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Turkcell IsTcell & Turkish Airlines Co-Branded Campaign )Turkcell)
Challenge / Objective:
IsTcell is Turkcell’s mobile world for business professionals & business’s that aims to increase loyalty as art of a retention program.   IsTcell creates a world of offers and incentive to its members.  These incentives are split in to two kinds – mobile related offers and co-branded offers.
The objective was to find an appropriate co-branded offer that would appeal to business professionals and business’s to increase both individual and corporate customer satisfaction and thus increasing loyalty.
Target Audience:
  • Business professionals and businesses.
  • Turkcell subscribers  that roam, travelling for business or pleasure
  • Current and potential customers of Turkish Airlines
Campaign Dates:
16.06.2008 – 31.12.2008
The solution is geared towards creating advantages link to their travelling and mobile habits, as part of a double sided loyalty program.   Turkcell came together with the number one airline brand in Turkey, Turkish Airlines in a co-branded mobile campaign.  Since miles are critical to airline loyalty programs and free airtime & minutes for mobiles can be the most effective loyalty promotion tool, both these aspects are mixed together in the concept.
The solution is simple - The consumer can either earn miles from THY in exchange to how much they spent on their mobile, or vice versa can win free airtime & minutes in exchange to how much they travel.
Miles are minutes, minutes are miles!
IsTcell members are able to earn bonus miles via their Turkcell invoices.  IsTcell members participated in the campaign via sms by texting in their Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles number
Campaign participants  redeemed miles for minutes/units.
360 degree marketing communication is employed:  conventional media channels such as TV, radio, outdoor; pop materials and digital media channels - internet and mobile are used to advertise the campaign.  In terms of mobile channels targeted sms and mms are effectively used to obtain potential customers.
  • The concept of mixing miles and minutes in a loyalty program is a first
  • Giving  an appropriate co-branded offer to frequent flyers.
Mt. Bachelor Resort )mBlox & RocketBux)
Resort Connects with Ski Customers via Mobile Phones, Offering Snow Condition Reports and Bar-Coded Discount Coupons
One of the United States’ largest and most-visited ski resorts, Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon, operates a free text messaging service that updates ski and snowboard customers with wind, temperature, and snow conditions. Adding further value, the resort has begun offering discount “coupons” on the bottom of the text messages. Respondents are sent a barcode which can be read directly from the phone screen by standard optical scanners. Beyond the creative marketing opportunities of these mobile coupons, this new, highly cost-effective system also promotes Mt. Bachelor’s environmentally conscious mission.
Half a million people come to Mt. Bachelor’s 37,000 acres of terrain every year to enjoy outdoor recreation, and each visitor hopes for the best day of the season. Finding out current snow and weather conditions usually means going to Mt. Bachelor’s website, or else calling ahead — which customers do dialing an 800-number up to 140,000 times per month. This can get costly for the resort. And reaching customers with advertising and promotional offers can be expensive as well. Moreover, Mt. Bachelor’s strong environmental program encourages the resort to reduce and minimize the impact of operational and promotional activities.
The overall goal was to create an enhanced information system, which would not only cut costs but would also be environmentally-friendly and improve communications with the resort’s customers.
Working with RocketBux, Inc., Mt. Bachelor quickly established a weather and snow conditions alert system that was delivered as an SMS text message. Signing up via the website or by texting "mtbalerts" to 20123, subscribers are sent an SMS of weather and snow conditions at 7 a.m. daily – bringing the mountain to their customers. Traveling over mBlox’s efficient text messaging network, this approach saves customers time and reduces Mt. Bachelor’s call volumes and 800-number costs.
Even more promising is the way Mt. Bachelor also uses this same delivery technology to offer promotional discounts to their well-targeted and captive mobile subscriber audience. In one of the resort’s first initiatives, a lift ticket discount “coupon” was offered to interested customers via a link appended to the end of the daily ski conditions message. Clicking on the link created a barcode viewable on any mobile phone, thanks to RocketBux technology. These barcodes can be read right off mobile screens by standard 1D or 2D scanners at cash registers, functioning just like paper coupons. No software or equipment changes need to be made either to the phones or the scanners.
Both Mt. Bachelor and its customers are enjoying a host of benefits from the innovative use of text messaging made possible by RocketBux and mBlox technology.
Convenient, updating of ski conditions. A reminder that every day is a great day for skiing. Also, only relevant customers )those already signed up for the alerts) receive promotional offers in an unobtrusive way through an existing communication.
800-number expense reduction. By delivering ski condition reports via text messaging, Mt. Bachelor has reduced 800-number call volumes by up to 15 percent and saved charges on more than 20,000 calls per month.
Cost-effective promotional programs. Only three months after Mt. Bachelor’s text alert system went live, more than 1,000 people had signed up for the service. At no additional marketing cost, a time-limited lift ticket discount coupon — redeemable only for 24 hours — garnered a respectable 2% redemption.
Underscoring of environmental mission. No paper is used or transported and little energy is consumed by either the snow conditions alert system or the discount couponing. This environmental economy promotes Mt. Bachelor in its mission to preserve the quality of the environment.
Adding extra value. Showing the leverage of viral marketing, some subscribers forwarded the barcoded coupons to their friends, who redeemed them. This viral marketing also resulted in more people signing up for the service.
Further Opportunities
RocketBux management reports that other resorts have now joined Mt. Bachelor in creating similar ski condition reporting systems. As for the barcoded coupons, Mt. Bachelor is now designing marketing campaigns for apparel, food, and other purchases on the mountain, and is also discussing joint promotions with other local merchants.
Copyright mBlox 2008


