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g8wave, AT&T and Fleishman-Hillard, (g8wave)

September 28, 2007

g8wave, AT&T and Fleishman-Hillard, )g8wave)

Brand: AT&T

Company: g8wave

Objective:  Leading up to the launch of the revolutionary iPhone, AT&T was looking for creative ways to engage and inform their entire U.S workforce.  They wanted to not only get their people excited about the device but create iPhone evangelists that would go out and spread the word.


As the focus of the campaign was a mobile device, it stood to reason that a mobile messaging solution would fit the campaign.  The challenge AT&T had however was reaching those on their workforce that for any number of reasons did not have mobile devices on the AT&T network.

AT&T partnered with g8wave and Fleishman-Hillard to solve this problem.

An email was created that was distributed to AT&T’s entire workforce leveraging g8wave’s cross-carrier messaging platform.  AT&T employees regardless of their carrier affiliation were able to enter their mobile number sign up and receive SMS messages leading up to the launch of the phone.

The messages were sent twice weekly and were designed to highlight the features available on the iPhone. 

The messages created a ”did you know” style word of mouth campaign with AT&T employees telling friends and family about the fun, useful features of the device.


Nearly 7,000 employees opted in to the alerts through June and July, they received up to two informational messages each week.

About g8wave:
g8wave, Inc. is a leading integrated mobile media company and a global provider of interactive entertainment, social networking/community services and mobile marketing services. g8wave has been delivering mobile solutions for major entertainment, lifestyle and CPG brands for nearly ten years.  From mobile content distribution services, to mobile marketing applications and consulting, to mobile community development services.  For more information about g8wave, Inc., visit www.g8wave.com