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McDonald’s realizes people have big questions about the quality and origins of their food. So as a company that serves millions of South Africans , we are now promising straightforward answers told through the stories of our extended family. Join us on a journey of our food from farm to fork.

Welcome to the McDonald’s community. As a part of our digital transformation, we have invested in technology and digital innovations to move from mass marketing to mass personalization. The McD’s App is a new way to experience McDonald’s and commits to creating more feel good moments for our loyal customers.

The experience of the future is here and we are lovin it.

As part of deepening our commitment to families, we are launched the Happy Meal Readers Program to instill a lifelong passion for reading in children and further inspire fun moments of family bonding.

We believe our scale and ability to provide fun, easy moments for children and families puts us in a unique position to help spread the joy of reading to millions of families, creating truly together moments by making reading fun.

Using the digital and its power to amplify, we launched the Happy Meal Readers program using a dynamic multimedia strategy.

La campaña cuenta con más de 100 kioscos digitales los cuales proyectan diferentes looks de acuerdo a la hora del día.


360 Energy Drink is a brand owned by the Peruvian company Industrias San Miguel (ISM). The company produces non-alcoholic beverages with the mission to satisfy consumers around the world with innovative beverages. With the purpose of reaching an audience of thrill-seekers and adrenaline lovers, who enjoy challenges and competition, 360 Energy Drink decided to work with Flame Ads, sponsoring a contest inside Trivia Crack, Etermax’s #1 worldwide hit game. Strategic moves such as these reflect ISM’s trendsetting ethos.


2sms is a solutions provider offering time-sensitive Application-to-Person (A2P) mobile messaging services. Addressing employees, customers and any other audience of choice, its global capabilities facilitate multiple delivery methods via all major mobile networks.

Bottle Rocket's Coca-Cola Freestyle Case Study
Why did we get 
a call?
Coca-Cola had a problem. Their slick new touch-enabled soda fountain, the Freestyle dispenser, could produce literally millions of Coke product combinations. But lines were getting long as people learned how to use Freestyle and played with new combinations.
The answer: a mobile app that consumers could use to create personal mixes beforehand, then share with the Freestyle machine and friends. Problem solved. Well, not exactly. The first version of the app failed to launch. Enter Bottle Rocket.


Bose was launching a revolutionary new technology: in-ear noise cancelling earphones. Priced at over USD 300, this was a premium product aimed at affluent audiophiles and frequent air travellers.The objective was to drive awareness in this audience in the most personal way - Mobile.


Near built a customised mobile audience for Bose targeting Affluent & Travellers, who were:

• Present within a 500 meter radius of all airports in India • Visiting 5 star hotels in the vicinity of airports