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This Turkish holiday company used a new measurement technique to understand the overall impact of its Facebook ads and discovered that the number of incremental purchases attributable to Facebook was 14.5X higher than its previous attribution model had suggested.



Etstur wanted to assess the difference being made by Facebook ads, and then use this information to design their strategy to drive both online and offline sales efficiently. It hoped that the findings allow them to increase the effectiveness of their total ad spend.


The world of travel and hospitality is changing rapidly, bringing with it new challenges for marketers  Choosing the best way to communicate with your customers, within budget, and with the ability to measure ROI, are critical to ensure effective consumer engagement

The digital sales team team at WRAL was already well versed in sophisticated advertising techniques and audience segmentation. However, they lacked specific tools to build location-based audiences on their mobile apps. With over fifty percent of their digital traffic coming via mobile, they partnered with Reveal Mobile to deliver a creative location-based targeting solution to their sales team and to their advertisers.
To stand out in the crowded travel marketing space and excite its target audience, Marriott needed to try something different. Beeby Clark+Meyler helped them achieve this by tapping into the ubiquitous smartphone itself as a secret marketing weapon. Our strategy: surround the traveler with a plea from his smartphone. The phone "pitched" the traveler on the benefits of getting the new free Marriott mobile app, and getting them both a vacation.
Atlantis Mobile Site
Atlantis Mobile Site

• Replicate desktop site as closely as possible
• Facilitate multi-platform access
• Created mobile site using a transcoding solution
• Used Google Mobile Ads and app to drive site traffic
• Mobile site now attracts 22% of total visits


- Promote the company’s mobile site and Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps
- Increase the number of restaurant bookings

- Used AdWords search and display ads to target users across devices
- Targeted iPhone and Android devices specifically with in-app display ads


- Serve the needs of on-the-move users
- Drive mobile traffic and conversions

- Built a mobile-specific site
- Invested in Click to Call search ads

- Mobile now comprises 10% of all online visitors
- Mobile conversions are increasing 10% each month
- 81% of mobile visitors are from Google Mobile Ads

Swipeable Gallery ad format for tablets

GOALS - Introduce Chongqing, a new Asian destination - Test tablet as a supporting vehicle to drive sales - Expand sales to Asian destinations


  • Cater to growing global mobile device audience
  • Increase traffic and conversions
  • Improve experience for on the go users


  • Created mobile-friendly site with current-location search, bigger buttons, and easier checkout
  • Promoted site through Google Mobile Ads
  • Use mobile analytics to better understand and improve user experience