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4INFO, Gannett & the USA TODAY Partnership

This case study highlights that process that joined an offline/online corporation (Gannett) with a relatively new mobile search company (4INFO).

The Trial Run – September 2005
USA Today promoted 4INFO’s shortcode (44636) on the front of the sports and weather pages, to let their readers get instant mobile access to sports scores, fantasy sports stats, and weather updates. This is one of the largest distributions, in print, for a shortcode, due to the paper's 5.2 million reader circulation.

The Partnership – January 2006
Based on the success of the trial, Gannett, the US's largest newspaper group with 99 daily newspapers and a combined daily circulation of 7.6 million, announced a minority investment and marketing deal with 4INFO in early 2006.

The deal included placement in relevant sections of the USA TODAY such as Sports, Weather and Finance, to name a few. These placements advertised the ability to get real-time information for the respective 4INFO search categories via the shortcode, 44636. The workings of the deal included distribution across many of Gannett’s newspaper and broadcast companies for the term of 3 years.

The Placement – February 2006
4INFO's placements in the USA TODAY began in February of this year. They included a presence on the front page of Sports and Weather (examples attached), combined with placement in several pages of the Money section.

The Conclusion
Using January 2006 as a base metric, 4INFO has seen amazing growth in the services that are being promoted by USA TODAY. To the industry, this begins to validate the growth and potential of the mobile search industry as a viable channel for distributing information. The combination of these two companies rounds out the means by which a person gets the information they need on a daily basis. The USA TODAY is the preeminent source of information about the world, while 4INFO is the vehicle for delivery of real-time information specific to an individual's world. The information macrocosm has melded with the individual’s microcosm.

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Casestudy – SMS Pig ALert

Boerderij, the Dutch independent weekly magazine for the agricultural sector and part of Reed Business Information, offers her readers actual agricultural market information, industry and products news.

Goals: <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

-          Add the mobile channel to complete distribution channels à print, online and mobile.

-          Offer readers real time access to important market information anywhere, anytime

-          Generate new revenue streams with existing content

-          Achieve rapid database enrichment with mobile phone numbers

Emexus developed several tailor made SMS information services based on the available online content. Firstly there is a twice weekly SMS alert for pig farmers with news about the current selling prices of pigs, including international pig quotations from Germany and France. Furthermore farmers can subscribe to milk quota or the selling prices for potatoes and onions. Once the markets day price is established, the farmers receive the data on their mobile phone, whether they are in their field or stables, at home or on the road.

Since the launch mid 2005 almost 30% of Boerderij’s reader base is subscribed to one or more SMS information services. With an end user price of €0,70 per received SMS and net revenue of around €0,35 per message, Reed Business Information generated a substantial new revenue stream beside their traditional revenues from advertisements and subscriptions fees. The success of the so called pig alert shows that SMS is a perfect medium to alert people during their work with personalized and up to date information. It also proves that SMS can be used to communicate with people from all ages and not just with youngsters.

The editors of the magazine have won an internal innovation price for the concept of the service and is now implementing new mobile content services. The trend of personalizing mobile phones has entered the agricultural sector. Emexus enables readers to download ringtones, logos and wallpapers all related to life on and around the farm.

About Emexus
Emexus is a global leader in the field of mobile services and specializes in Mobile Marketing, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Internet and Customized Solutions. All mobile services are delivered through MAX, an industry leading platform and our clients access point to 1.5 billion mobile end users. MAX enables companies to take maximum advantage of the latest mobile possibilities in an efficient and cost effective way. Emexus has offices in the Netherlands, the US and Malaysia and delivers mobile services to over 150 clients in 18 countries worldwide, including Philips, Vodafone, T-Mobile, ECI, Organon, PPGH JWT, <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Alex and Canal+.
For more information visit our website: 

Cingular Sounds Valentine’s Day GIFT RINGTONE

Cingular Wireless

: Telescope

To allow Cingular Wireless customers to give the gift of a ringtone to a friend or loved one for Valentine’s Day.

The Cingular Sounds Valentines Day Gift Ringtone promotion, powered by Telescope, allowed Cingular Wireless customers to send a Valentines Day Gift Ringtone to a friend or loved one.  This promotion, which launched on February 1st ran through to Valentines Day and featured 66 unique Ringtones across 3 different categories: “In Love”, “Get It On” and “Breakup”. 

