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SMS Changes Voters’ Behaviors and Attitudes


Company: Limbo
·          Drive awareness of candidates’ 2008 primary campaigns
·          Change voting intentions
·          Drive traffic to WAP sites
In January 2008, Limbo ran SMS advertising campaigns for leading Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, delivering over one million SMS impressions across the two campaigns
The results suggest that SMS advertising provides a powerful tool for candidates to change consumer attitudes and voting behavior. The campaigns achieved 53 percent awareness, in line with other SMS programs, but higher than might be expected from traditional forms of media. The overall impact was considerable with 28 percent altering their voting intentions.
·          Change in voting intention: Six percent )6%) of those surveyed after the campaigns said that the advertising had changed their voting intentions significantly. This was highest for men at seven percent )7%), those aged 35+ at seven percent )7%), and for African Americans at nine percent )9%). An additional 22 percent )22%) said their intentions had been changed a little. 
·          Change in perception of the candidate: Fourteen percent )14%) said that their perceptions of the candidate was now more positive than before seeing the campaign, with only four percent )4%) saying it was now more negative, a net 10 percent )10%) increase in positive perception. Barack Obama saw the biggest uplift, with a net gain of 16 percent )16%).
As well as changing impressions of the candidates, the campaigns also functioned to drive greater interaction with the candidate across other paid and non-paid media:
·          Thirty-seven percent )37%) paid more attention to news coverage about the candidate
·          Twelve percent )12%) became more aware of other marketing for the candidate
·          Seven percent )7%) visited the candidate’s website with a further 24 percent )24%) intending to do so in the future
·          Five percent )5%) visited the candidate’s mobile Internet site with a further nine percent )9%) intending to do so in the future
As SMS is a very direct medium, Limbo also asked recipients of the campaign how happy they were to see the candidates advertised through the Limbo service. Fifty-six percent )56%) of people said they were happy, and only 13 percent )13%) said they would have preferred not to see SMS advertising from political candidates. Men were more comfortable than women to receive the campaigns, and the 25-34 year age bracket was most happy.
Bobbies on the beep
Company: BLIP Systems, an agency called England
Brand: Barnet Metropolitan Police
Barnet Police in the UK has launched a service aiming at providing public reassurance and informing them to be more vigilant, when crime is on the uptake. An intelligent system, which means that people can immediately interact & respond to police appeals, where the police can direct the communication even in different languages to the local communities.
An agency called england is an interactive agency known for their fantastic creative concepts and award-winning campaigns. They have created gogo, which is designed to communicate with a target audience at a relevant time and place, delivering the information to mobile phones using Bluetooth. Once downloaded, it will stay on the phone until deleted. Barnet Metropolitan Police approached an agency called england through BLIP Systems as they were interested in using Bluetooth technology to help tackle crime in the local community and to increase public awareness of what the police force are trying to achieve.
The system is to deliver community safety messages. When required, gogo can also be used to seek responses from the community, particularly if the police need to react to an event or emergency, such as witness appeals.
Chief Inspector Lucy D’Orsi said “This is another example of Barnet Police embracing modern technology to serve the local community providing important information to those who require it when they require it. The mobile capability of this equipment means that it has numerous uses across Barnet Borough, from providing crime prevention advice in a busy high street to providing up to date information at a serious incident”.
Barnet Metropolitan Police, which is the first police force to use the gogo system to communicate with members of the local community, are currently operating two 3G pods.  One 3G pod will be based permanently in Golders Green Police Station, while the second, a 3G in-car pod, which will be used to circulate information at times and places relevant to the requirements of the local police from Patrol cars.

The purpose of the units is to push out a variety of messages public safety and awareness information via Bluetooth. For the purposes of the initial trial, gogo pushes out a series of files including a video file and several animated files that each displayed safety messages and alerts.

