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A pilot on how to use customer data to personalize advertisements in the Norwegian market (Aspiro Mobile Marketing & Telenor)
If advertising is a must, please personalize! A pilot on how to use customer data to personalize advertisements in the Norwegian market
Domino’s )Mobile1Win)
Domino’s Pizza India Ltd., is the leader in the fast food delivery segment. Domino’s has maintained its position of market leadership with its constant product innovation and maintenance of stringent service standards.
Domino’s wanted a marketing initiative through a consumer-centric campaign. It was looking at a personal and targeted way of communication to create interactivity and a richer, more informative experience. What better than using the Mobile platform, which has a broad spectrum of demographics from teenagers to the middle aged in addition to interactive campaigns like contests which involve consumers.
Target Audience:
From teenagers to the middle aged!
Mobile2Win Solution:
In accordance with the above requirements, Mobile2Win conceptualized and launched a WAP based contest where all the players were assured guaranteed prizes, i.e. Discount coupons worth Rs. 100.
The contest boasted simple yet interesting questions and there were prizes even for 4 consecutive correct answers!
Consumers could claim their prize by entering their email id on the WAP page. Emails were sent to all winners daily.
The campaign also had a viral element attached; the users could refer their friends to the contest via SMS and earn more discount points!
Mobile2Win’s Role:
Mobile2win’s responsibility included conceptualization of the promotion, detailed flow & methodology of the promotion, developing copy and designing other promotional media to promote the campaign. We created a WAP gateway, database of participants and reports to analyze data and responses for the contest. This also included selecting and informing the winner.
The wireless mechanisms deployed was mobile web )WAP). The campaign was promoted as a cross-media marketing initiative and included links on Vodafone’s web portal and a text alert that was sent out to all registered participants. The mobile call to action was embedded in all the different media types.
The contest was deployed across Vodafone and Airtel. The idea of digital prizes worked extremely well and CRM costs were well within control. One of the most incredible results of the campaign is that the participation has been achieved with no other informational or media support.
A whopping 65000 discount coupons were given on the first six days of launch!
Over 30, 00,000 participations registered till date!
About Mobile2Win:
Mobile2Win is a leading mobile VAS company in India that provides - Contests & Interactivity, Music and Infotainment to mobile consumers through its proprietary Consumer Services Delivery Platform. Mobile2Win uses a multi-channel distribution strategy that includes wireless carriers, handset manufacturers and direct-to-consumer channels.
)Screenshots of Domino’s WAP Coupons on Vodafone WAP site. [Then Hutch])
Monetizing A Mobile Application )Gold Mobile)
Traveling far from home is an exciting way to expand your horizons and a sure bet to increase the odds you will need medical care while away. Read how software company HTH Worldwide, integrated mobile to generate a totally new revenue stream.
HTH Worldwide is a leading provider of healthcare services for travelers. Over the years, they’ve provided health insurance and healthcare information to those traveling, studying or living away from home. Global travelers, whether traveling for leisure, business or study, need to manage unexpected and chronic health conditions, common travel-related illnesses as well as security risks. HTH Worldwide provides health insurance plans and global medical assistance services for business and leisure travelers as well as students abroad.
Because of the convergence of two major trends, HTH needed a worldwide mobile platform to extend its healthcare solution to its customer base. First, the number of Americans traveling overseas is higher than ever – 64 million in 2007. Second, web-enabled mobile phones have become ubiquitous around the world. Most people have one in their pocket, purse or backpack
In the past, HTH had provided this information to their customers through an online portal. Because a major portion of their customers are mobile, HTH worldwide needed to extend information access to their customers while they were mobile, as well as provide enhanced and translated medical information services when they traveled abroad.
Besides the HTH Worldwide searchable physician database, HTH also wanted to offer many similar features to their online solution and other helpful medical tools for travelers abroad including:
  • Searchable Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies - profiles for over 3,400 notable facilities around the world. Many are contracted directly with HTH including Emergency Room Hospitals, Urgent Care )Walk-In) clinics and notable local pharmacies )over 500 selected pharmacies in 126 countries).
  • Personalized Health and Security Alerts - published daily via SMS/Text messaging and email. The alerts highlight breaking news about risks that arise along the traveler’s personal itinerary.
  • Group Text/SMS Messaging “txt5SM“- a custom application developed for mPassport allows subscribers to keep up to five friends and family members informed of their travels via text messaging or email.  The subscribers save time and money by sending five messages for the price of one. All 5 subscribers receive the same group emails.
  • Medication Translation - covers over 400 brand-name drugs in the 24 most-visited countries and yields the country-specific brand names under which common prescription and over-the-counter medications are sold.
  • Medical Term/Condition Translation - captures idiomatic healthcare terms )"hay fever," "CAT scan") and critical healthcare phrases )"When can I travel?") in ten languages.
  • City Health Profiles - convey critical information about healthcare services in hundreds of the world's most popular destinations: emergency numbers – local emergency numbers for ambulance, police and fire, emergency and urgent care options, vaccination requirements, local pharmacy practices and more.
  • Security Profiles - contain up-to-date accounts of security risks for hundreds of frequently visited destinations outside the U.S. Topics include:  terrorism, kidnapping, crime, political stability, reliability of local police and transportation, preferred lodging
  • Featured Columns - authored by physicians on healthy travel tips.
Using the Gold Mobile platform and its web services API, HTH Worldwide implemented a new suite of mobile tools so that their traveling customers now get the information they need, when they need it, right to their phone called mPassport.  
“All of the mPassport features were designed with the global traveler in mind,” said Andrew Orr, product manager for mPassport.  “For more than ten years, we’ve been developing technologies to help business people, vacationers and students manage their health far from home.  The Gold Mobile platform is high-performance, cutting-edge, and will accommodate our continually expanding database.  The ingredients we provide makes mPassport the mobile way to trusted medical care, health and happiness. It’s the first of its kind.”
mPassport can be purchased online at  Pricing is subscription-based, and costs $9.95 for 30 days, $15.95 for 60 days, and $49.95 for a year.


