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Engineering Jedi: Dots, New in Android O

Though somehow missed in the Android O keynote, a big change coming to the Android O launcher is a new feature named “Dots.” From the user’s home screen, each icon can now create an icon notification. The user can access these notifications by long-pressing an icon with a dot on their home screen as seen in the following GIF.

Coca-Cola Freestyle Case Study

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Bottle Rocket
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Coca-Cola had a problem. Their slick new touch-enabled soda fountain, the Freestyle dispenser, could produce literally millions of Coke product combinations. But lines were getting long as people learned how to use Freestyle and played with new combinations.
The answer: a mobile app that consumers could use to create personal mixes beforehand, then share with the Freestyle machine and friends. Problem solved. Well, not exactly. The first version of the app failed to launch. Enter Bottle Rocket.
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Bottle Rocket's Coca-Cola Freestyle Case Study
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Komli Media Launches Industry’s First Mobile App For Real-Time Campaign Management

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Komli Media
The Product Originated At A Recent Company Hackathon Event 8th July 2014:

The ultimate guide to understanding: Mobile app marketing analytics

When it comes to mobile analytics, it all begins with knowing and selecting the best tracking solution. Analytics is the key driver in optimizing mobile marketing campaigns and reaching KPIs.

Trademob understands that this is a very complex landscape so they’ve broken everything down in their white paper, The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Mobile App Marketing Analytics. We created the most comprehensive guide available to shed light on what is the backbone of mobile advertising.

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inneractive Joins MMA and its Global Mobile Advertising and Apps Committees


inneractive is proud to announce that it has joined the North American branch of the Mobile Marketing Association.

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