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Etstur: Measuring the full impact of Facebook ads for smarter campaign strategies

August 29, 2019

This Turkish holiday company used a new measurement technique to understand the overall impact of its Facebook ads and discovered that the number of incremental purchases attributable to Facebook was 14.5X higher than its previous attribution model had suggested.



Etstur wanted to assess the difference being made by Facebook ads, and then use this information to design their strategy to drive both online and offline sales efficiently. It hoped that the findings allow them to increase the effectiveness of their total ad spend.



Etstur ran a month-long campaign to create demand, drive online and offline sales, and boost app installs. Dynamic ads and video and photo ads were used raise brand awareness and inspire people to visit new places. Etstur used the trip consideration feature to optimise ad delivery to reach people with intent to travel. Ads were also retargeted to people who had shown an interest by clicking through to the site or app. The automatic placements feature efficiently delivered ads across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network for the lowest cost.

Etstur then ran a conversion lift test to calibrate the current rule-based attribution model for maximum accuracy. The test compared 2 groups: those shown the Facebook ads and those not shown them, to assess online and offline purchases. Based on the results, Etstur identified that its previous attribution model (which used a cookie-based web analytics tool) had undervalued Facebook’s impact. In a joint analysis with Facebook Marketing Science team, Etstur calculated a calibration factor, which helped it to redesign its internal reporting, plan media spending more accurately and achieve higher return on ad spend.

Etstur also integrated the Offline Conversion API with its customer relationship management database to measure offline sales in near-real time. This allowed it to optimize its campaigns with the aid of online signals from the website and app, as well as from offline destinations (call centre and stores), where a significant number of conversions happen.



14.5X increase in incremental purchases from Facebook (compared to previous attribution model findings)

59X incremental return on ad spend

30% increase in revenue compared to a control group


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