Hampton Hotels, Increasing Brand Knowledge Among Business Travelers 

Company: weather.com & Dynamic Logic 

Brand: Hampton Hotels


In July 2007, Hampton Hotels leveraged a new opportunity to engage a difficult-to-reach audience that is continuously on the move: business travelers. By launching a mobile advertising campaign across weather.com’s WAP )Wireless Application Protocol) site, Hampton Hotels connected with travelers to enhance brand knowledge and convey relevant messaging.
weather.com commissioned Dynamic Logic, a Millward Brown company to evaluate the brand impact of the mobile advertising.
·          Quantify the effectiveness of the mobile campaign in generating awareness of and favorability towards the Hampton brand
·          Gain insight into the potential of this new advertising platform at influencing travelers
  • Dynamic Logic’s AdIndex for mobile used control-exposed methodology measuring the brand impact of mobile ad campaigns as they run live across WAP site)s). Two groups were given mobile interviews from a WAP page )weather.com) and their responses are compared.
  • Responses from the group who did not see the ads on their mobile devices )control) were collected in the period immediately preceding the campaign launch.
Results show significant increases in the brand metrics among those exposed to mobile ads among the overall audience – prominent branding successfully built awareness, while concise, yet persuasive messaging improved favorability and generated interest in staying with Hampton Hotels during their next trip.
  • 251% lift in Mobile Ad Awareness
  • 200% lift in Message Association
  • 27% lift in Brand Favorability
  • 37% lift in Message Association  
Mobile advertising on weather.com’s WAP site was an effective channel for reaching travelers, especially those traveling for business. Some of these consumers may be otherwise difficult to reach through other media due to the amount of time spend on mobile devices. Relevant messaging is critical to impacting an audience on a mobile device.
9 May, 2007 - 10 August, 2007
Madhouse Inc.
Nokia via MediaCom
Exclusively sponsored by Nokia, equipped with Nokia Nseries devices, most notably the Nokia N95, Peter successfully finished a journey long Changjiang and Huanghe in about 95 days, starting on May 9th 2007 and arriving Beijing on August 10th 2007 and having visited over 20 cities.
In collaboration with MediaCom and Madhouse, Nokia initiated a nationwide mobile campaign, sharing the exploration of China with mobile users and expressing Nseries’ spirit of exploration and discovery.
Generate awareness for Project 95 and N95 product through mobile internet ads
Provide a convenient channel for audiences follow the exploration and drive audiences to learn more information of Nseries products
Madhouse established a Mobile Campaign Site with absorbing contents including campaign introduction, Peter’s blog, quiz game, images and video downloads, word leaving and referral link.
Using N95 and N73, Peter posted pictures of places that he has visited, uploaded videos he shot and blogged through Mobile Internet and onto the Campaign site for audiences to view.
Mobile users shared contents taken and composed by Peter during his tour including pictures, video and blog.
They could also interact with Peter through leaving message on the mobile campaign site and guess of where Peter had been and how far he had traveled to win a N95 handset. Sales hotline number on mobile site connected audience to Nokia online sales shop for purchase.
To drive traffic to the campaign site, ads were served by Madhouse across a breadth of large portal and digital, lifestyle, entertainment and finance sites on Madhouse's ad network, MadNetwork.
In the Project 95 mobile campaign, the ads served by MadServing achieved over 12,420,000 total impressions resulting in over 3.26% click-through rate and 1,820,000 mobile campaign site page views, generating over 18,000 participants for the activities, video downloads over 17,722 times.
During this Campaign, Madhouse had served and achieved over 2,950,000 total targeted impressions resulting in over 4.2% click-through rate and for every 2.02 clicks, Visa TV commercial was downloaded once.
This is certainly more convincing than any other traditional media and Mobile media has once again proved to be better in performance and superbly cost effective.

