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Killington Ski Resort (g8wave)

Brand: Killington Ski Resort

Company: g8wave

Killington and Fulgent Media Group joined forces with g8wave, in an effort to reach out to skiers using their mobile phones and text messaging.  Killington was looking for new channels to market to their existing audience as well as find effective, measurable ways to establish a dialogue with potential customers.

The first in a series of campaigns designed to encourage skiers to register for “Killington Mobile” has begun in and around New York City.  More than 300,000 drink coasters have been distributed in bars and nightclubs encouraging patrons to “text in”.  Those that sign up (by sending “kski” or “kride” to 22122) will receive instant offers as well as other exclusive opportunities throughout the ski season.    Such as equipment demos, discounted skiing, lodging, rentals, gear and apparel, invitations to special events, and more.  In early January 2006 the campaign was expanded to included outdoor media and public transit placements in New York and Boston.

This campaign will capitalize on mobile marketing’s greatest attributes, allowing interested consumers to act on impulse and receive instant, timely information sent directly to their most personal device, their mobile phone.   Registered “Killington Mobile” members will receive relevant, compelling information from the mountain all winter, establishing a new channel through which Killington can communicate with both their loyal skiers as well as more casual skiers looking for value from the mountain they choose.

About g8wave:
g8wave (“gatewave”) is a mobile marketing company and a division of the forty year-old Phoenix Media/Communications Group. The company operates both domestically and overseas, with offices in Boston and London.  The company has grown at a rapid pace by building technology and services that respond and adjust to the public’s evolving demand for mobile content, and delivering it via the mobile gateways effectively and efficiently.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

g8wave has already introduced various mobile services in the US, Canada and Europe through its network of media partnerships. For more on g8wave, visit www.g8wave.com.

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ECI Book Club (Emexus & ECI)


Book Club Case Study – Emexus & ECI

ECI, part of the Bertelsmann Group, is the Netherlands’ largest book club with a customer base of over 1.1 million members

§          Increase orders by mobile ordering channel<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

§          Increase customer loyalty, engagement and participation in the
club’s activities

§          Achieve rapid database enrichment with mobile phone numbers

§          Create buzz around the brand with an innovative mobile marketing

Emexus developed a number of innovative and customer-friendly mobile services for ECI to achieve their marketing goals:
§          Quarterly automated SMS special offers, fully personalized based
            on previous purchases

§          A complete SMS ordering channel: Members simply send in the product code and the item will be mailed directly to their address

§          Several SMS sweepstakes and SMS contests

All mobile services are promoted through ECI’s quarterly member magazine and Website.

Over 40.000 members participated in the SMS sweepstakes, adding up to a response rate of 4%. Several thousands of orders are placed via SMS each week. The SMS ordering channel gave ECI unique new insights in customer behavior, enabling them to further customize their marketing efforts to maximize results.

In the near future ECI is considering using the Emexus mobile internet solution to allow club members to browse through the ECI website with their mobile device and directly place orders online.

About Emexus
Emexus is a global leader in the field of mobile services and specializes in Mobile Marketing, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Internet and Customized Solutions. All mobile services are delivered through the unique Emexus Platform. The Platform enables companies to take maximum advantage of the latest mobile possibilities in an efficient and cost effective way. Emexus has offices in the Netherlands, the US and Malaysia and delivers mobile services to over 150 clients in 18 countries worldwide, including Philips, Vodafone, T-Mobile, ECI, Organon, PPGH JWT, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Alex and Canal+. The mobile applications of Emexus are connected to the worlds' most important SMS aggregators, thus enabling clients to reach over a 1.5 billion mobile consumers world wide.
For more information visit our website: www.emexus.com. 


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Golf Pride Golf Grips (AvantGo, a service of iAnywhere)


Golf Pride Golf Grips<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Brand: Golf Pride

Company: Golf Pride/Blattner Brunner

Golf Pride, a division of Eaton Corporation, is the leading supplier of grips to the golf club manufacturing industry and the top choice for grip replacement. Golf Pride grips are the overwhelming choice among tour players, club pros, and top amateurs worldwide with a market share of nearly 80%. Blattner Brunner/SRC is Golf Pride’s integrated marketing agency. Golf Pride was looking to maintain its leadership position in the golf grip category by growing both the category and the company’s market share.




A mobile, interactive marketing campaign – including a downloadable golf game– co-developed by Blattner Brunner/SRC and AvantGo and distributed on the AvantGo mobile Internet service.



·          The AvantGo-based campaign and advergame succeeded in reaching target audience members who were previously overlooked in campaigns using traditional print and broadcast media.

·          With the AvantGo campaign still running, nearly 50,000 individuals already downloaded the game, representing an unheard of conversion rate of 54 percent.

·          Not only did the AvantGo campaign prove effective in reaching previously elusive target audience members, but it was significantly more cost-effective than a traditional direct mail program would have been. 


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