mobile app is globally available. A globally functional app engagement platform is the solution for this kind of headache mobile app developers are facing. Infobip is a company of developers and it's only natural for us to expose rich resources for developers and help them bring their great app ideas and ambition to life. We’re here to back them with our proven technologies and expertise “, explains Zeljka Janda-Hegedis, Product Marketing Manager at Infobip. She also emphasises that, “Infobip’s unique advantage is the ability to provide easy integration of push notifications, mobile payments, authentication and monetisation solutions, all through a single platform. This powerful set of converged tools and technologies targets not only game and app makers, but also brands and marketers who increasingly turn to mobile apps for consumer engagement via smartphones.” App developers and marketers that wish to make the most of the fully featured, 14 million free push notifications can do so in a few simple steps described at our Push website. All app developers need to do in order to get the first million is to create and activate their Infobip Push account. On top of these expert push notifications features, Infobip's app engagement platform offers mobile payments solutions for in-app purchases, 2-factor authentication and an innovative solution for app recommendation to friends. All these diverse solutions can be added to mobile applications over Infobip APIs and libraries. Contact person: Maja Perovic Lazarevic, [email protected]About Infobip: Infobip is a global provider of mobile messaging and payments, serving 120.000+ business clients through 29 offices on 6 continents. All our solutions are fully in-house developed, creating a state-of-the-art mobile services ecosystem that moves barriers and is changing the way people and businesses interact in the mobile space. Our unique mix of messaging, push notifications, USSD and carrier billing technologies lets you reach mobile users in over 190 countries worldwide.We serve and partner with the majority of the leading mobile operators, OTTs, brands, banks, social networks, aggregators and many more. Official websites:,