Posters have also been created by the gogo team, telling passersby to activate their Bluetooth devices to receive public safety information.
The Met were running an operation for stop and search in the build up to Christmas and the results from that specific operation was total detections reached 1700 handsets and just short of 400 handsets interacted with the campaign. Of the handsets that interacted 47% of them downloaded content successfully. The campaign is ongoing.
BlipZones Partner: an agency called england,


Integrating Mobile Channel into Marketing Campaigns
HipCricket is a mobile marketing company that helps broadcast stations add measurable, real-time interactivity into their programs via mobile marketing. HipCricket also works with brands and agencies to enable consumers to respond immediately via text message to promotions printed on product labels, in advertisements and through other calls to action. Because the HipCricket system was built using advanced mobile technology developed in the more mobile-savvy regions of Europe and Asia-Pacific, the company needed a partner to help them leverage these capabilities the U.S.
  • Target potential customers in the U.S. with MMS and other advanced mobile technologies
  • Expand connectivity to wireless service providers to ensure system compatibility for premium and advanced messaging services
  • Improve technical capabilities to handle promotion surges and robust marketing campaigns
  • Expedite marketing campaign approval and program launch process
  • Use OpenMarket mobile commerce solution for direct connectivity to mobile operators
  • Deliver advance mobile marketing campaigns to broadcast stations nationwide
  • Promote campaigns that facilitate consumer interaction, increase listenership, brand loyalty, and create new revenue streams
  • Use marketing methods that increase campaign redemption and response rates while introducing ongoing opted-in one-to-one communication opportunities between the brand and consumer.
  • Implemented over 16,000 successful turnkey campaigns with radio and TV stations and brands worldwide
  • Helped drive revenue and increase listenership, viewership and loyalty by tapping into the behaviors and interests of more than 136 million Americans
  • Registered over 200 short codes with OpenMarket and received industry recognition for having the fastest growth in short code-enabled mobile marketing campaigns

Interactive Game Marketing Campaigns

For consumers, Limbo offers interactive games and services via SMS, mobile Internet and the web. For advertisers, Limbo leverages its patent-pending platform—including SMS, mobile web, mobile video, web and e-mail—to seamlessly integrate brands through unique games, content and community. To support its rapidly growing and popular mobile marketing application, Limbo needed a reliable, service-oriented mobile commerce provider that could scale with its increasing traffic.
  • To be synonymous with mobile fun—while giving leading brands and media companies an outlet for product exposure to an engaged audience
  • Generate an increasing volume of text messages from members per month
  • Improve throughput performance to ensure immediate delivery of gameplay responses to consumers
  • Streamline the program application process and simplify compliance with operator policies 
  • Use OpenMarket mobile commerce solution for increased scalability, reliability and throughput
  • Maximize mobile subscriber reach via direct carrier connections
  • Automate operations to help manage carrier requirements and expedite program launch
  • Access online reports to monitor traffic volumes on a daily basis 
  • Increased traffic to over 7 million SMS messages per month
  • Increased throughput from 15 to 50 text messages per second
  • Leveraged carrier connection accessibility to potentially reach over 98% of U.S. mobile subscribers



Brand: SUBWAY® Restaurants

Company: Modiv Media

Background: The SUBWAY® restaurant chain includes more than 28,300 locations in 86 countries and is the second largest fast-food chain in the world, surpassing McDonald’s® number of locations throughout the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

The SUBWAY® brand is ranked as the number one franchise opportunity in Entrepreneur magazine’s 2007 “Annual Franchise 500” listing; the 15th time in 20 years that the chain has achieved this honor. 