Dolce & Gabbana takes high fashion mobile on the Nokia Media Network )Nokia)
Client: Dolce & Gabbana, Italy
Sector: Fashion
Challenge: Raise awareness of the D&G Dolce & Gabbana brand and its catalogue
Solution: Mobile advertising, including a viral mechanic, on the Nokia Media Network
Results: Average click-through rate of 10 percent
The client – Dolce & Gabbana
Dolce & Gabbana is one of today’s leading international luxury goods groups, designing, producing and distributing high-end clothing, leather goods, footwear and accessories under the Dolce & Gabbana and D&G Dolce & Gabbana brands. The two founders, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, are the creative, stylistic sources and the originators of a growth strategy based on balanced development and focus on the core business. The brand also produces and distributes fragrances and eyewear for the Dolce & Gabbana and D&G Dolce & Gabbana brands and timepieces and jewels for the D&G Dolce & Gabbana brand.
The challenge – Raise awareness of the D&G Dolce & Gabbana brand and its catalogue D&G Dolce & Gabbana turned to the medium that connects with its target market in everyday life – the mobile handset – to increase brand awareness with a viral campaign during the Men’s Fashion Show in Italy.
The solution Mobile advertising, including a viral mechanic, on the Nokia Media Network As part of the campaign, Dolce & Gabbana developed a game called ‘’Dee&Gee.” The Nokia Interactive Advertising solutions team created banner ads that ran on the Nokia Media Network and led consumers to a D&G mobile website where they could download the game to their handset, view the D&G catalogue and download D&G branded wallpaper.
The results – Average click-through rate of 10 percent Leading luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana proved that there is high value for a top fashion brand in new media by running a mobile advertising program on the Nokia Media Network. One of the first mobile advertising case studies for a high fashion brand, the mobile campaign demonstrated that even brands that have relied upon traditional forms of media are benefiting from the targeting and high response rates mobile offers.
Stefano Gabbana, Designer D&G Dolce & Gabbana
“D&G Dolce & Gabbana represents a lifestyle, a brand that speaks the language of youth and enjoys experimenting with materials and forms in complete freedom. D&G lives in a metropolitan world without geographic borders. So mobile was a perfect fit to target who are loyal to our brand, as well as those who may be new to the brand.”
About Nokia Interactive Advertising
Nokia Interactive Advertising provides brands with all that they need to connect with and engage the mobile consumer. It includes:
  • The Nokia Media Network, which gives reach to millions of mobile consumers through campaigns on blue-chip mobile publishers, operator partners and Nokia services.
  • Nokia Interactive Solutions, which create end-to-end, high performance mobile campaigns for brands using banner ads, mobile internet sites and location finders, mobile coupons, click-to-call and other advanced mobile mechanics.
To see mobile advertising in action, please visit on any mobile device.