2D Code Technology Creates Europe’s 1st Interactive Transit Station )Scanbuy)
Régie Autonome Transports Parisiens )known as RATP) is the major transit operator in the metropolitan area of Paris.  In an effort to provide and easier and improved travel experience, it asked the consulting firm faberNovel to recommend new ways to modernize its bus and rail service. 
To modernize RATP’s service, faberNovel recommended the creation of a completely interactive transit station in Paris which would quickly deliver up to the minute scheduling information to the commuters’ mobile phone. They chose to use 2D barcodes as the mechanism to deliver this information, along with GPS locaters attached to each bus that went in and out of the station. Scanbuy, Inc. of New York was asked to provide their EZcode technology and make their ScanLife software available for download. The codes would be posted throughout the station with a full array of services for RATP’s customers including real time scheduling, area maps, and general information provided on a dedicated WAP site.
RATP felt the personal interactivity of the 2D barcodes was perfect for their urban commuters, and agreed to use the technology for a trial period in one of their stations. They hoped their customers would find the technology easy and satisfying to use. They also wanted to be seen by the public and press as innovative in a modernized world.
The Result:
While the program has been in market for just a few months, the results have been better than expected. Over 700 downloads of the application have been prompted from this program with over 2,000 unique scans from the one station. Qualitative consumer reaction to the technology has been very positive. RATP has received extensive media coverage that has included over 20 stories on local TV, newspaper and the internet )see www.01net.com/editorial/351281/l-indicateur-horaire-sur-mobile-teste). All of this has lead to a planned expansion of the technology to other stations around Paris in the coming months.
About Scanbuy, Inc.

Scanbuy )www.scanbuy.com) is the leading global provider of mobile marketing solutions that use the camera phone as the link between the physical world and the digital world. Scanbuy’s 2D barcode capture technology is revolutionizing the way media companies, marketers, handset manufacturers and carriers around the world provide information and services to consumers on their mobile phones. Founded in 2000, Scanbuy has a strong and growing intellectual property base and was highlighted as a Fortune’s 25 breakout company and honored as one of Red Herring’s 100 most innovative companies. 


Entry title
British Airways passenger disruption notifications via text message

Section / Category
Leisure / Travel

Campaign background and objectives
Following significant investment in email marketing, British Airways discovered that during the period less than 48 hours before a flight, email was not a good enough communication method for urgent disruption notifications. The airline established the need to develop an instantaneous communication channel for alerting passengers, logistics firms and staff of last minute flight update information. The service needed to be quicker and more cost effective than voice calls and be multi-lingual. Text messaging proved to be the best solution, though email would continue to be used more than 48 hours before take-off. 

Passengers are invited to sign up to the service via the British Airways website (www.ba.com). The service was also promoted in trade publications and via direct communication with British Airway agents.

The Global Standard for Mobiles (GSM) enables text messages to be sent to customers in a number of languages.