Cingular Wireless subscribers could send a Valentines Day Ringtone by using a single keyword (LOVE01 to LOVE66) sent to the short code 69588 or by visiting the Cingular web-site.  The content from 4 major record labels was distributed through a collaboration of Telescope’s SMS platform, which utilizes both PSMS and non-premium SMS to guide the user through the gifting process and 9 Squared’s WAP download capabilities to deliver the ringtone.

Telescope’s SMS platform was responsible for monitoring each unique order, in addition to informing the sender and receiver of the status of the gift ringtone.  Seamless integration with 9 Squared’s download platform allowed Telescope to generate the premium billing event after the successful completion of a gift ringtone download. 


The Cingular Sounds Valentines Day Gift Ringtone promotion performed strongly.  Wireless users are demanding more options then just buying a Ringtones for themselves, and with Telescope’s Ringtone Gifting Solution, this viral application gives them a unique option.   <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />




Case Study:  Enpocket Powers Vodafone’s MMS Stimulation Campaign<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

Objectives of the campaign

Picture Messaging has the potential to drive big revenues for operators, but adoption of MMS at Vodafone had been slow.  Research indicated that the key barriers to overcome included:

-          Uncertainty of when/why to send an MMS

-          Unsure when/how a picture adds value to an SMS

-          Uncertainty around cost

-          Unsure whether friends/family could receive picture messages

Enpocket, Vodafone's lead consumer mobile marketing agency, was briefed to devise a campaign taking usage beyond ‘special occasions’ (where there was take-up), stimulating wider everyday use.

Focusing on lapsed and low users of the service (sending >1 MMS per month) the key objective was to communicate how/when sending an MMS is more rewarding, thus increasing the frequency of their MMS activity, and turning the target audience into regular MMS users sending <2 MMS per month.

Strategy behind the work

In research Enpocket observed that though users weren’t sending MMS, they enjoy receiving them, finding them more exciting to open than an SMS. Enpocket Mobile Media Monitor research in Nov 2004 also revealed that of all applications consumers are interested using their phones for (assuming price isn’t a barrier), ‘sharing pictures with friends/families’ was the most popular.



Enpocket surmised that presenting credible reasons of MMS usage, showing the simplicity of sending and reward of receiving, would stimulate wider usage.

Enpocket’s solution

Create a campaign on the theme:  ‘Reasons to send a picture message’ 
·          Using good, easy to emulate, identifiable reasons to send an MMS

·          With a repeatable proposition and campaign template

·          Presenting everyday situations where MMS adds value, communicating the frequency of occasions where MMS is relevant

·          Segmenting the audience by age/gender, targeting situations pertinent to each group

·          With a closing reaction shot highlighting the joy to which MMS are often received, as research had demonstrated

·          Maximizing experience by optimizing creative to the full screen size and animation potential of each phone

The results of the work

Following the first campaign, independent fieldwork conducted through ICM confirmed that roll out would be highly effective.

Telephone research – top line results

Initial reaction
• 64% of respondents remember receiving the messages

• 92% read the messages

• Messages had strong viral quality:

2% forwarded

13% showed to friends/family/colleagues

Recall of campaign/creative
Respondents ‘got’ the message

• 84% believed the way the messages were presented was clear and understandable

• The message stuck in the mind of respondents:

50% could spontaneously remember images used ‘toothbrush’ image most well remembered (see attached flash file including campaign creative)

• Majority of respondents liked that the message was teaching them to be smarter phone users

Impact on learning
• 1 in 3 believed they learned something from the messages

• Almost half were inspired to think of picture messages they could send

• 38% now more likely to send picture messages

• 17% have already increased usage

• 42% positive impact on brand perception

The campaign is now being deployed by Vodafone UK and by Vodafone Global to Ireland, The Netherlands and Australia and is part of the Vodafone welcome program.

Direct impact on picture messaging revenues

This rolling program has provided new learnings month to month, informing progression in creative and evolving  into ‘Reasons to send a video message’ campaigns for 3G customers.

Vodafone analysis of the campaign shows that it was very successful at stimulating picture messaging. Results show 10.2% sent at least one MMS in the two weeks post campaign (2.1% above control). 3,900 incremental MMS messages were sent above the control by 1,300 unique individuals, each responder sending a minimum of three MMS messages.