Ciba Vision )Electric Agency)
Brand: Ciba Vision
Agency: Electric Agency / Turkey
Duration: 20.05.2008 – 01.08.2008
·          A youth campaign to increase the sales of Ciba Vision products and to create a brand loyalty through practical and technological applications.
·          To form a technological infrastructure to direct the young sector to the brand sales points instead of traditional checks or coupons.
SOLUTION: The consumers who notified their name, surname and town via SMS immediately received a message on their mobile phone with details of the nearest Ciba Vision sales point address, followed by a mobile barcode. These mobile barcodes worked as digital coupons which could be read by a special barcode scanner at the points of purchase in each store, giving the participant the chance to instantly win Turkcell airtime credits.
Used Mobile Tools: Mobile barcode infrastructure, SMS.
RESULT: This has become the largest mobile barcode campaign ever, covering 68 sales points throughout the country. To match the young people’s habits in the digital age, the brand’s sales strategy was taken to the digital arena, through the use of mobile barcodes instead of standard ones. The campaign had two separate angles. Firstly, the dealers enjoyed this new style of campaign, as well as the increased sales. Secondly, the consumers were delighted to receive the instant reward of Turkcell airtime credits. The campaign proved a great success, with a ‘win-win’ strategy between brand, dealers and consumers.


Carte d’Or )Electric Agency)
Brand: Carte d’Or / ‘Difference of the real moments’
Agency: Electric Agency / Turkey
Duration: 10.7.2008 – 31.08.2008
GOAL: The aim of Carte d’Or is to make people live their moments like the good taste of ice-cream. The web site of Carte d’Or which is has many different contents for the consumer offering delicious recipes, DVDs, books and films. It also has comments on places to visit, joyful games for children. To increase the traffic to the site, a new module was needed which is integrating both the mobile and web.
SOLUTION: The web site emphasizes on the good moments with Carte d’Or which is something different than the other moments. The slogan ‘Difference of the real moments’ could explain the content of the module. In the module, the consumers can take photos of their precious moments )that are real, and never gonna be lived again) with their mobile phones  and can MMS the photos to Turkcell 2636. Also, the consumers have a chance to upload photos from their computers to the site.
The photos sent by the consumers are voted on the web. The one with the highest has a chance to win a holiday for two. The other participants also have the chance to get small gifts.
Used Mobile Tool: MMS, SMS.
RESULT: The campaign still continues and the participant number has reached more than a thousand. The integration of mobile to web has increased the traffic and reached its target.



March the 1st – April the 6th, 2008.

Mobext - HAVAS Group

Generalitat Valenciana

Generalitat Valenciana is the Government Organism responsible for the promotion of the Region of Valencia, Alicante and Castellón.

  • Communicate the Volvo Ocean Race Competition. Alicante is the starting Port of the X Edition of the Volvo Ocean Race, the most extreme Sailing World Trip.
  • Promote the city of Alicante as an international destination.
  • Involve the inhabitants in the competition.
The campaign consisted of a huge dome set at the port of Alicante, in which there were several panels explaining the competition, the route, the Ports, the Village of Alicante, etc.
A multimedia Bluetooth point was installed over one of the main panels at the entrance of the dome, so that visitors could interact with their mobile phones.
Program Overview:
Visitors who activated the Bluetooth of their mobile phones, received an SMS with a link for the download of a JAVA Application.
The Application consisted on 4 stages with information about: Alicante, the route and the Ports of the X Volvo Ocean Race, Curiosities and VIP Contest.
People who downloaded the application could participate in the contest by sending the key-word “ALICANTE” to a short number. The prize was 3 double VIP-Entry to the competition.
More than 8.600 mobile users were invited to download the content.
22% of them answered the invitation.
69.5% of the people who saw the invitation, downloaded the application.
> 1.500 people participated in the contest.


