Google: Alpharooms doubles overall conversion rate and increases mobile conversion rate fourfold with responsive web design | MMA Global
October 29, 2013
Alpharooms Responsive Web Design

Alpharooms has been offering discount travel to worldwide destinations for 14 years. By autumn 2012 however, the company began to believe its mobile  marketing effectiveness was decaying over time. It noted that smartphones had grown to comprise about 8% and tablets about 11% of all traffic. The upcoming Christmas period would put more mobile devices into the hands of users, and industry experts were predicting traffic on tablets and smartphones to double in the subsequent 6 to 12 months. Since its conversion rates on these devices were poor, Alpharooms decided to respond to these new challenges with a new multi-screen strategy with a site built using responsive web design at its heart. The results were impressive:
  • Cut time required to price itineraries by half
  • Doubled overall conversion rate
  • Increased mobile conversion rate fourfold
  • Improved usability on all devices
  • Reduced bounce from mobile traffic 35%
“Getting buy-in from the rest of the board wasn’t hard – the figures don’t lie and we were missing an opportunity.”
“Conversion rate was better than we expected – even whilst debugging a brand new site we made a positive ROI in week one. Conversion rate overall has about doubled on the channels we’ve tested, and the mobile conversion rate is now about four times greater.” — Jamie Shuker, MD, Alpharooms