Based in Milford, Connecticut, and with regional offices in Amsterdam, Beirut, Brisbane, Miami, and Singapore, the SUBWAY® restaurant chain was co-founded in 1965.
SUBWAY® Buffalo faced several recurring challenges: seasonal clientele, limited advertising dollars and a need to connect with a tech-savvy, young customer base.
They set several high-level goals to combat these challenges and ultimately gain a better understanding of its customers’ buying preferences so as to increase lunchtime traffic and sales:
  • Orchestrate a variety of marketing messages to on-the-go customers
  • Influence their customers’ purchasing behavior at their “moment of decision” —at specific times of the day
  • Offer mobile coupons to drive customers to locations and eliminate the need for manual coupon clipping
  • Employ an additional marketing channel method via mobile phone with customers
  • Develop customer loyalty by developing highly personal one-to-one customer communications
Solution:After considerable research, SUBWAY® Buffalo selected Modiv Media, a leader in retail interactive media delivery solutions, to launch an interactive mobile campaign called “My SUBWAY Mobile.” A partnership by the SUBWAY® Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust and Modiv Media, 12 restaurant locations in the Buffalo, NY area served as a testing ground for the program, which included a series of text-message offers that were valid for a limited time. The campaign, currently in place at more than 100 locations, uses the Modiv Mobile service to deliver targeted and relevant alerts, coupons, and promotions to customers’ mobile phones.
The My SUBWAY Mobile campaign has been a monumental success. Developed based on their firsthand knowledge of their local clientele and a database of precise accurate customer information, SUBWAY® Buffalo is now able to send relevant and targeted offers to its customers at the “moment of decision” with where to eat and when – directly influencing buying behaviors while building strong one-to-one relationships and customer loyalty.
In June 2006, a dozen SUBWAY® franchises deployed the Modiv Mobile solution to target 1,600 customers. After a year’s time, the program has been expanded to more than 100 restaurants, offering a dozen promotional offers to over 4,500 customers.
The success in Buffalo is encouraging SUBWAY® franchises in other areas to implement the mobile promotion. Recently, more than 300 SUBWAY® stores in the Seattle-Tacoma area began offering My SUBWAY Mobile to their customers.
  • A startling 50% coupon redemption rate on the first mobile offer with the 12 test stores — as compared to the typical 1%-2% response rates from traditional paper-based coupons
  • 8.6% average coupon redemption rate to the mobile offers
  • 150 mobile-phone opt-ins per week
  • Less than a 1% opt-out rate since the program’s inception
With 240 million U.S. phone subscribers and 150 million Americans using SMS, SUBWAY® is able to reach shoppers at any time of the day to influence their decision-making – ensuring people will opt for a BMT instead of a Big Mac.
About Modiv Media 
For brand marketers and retailers looking to influence consumers’ shopping habits and buying decisions, Modiv Media orchestrates relevant retail messages and improved shopping experiences at exactly the right moment in exactly the right place. Modiv Media’s multi-touch platform delivers consumer-convenient media through in-store self-service solutions and on-the-go shoppers’ mobile phones. Unlike other retail media companies, Modiv Media removes the complexity out of providing the right offers and ads, delivery timing and self-service solutions when consumers are at their “moment of decision” with what, where and when to buy.
With Modiv Media’s multi-touch platform, consumers benefit by saving time and money with self-service options and instant product information, specials and rewards, while retailers can boost operational efficiencies, loyalty and sales. Retail leaders such as Stop & Shop, Giant Eagle, Ukrop’s and SUBWAY rely on Modiv Media for measurable ROI gains.
Modiv Media has received several accolades: 1st place at the Wireless Emerging Technologies Award at CTIA WIRELESS 2006; Gold Star Award in Mobile Marketing/CRM Category at MobileVillage’s 2006 Mobile Star Awards; GEM Award for Best Systems and Programs; Innovation Award from the Global Mobile Marketing Association; and the 2005 Global Retail Technology Award for Best In-Store Innovation.
Modiv Media Inc. is privately held and based in the Boston area. To learn more, please visit



g8wave, AT&T and Fleishman-Hillard, )g8wave)

Brand: AT&T

Company: g8wave

Objective:  Leading up to the launch of the revolutionary iPhone, AT&T was looking for creative ways to engage and inform their entire U.S workforce.  They wanted to not only get their people excited about the device but create iPhone evangelists that would go out and spread the word.


As the focus of the campaign was a mobile device, it stood to reason that a mobile messaging solution would fit the campaign.  The challenge AT&T had however was reaching those on their workforce that for any number of reasons did not have mobile devices on the AT&T network.

AT&T partnered with g8wave and Fleishman-Hillard to solve this problem.

An email was created that was distributed to AT&T’s entire workforce leveraging g8wave’s cross-carrier messaging platform.  AT&T employees regardless of their carrier affiliation were able to enter their mobile number sign up and receive SMS messages leading up to the launch of the phone.

The messages were sent twice weekly and were designed to highlight the features available on the iPhone. 

The messages created a ”did you know” style word of mouth campaign with AT&T employees telling friends and family about the fun, useful features of the device.


Nearly 7,000 employees opted in to the alerts through June and July, they received up to two informational messages each week.

About g8wave:
g8wave, Inc. is a leading integrated mobile media company and a global provider of interactive entertainment, social networking/community services and mobile marketing services. g8wave has been delivering mobile solutions for major entertainment, lifestyle and CPG brands for nearly ten years.  From mobile content distribution services, to mobile marketing applications and consulting, to mobile community development services.  For more information about g8wave, Inc., visit

KampagnenExpost – Nokia 5300 Voicecall 2006 (Dimoco) <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



Club Nokia members were asked to participate in the 5300 phonetester via Push SMS.