The service is proving invaluable to BA customers in terms of time saving: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

·          During disruption caused by terrorist activity at <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Heathrow Airport in August 2006 over 20,000 SMS messages were sent to BA passengers and cabin crew in 87 countries over a four day period

·          89 passengers were informed of cancelled flight BA0214 from Boston to London on August 10th 2006

·          Flight BA9043 (Düsseldorf to Heathrow) was cancelled on 11th Dec 2005 - 46 people (or 30% of the 155 people on a Airbus A310) were sent a text message alerting them of the cancellation and advising them to call BA instead

About Incentivated
Incentivated works with global brands to help them communicate with customers instantly and easily via their mobile phones.

We develop and manage mobile marketing campaigns and services on local, national and international levels. (Patented) technology, developed by Incentivated, allows our clients to reach people in all corners of the world and in many languages, using text messaging and the mobile internet.

We believe the mobile phone is an intensely private medium. Respecting this principle, our campaigns provide information that consumers find useful and welcome.

Founded in 2001, Incentivated's fast growing client base includes British Airways, Hilton Group, Carphone Warehouse, OneTel, Scottish Power and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Predatorial Advertising Associates and dotMobi

.mobi Solutions in Action

Creators of bigfishtackle.com, Predatorial Advertising Associates were searching for a way to provide anglers with valuable information and feedback at the very moment they were battling the fish of a lifetime … not after it became the one that got away.

Traditionally, anglers have relied on magazines, TV and PC-based Web sites for information about their fishing area or the fish they're trying to catch. This information is often outdated and can't account for the factors that play a large part in fishing, like water and weather conditions.

Using the .mobi domain – specifically designed for mobile devices – Predatorial Advertising Associates created a mobile site, bigfishtackle.mobi, to bring real-time information to anglers already on the water.

bigfishtackle.mobi gives anglers up-to-the-minute fishing reports, tips and techniques based on current water and weather conditions. A discussion forum gives anglers access to advice from thousands of fishermen, allowing them to ask questions and receive responses while they are trying to catch "the big one.”

bigfishtackle.mobi launched in November 2006. Since going live, the site has received more than 10,000 visits. The site is quickly becoming a trusted resource for sportsmen, combining the wealth of information provided by bigfishtackle.com and the mobile experience found with a .mobi domain.

“The Internet has allowed us to provide anglers with an unprecedented information and resource platform,” said Mike Hodgdon, Vice President of Operations, Predatorial Advertising Associates. “The .mobi domain takes our ability to provide anglers with the most accurate, beneficial and timely information to a whole new level.”

bigfishtackle.mobi has already received feedback for text message alerts, mobile versions of online fishing games and a buddy list to send pictures of big catches to friends.

About Predatorial Advertising Associates
Predatorial Advertising Associates specializes in servicing the fishing, hunting, outdoor and sports industries' Internet needs. They manage a large online network of outdoor-related niche sites, averaging more than 17 million ad impressions served monthly.

About dotMobi
dotMobi (the informal name of mTLD Top Level Domain, Ltd.), a joint venture company based in Dublin, Ireland with offices in Washington, DC, is leading the development of Internet usage from mobile phones by switching on the .mobi domain name. Unique among domain name providers, dotMobi ensures that services and sites developed around .mobi are optimized for use by mobile devices. On-the-go consumers can have confidence that the Internet site or service will work from their mobile device when using the .mobi address.

dotMobi is backed by leading mobile operators, network and device manufacturers, and Internet content providers, including Ericsson, GSM Association, Hutchison 3, Microsoft, Nokia, Orascom Telecom, Samsung Electronics, Syniverse, T-Mobile, Telefonica Moviles, TIM and Vodafone. dotMobi is also a sponsor of W3C's Mobile Web Initiative.

For more information on dotMobi, visit http://dotmobi.mobi and the dotMobi blog at http://blog.mobi. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Campaign – EMT- the mobile bus ticket system in Spain

Gavitec - A NeoMedia Technologies Company (neom.com).

Implementing mobile ticketing on public transportation is a new way to enhance citizens’ mobility. Malaga’s municipal transportation company- EMT (Empresa Malagueña de Transportes) introduced a mobile bus ticket system in Spain and used Gavitec hardware solutions-EXIO™- to validate the mobile tickets in buses.