Turkcell IsTcell-Shell Co-Branded Campaign “IsTShell” )Turkcell)
Challenge / Objective:
IsTcell is Turkcell’s mobile club for business professionals & business’s that aims to increase loyalty as part of a retention program.   IsTcell mobile club creates a world of offers and incentive to its members.  These incentives are split in to two kinds – mobile related offers and co-branded offers.
The objective was to find an appropriate co-branded offer that would appeal to business professionals and business’s to increase both individual and corporate customer satisfaction and thus increasing loyalty.
Target Audience:
  • Members of the IsTcell club that is geared towards business professionals and businesses.
  • Current and potential customers of Shell
Campaign Dates:
10.12.2007 - 10.09.2008
Most companies and their working professionals have needs in terms of transportation which means that fuel is a basic necessity for the target audience.  Turkcell came together with the world-wide brand Shell in a co-branded mobile campaign.  For every purchase of fuel from Shell both parties created an offer unique to its sector, a %5 discount on fuel )Shell) and free airtime or minutes from Turkcell. 
Turkcell IsTcell members opted-in to the IsteShell campaign via sms.  After that for every purchase they received points that could be collected as a discount on fuel or free airtime/minutes from Turkcell.  The members that opted-in to the campaign received an sms as to how many points they had after every purchase and they could also query this information via sms. 
360 degree marketing communication is employed:  conventional media channels such as TV, radio, outdoor; pop materials and digital media channels - internet and mobile are used to advertise the campaign.  In terms of mobile channels targeted sms and mms are effectively used to obtain potential customers.
  • Very high customer satisfaction index is obtained: ~ 90%.
  • 266.000 active distinct users, that is above the initial target, obtained $5,83 mio free benefits via the points ) fuel discounts, free airtime or minutes ).
*Results mentioned above are for the period covering 10.12.2007 - 15.06.2008
Rhythm NewMedia and Toshiba Portégé R500 Mobile Video Ad Case study
Starting in January 2008, Toshiba launched a mobile video ad campaign around the launch of their extremely light notebook PC, the Portégé R500. This campaign was in conjunction with an overall brand campaign to reignite awareness of the Toshiba brand and also reinforce Toshiba’s reputation as an innovative leader within the industry. The goal of the campaign was promote the new R500 as the world’s lightest laptop with superb technology and functionality. 
Toshiba partnered with Rhythm NewMedia to deliver highly targeted video ads only to potential male customers 25 and older. Rhythm provided precise targeting and concrete tracking and measuring unavailable to other mediums outside of mobile. The campaign used video ads on 3-UK and T-Mobile UK to reach the desired customers and worked very well, as there was an astonishing 79 percent message recall rate. On the 3 UK Free Stuff video content of the Planet 3 portal, potential Toshiba customers were able to enjoy quality content such as news, sports, entertainment and movies after watching a short ad. Similarly, on the T-Mobile web’n’walk application and t-zones application, potential customers viewed access to premium content from top content providers like ITN, Aardman, Fremantle, Hat Trick and Sony. These video ads were placed with Rhythm’s ad network using the media buying agency Rocket.
“Using Rhythm allowed us to communicate directly to our precise target audience, with optimum controlled frequency. We were delighted with the level of ad awareness achieved on this platform and equally impressed with the degree at which consumers identified the ad’s exact message; that the new  Protégé R500 is the world's lightest laptop," said Le’Nise Brothers, Interactive Account Director at Rocket. 

  • Target only men 25 and older, who are hard to reach exclusively
  • Increase awareness for the new notebook PC, the Portégé R500
  • Position the notebook PC as the “the lightest laptop we’ve ever made”
  • Strengthen customer ties to the Toshiba brand as the innovative leader
  • Use mobile video ads to connect with customers visually to grow their connection with Toshiba
  • Use Rhythm’s demographic information to add a targeted element to a broader campaign
  • Frequency manage ads to target audience
  • Provide consumers with the ability to watch a vast array of quality content ranging from, News, Sport, Entertainment and Movies on 3 UK due to ad funding
  • Delivered video ad impressions as planned to only males 25 and older
  • The following brand awareness metrics were measured using Rhythm’s unique in-line brand awareness research solution
  • 13% spontaneous awareness recall
  • 55% prompted awareness recall
  • 79% correctly identified the message “the lightest laptop we’ve ever made”
  • 47% felt more positive about Toshiba after seeing the add
Havanna Café )Tedexis)
Brand: Havanna Café.
Argentinean based packaged products and café Franchise in the Latin American Market

Location: Venezuela

Agency: Branding Solutions & Tedexis

Duration: 3 months

Goal: Launch a mobile marketing campaign to understand the consumption pattern of its costumers, and at the same time, build a segmented customer data base in order to improve the the offering of each product according to those market segments.

Solution: Tedexis implemented an interactive tool that provides feedback information about consumption by product and store location in real time, by having customers provide relevant data for free products and samples. The data is retrieved and analyzed by Tedexis Campaign Manager platform, and shows data in real time to store owners and franchise, providing all the information necessary to customize marketing campaigns for each segment, wich are also communicated to their mobile devices.

Result: Knowing customer consumption habits, Havanna has been able to develop and customize target specific marketing campaigns, improving the response ratio and allocating marketing budget more effectivelly.