Samples of the campaign creative can be viewed at:




Event/Company: International Technology Forum (ITF) hosted by Teksia, October 20-21, 2005,
Mobile Solutions Powered by iLoop <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Mobile

Campaigns: Mobile Text Messaging Quiz Campaigns for the International Technology Forum

Product: Mobile Dimension Manager

Goals:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

-          To promote the conference, increase attendance, and create a buzz

-          To provide an interactive and fun experience for the attendees at the conference

-          To use showcase mobile technology at the International Technology Forum

iLoop Mobile, Inc., the leading mobile application service provider created two mobile campaigns for the International Technology Forum. The first mobile campaign was a pre-conference mobile quiz promotion to increase conference attendance. The winners of the mobile quiz received a free pass to the forum, worth $895.00. The second mobile campaign iLoop Mobile created and managed was a live mobile quiz that ran during the 2-day conference. After each of the 10 panels, the moderator read a question, the attendees text messaged in answers. The winners received a free annual ITF individual membership worth $250.00 or 50% off of the corporate membership worth $1,500.00.

Cyrus Akbarpour, CIO and Co-Founder of Teksia said, “iLoop Mobile’s templated WEB interface that is used to manage the mobile service was very user friendly and provided real time results. iLoop’s mobile applications made the conference fun and interactive for all attendees.”

Ron Vaseghi, an attendee at ITF commented, “The mobile quiz at the end of each panel added an interactive element to somewhat dry material that was being presented.”

This initiative is an excellent example of showing how iLoop Mobile’s Mobile Dimension Manager can increase conference attendance and create a fun and interactive experience for all attendees. This mobile application can be easily duplicated for any tradeshow, conference, or event. These mobile campaigns were cost effective and easy to implement.


iLoop Mobile successfully ran two mobile campaigns for the International Technology Forum. There were 250 registered attendees at ITF. 10% of attendees participated in the pre-conference text messaging quiz promotion to win free admission and 20% of attendees participated in the live text messaging quiz campaign during the conference. Attendees learned about the mobile campaigns from the ITF web site, a full-page ad in the conference program, and hand out flyers during the conference. The attendee’s response to these promotions was resoundingly positive and the campaigns confirmed the efficiency of live mobile promotions. The mobile campaigns prove that when adding the mobile dimension to live business events and conferences attendance increases and attendees have a more fun and interactive experience.

About ITF

The International Technology Forum (ITF) is the leading information and networking event for international high-tech leaders and for others interested in tapping into this rich resource. ITF has met annually since 2000 and serves to promote and connect diverse international community groups through the U.S. and abroad. The 2005 list of sponsors are TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs), AAMA (Asia America Multi Technology Association), The Japan Society, Silicon French, Korea IT Network, Silicon Iran, Hispanic Net, Vietnamese Silicon Valley Network, and Silicon Valley Italian Executive Council. The speakers for ITF 2005 were executives from Cisco Systems, State of California Controller, UTStarcom, Juniper Networks, SIPquest, VeriSign, HighDeal, Pillsbury Winthrop, and more. For more information about ITF visit

About iLoop Mobile, Inc.     
iLoop Mobile is a mobile application service provider for interactive mobile phone services, marketing initiatives and content distribution. Clients employ iLoop Mobile’s services to add a mobile dimension to traditional or new channels and to establish an intimate one-to-one relationship with their target audience. iLoop Mobile’s Mobile Dimension Manager™ provides mobile initiatives and services including quiz, sweepstakes, voting, consumer brand promotions, gaming, social networking, entertainment/information subscriptions and music/image/video content distribution. iLoop Mobile is privately held, headquartered in San Jose, CA and sits on the board of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA). For more information about iLoop Mobile visit

m-Qube and Nextel<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

To build awareness of Nextel’s value added services and drive subscriber usage.

Looking to drive text messaging volume, Nextel launched Reply & Win, a text messaging program for subscribers. Participants registered by sending a text message to a short code from their phone or on the Web and were provided with five categories of trivia. They received 15 questions per week for an eight week period. By answering questions, participants had the chance to win a $500 weekly prize drawing. Opt-in promotion included online banner advertising, retail point-of-purchase displays and email marketing.

Text messaging is an important revenue stream for Nextel, driving Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Reply & Win was a huge success for Nextel, in terms of consumer education and text message volume.