Step 1

For participation they had to answer with the keyword MUSIC and if they did so – they immediately received the voicecall!

Within this voicecall they heard a familiar song title (Warner Music) and a woman speaker – who spoke the same lines as in the tv ad – explaining how to participate.

Step 2

Immediately after the Voicecall the CN members received a SMS and were asked to poste their emotions and associations via SMS to get a Nokia phonetester!


The user stories/associations could be read in the web and after a certain period the best stories have been evaluated and 3 of them became a Nokia-5300-Phonetester!  They were informed via SMS and phonecall!



Target Group:

a.       16-25

b.       Plus Affinity to Music

c.       Plus music phone: N70, 6230, 6230i, 6680, 6233, 6270, 6280, 3230, 3250, N73, 6233, 6270

 SMS Push to Club Nokia Members

            AT: 32.008

            Ch: 22.054

 Response MUSIC/Voicecall/Info SMS:

            AT: 1.885          5,9%

            CH: 1.522          6,9%

 Posting Web:

            AT: 710             37,0%

            CH: 255             16,8%


DIMOCO – Direct Mobile Communications GmbH

Campus 21 Businesspark Wien Süd,

Liebermannstraße A01/405, A-2345 Brunn/Gebirge

Tel. +43 1 86670 214 50

Fax +43 1 86670 214 51

Mail [email protected]





Campaign – Friendly’s iScream Give Us a Shout campaign<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



Cellit Mobile Marketing – a premiere mobile marketing custom solutions provider ( is working with Valassis, an ad and promotions agency, to promote Friendly’s, a franchisor of ice cream shops.


The mobile campaign serves 5 key goals for Valassis and Friendly’s:


1)      Increase awareness of Friendly’s among younger consumers.


2)      Transform the Friendly’s name from a traditional, family brand, into a more modern and hip brand.


3)      Create a fun and compelling activity for consumers.


4)      Spread the Friendly’s name through a viral campaign, incorporating consumer-generated content.


5)      Appeal to younger generation’s adoption of cell phones with photo and video capabilities.



Using Cellit Mobile Marketing technology, Valassis has launched a text-to-win video campaign on behalf of Friendly’s. Through in-store, radio and television advertisements, consumers are encouraged to “show how much you love Friendly’s, ice cream or life itself” by sending in pictures or videos displaying their affections. The technology savvy youth are further targeted by automatically entering every respondent into weekly and grand-prize drawings for products such as computers and digital cameras. All of the responses can be viewed on the campaign’s website (, along with contest prizes, winners and rules.



The response to the iScream Give Us a Shout campaign has been phenomenal so far. Thousands of entries were sent in via cell phones and computers during the first two weeks alone of the campaign.


About Cellit, LLC 

Cellit, LLC ( Cellit develops innovative and cost-effective self-service solutions for mobile marketing, as well as custom mobile solutions for some of the world’s largest brands.  With clients including Hearst Corporation, HSBC, and Coors Brewing, Cellit has a reputation for delivering groundbreaking custom mobile applications in record time.  Cellit’s self-service products are applications that allow smaller companies to easily manage their own mobile campaigns from start to finish. Cellit is headquartered in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Chicago. Learn more at or by calling 800-790-6597.


About Friendly’s

Friendly Ice Cream Corporation is a vertically integrated restaurant company serving signature sandwiches, entrees and ice cream desserts in a friendly, family environment in 510 company and franchised restaurants throughout the Northeast. The Company also manufactures ice cream, which is distributed through more than 4,000 supermarkets and other retail locations. With a 71-year operating history, Friendly's enjoys strong brand recognition and is currently remodeling its restaurants and introducing new products to grow its customer base. Additional information on Friendly Ice Cream Corporation can be found on the Company's website (


About Valassis

Valassis is the leading supplier of co-branded direct mail targeted with frequent shopper data, with direct access to frequent shopper data for nearly 50 million households across several leading retailers. Valassis offers a wide range of marketing services to consumer packaged goods manufacturers, retailers, technology companies and other customers with operations in the United States, Europe, Mexico and Canada.

Raising <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Mobile Content Sales by 20% - Introducing Payforit

Ericsson IPX is a division of Ericsson which provides a range of payment and messaging solutions to mobile content suppliers. In the mobile content world to date the vast majority of sales have taken place via the operator’s branded portals, which offer users a simple ‘click-to-buy’ experience with the cost being charged to their mobile phone bills. There has been an explosive growth in the availability of content ‘off-portal’ on independent WAP sites on the mobile internet. However these sites have not been able to offer the same simple buying experience and as a result sales growth has not be as large as hoped. Ericsson IPX was looking to provide a billing solution which offered off-portal content sales the same simple user experience as the operator portals.