Using the Mobipay payment system, travelers can buy bus tickets and receive them as unique 2D codes (Data Matrix) via one text message (SMS) on their mobile phone. The ticket price is charged to the phone bill or deducted from the pre-paid phone card. The code displayed on the mobile phone screen has to be presented to the EXIO™ on the bus, which then uses GPRS to check off the ticket as coordinated by a centralized system of ticket management developed by Telefónica. Once validated, the EXIO™ scanner prints out a ticket confirmation and beeps to confirm validation.

The project has been initiated by TopSolutions, the specialist in mobile applications in Portugal in cooperation with Telefonica Moviles, the leading network operator in Spain and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, a multinational financial services group. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Malaga is the first Spanish city to offer people the chance to pay their bus fare with their mobile phone. Passengers will be able to pay for a single ticket or even top up their season tickets simply by using their mobile phone.

About NeoMedia Technologies
NeoMedia Technologies, Inc (www.neom.com) is the worldwide leader in Mobile Marketing.  Across our leading-edge mobile services providers, over 4 billion on-pack mobile marketing promotions have been enabled, including the largest-ever mobile campaigns. Today, mobile campaigns ranging from SMS/text campaigns to barcode-enabled campaigns can be launched and supported by a combination of applications, technology, and creative services. Our R&D efforts are at the forefront of the industry, creating next generation code-reading capabilities, visual matching, and mobile couponing technology solutions, as well as the world’s most creative, effective and fun mobile campaigns.  NeoMedia holds 27 patents with coverage in 14 countries.

Our global solutions include: qode (www.qode.com), 12Snap (www.12snap.com) Gavitec (www.gavitec.com), Mobot (www.mobot.com), and Sponge (www.spongegroup.com)

Mobile 365 Partners with MobileTrails to Bring Travel Buddy to Vacationers

: MobileTrails

Product: Travel Buddy

Company: Thomson Travel

Wouldn’t it be useful to find out what’s going on in your resort while you’re on holiday, rather than discovering too late that you’ve missed the weekly flower market or could have attended a music festival earlier in the week? Thomson Travel, in the UK, wanted to provide a way for their travellers to head abroad this summer and take advantage of a brand new service that delivers all the information they need to know about their destination, as well as vital information—such as the address of their nearest UK embassy.

Using the new tool, called “Travel Buddy,” travellers who have opted in to the service receive a SMS a couple of days before their holiday providing emergency information relating to their resort. 24 hours before they travel, they receive an SMS containing details of events at their holiday destination. Mobile 365 hosts the content, and ensures that each SMS is delivered—and billed for—accurately. The plan is to expand the service beyond its initial coverage in Europe and parts of Africa to the rest of the world, and out to other tour operators.

Holidaymakers can also interact with the service, and send keywords to shortcode 82345 to receive further information while abroad. Examples of keywords include “weather,” “WOT,” (what’s on tomorrow) “news,” and “football.” Even car rentals can be arranged by texting “car;” a customer service representative will call the vacationer back to arrange delivery.

Also, if keywords don’t provide the information a vacationer seeks, he or she can use the Travel Buddy AAQ (Ask Any Question) and receive an answer to any question. What makes the service unique is that the answers travellers receive are tailored to their destination and profile. For example, if they are on a family holiday, the information will be geared towards family activities.

Travel Buddy has proven very popular since launching in April, 2006. Since then, 700,000 travellers have opted to use the service out of an estimated customer base of 5.3 million Thomson travellers heading overseas this year.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Jolly Tours<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Company:  Turkcell & Mobilturk

Name of campaign:  Jolly Tours Mobile Video Marketing

The challenge:  Jolly Tours, a travel agency, wanted to differentiate the way to increase customer satisfaction in the sales process

The solution: Transfering the hotels in Jolly Tours portfolio to the mobile platform.  A code was assigned to each hotel and resort in Jolly Tours portfolio, whıch were later advertised in newspapers and magazines. The customers that sent the code of the hotel of their choice via, received a mobile video presentation of that resort. This process helped the customers to make a more informed decision due to the visual aids.

The impact: The world’s fırst mobile video marketing project in the tourism industry. Turkey’s fırst ever mobile video marketing project that resulted in very favourable feedback from customers. There was also a significant increase in sales after the implementatıon.