In June 2006 Ericsson IPX announced that it was delivering WAP billing solutions to its customers in the UK, so allowing a simple click-to-buy purchase experience for end users. Subsequently IPX have built on this functionality by implementing Payforit - a mobile payment scheme being promoted to provide a safe and trustworthy environment for consumers buying mobile content. It benefits from cross-operator support and comprises a “Trusted Mobile Payment Framework” governing how merchants, accredited payment intermediaries and operators co-operate to make mobile payments a secure and seamless process.

IPX has already deployed Payforit across some 11 content partners, including Red Circle, Samsung, Gamefederation and Sony Ericsson, who are delivering in excess of 130 services. The initial results have been extremely positive for Ericsson IPX’s customers with mobile content partners seeing an increase in sales of up to 20% and at least 5% for one off payments when compared with like-for-like sales by the same vendors using unbranded systems.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> 


Entry title
Royal Air Force recruitment campaign using SMS and the mobile internet

Section / Category
Public Sector / Recruitment / General

Campaign background and objectives
Life in the Royal Air Force is about more than just flying. The aim of this campaign was to highlight the fact that the RAF offers more than 60 different career options, including roles for gunners, search and rescue, medics and engineers.

Targeting 16-24 year olds, male and female, the campaign encouraged applications for these positions and offered potential recruits easy and instantaneous access to job specifications via the mobile internet. RAF research shows that potential recruits are tech savvy and use multiple functions on their mobile phones, so adding mobile to the recruitment campaign met the campaign brief. In addition recruits could text their email address (i.e. send via SMS) for details to be sent by email; the idea being to use mobile marketing to drive traffic to the website (as well as mobile internet site.)

A text call-to-action was added to the heavy weight TV campaign which ran on over 60 channels for eight weeks, as well as in a number of lifestyle magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Company.

The 30 second TV spots ended with a text call to action (text RAF1 or RAF2 to 62233).  Potential recruits who participated received an SMS response asking them to reply with the role of interest (eg ‘gunner’, ‘medic’) their name and email address. A second message was then sent with an embedded WAP push to the mobile internet (WAP) site which includes short job descriptions. The site, which uses live feeds from the RAF’s new fully interactive ‘Rise to the Challenge’ website ( informs potential recruits about the variety of careers in the RAF, along with salary details and necessary qualifications. Applicants can also request a job application form by email.

The new fully interactive website features blogs, videos, podcasts, interactive aptitude tests and fitness guides plus an improved job search facility and helps to prepare applicants for service life. 

An e-bulletin with further information is then sent to the email address supplied driving traffic to the website. 

In just over two months approximately 1,400 users requested details from the RAF. Since the RAF is looking to recruit only a few hundred people, e.g. 400 Gunners, these figures – which were high quality leads – should be assessed in that context. In fact the mobile element of the RAF recruitment campaign delivered 10% of the total leads for a tiny fraction of the budget.

Initial responses to the TV ads resulted in 1,051 unique visitors to the mobile internet site and 1,258 sessions (calculated using the real-time reporting function on Incentivated’s ‘iris’ campaign management platform). 

Since the campaign objective was to target new recruits not sell a product it is difficult to calculate ROI. However in monetary terms the cost per lead for each recruit was only £7!

In terms of advertising, advertorials which ran in three monthly women’s lifestyle magazines, generated a third of total text requests.

The TV advertising, which ran on over 60 channels over eight weeks, generated the remaining two thirds which meant that the most effective media mix for this campaign was mobile and print.

About Incentivated
Incentivated works with global brands to help them communicate with customers instantly and easily via their mobile phones.

We develop and manage mobile marketing campaigns and services on local, national and international levels. (Patented) technology, developed by Incentivated, allows our clients to reach people in all corners of the world and in many languages, using text messaging and the mobile internet.

We believe the mobile phone is an intensely private medium. Respecting this principle, our campaigns provide information that consumers find useful and welcome.

Founded in 2001, Incentivated's fast growing client base includes British Airways, Hilton Group, Carphone Warehouse, OneTel, Scottish Power and Macmillan Cancer Support.

Mobile internet (WAP) site