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April 2009 – June 2009


Fly the Flag for Football and Yonder Mobile Media

The “Fly the Flag for Football” campaign aimed to create excitement around both the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2010 FIFA World Cup, whilst building an opted-in database for future mobile advertising campaigns. Fly the Flag turned to Yonder Mobile Media to create and execute a mobile campaign that directly engaged the target audience.

USJournal continue to partner with mKhoj to expand campaign horizon owing to record breaking success in Indonesia

USJournal is an education focused site that offers efficient and effective services for international students aspiring to study in the US. Depending on the course chosen, the prospective student is provided with an extensive list of institutions offering that course in America. USJournal launched creative campaigns, both online and offline, to reach a broader spectrum of prospective students from around the world. mKhoj and USJournal collaborated to create a campaign in Indonesia.

Campaign Objectives

Innovative campaigns on mKhoj have delivered over 200 success stories while pushing the boundaries of mobile advertising across several industry verticals. Advertisers on the mKhoj network range from renowned global brands to world leaders in content downloads; all of mKhoj’s customers have reaped the benefits of a lucrative engagement. Reebok, MakeMyTrip, Yamaha, Book My Show, Vringo, Dada, Buongiorno, Indiagames are among several advertisers who have partnered with mKhoj to advertise their products across geographies.

Effective media planning and buying is about reaching the target consumer with a relevant and consistent message at a time when they are most likely to pay attention to or interact with a brand. Such interactions could occur anywhere. Online, watching television, in a car while listening to the radio, staring at a billboard and now more often than ever, on the mobile phone.

Useful Networks - White Paper

With Participants:
Major US Carrier,
Major Ad Network,
Major Fast Food Restaurant (Brand #1)
And a Major Automotive Company (Brand#2)

Authored By: Useful Networks

Executive Summary – AdWhere™ LBA Trial White Paper

Brand: Shell

Category: Automotive lubricants.

Location: Venezuela

Agency: Tedexis

Duration: March 2008 – December 2008

Goal: Mechanics and oil chance service operators were determined to be the primary influencers in the purchase of Shell Oil products. The objective was to create an affinity for Shell Oil brands, and motivate mechanics and oil change service operators to use and promote Shell Oil products.

For the operations’ start of the mobile phone company Oi in the state of Sao Paulo, Pontomobi Interactive developed a campaign that was supported in Bluetooth as a tool of contact and interaction with the public

The goal of the compaign was to turn consumers attention to Oi, the new cellphone operator that was starting to work at São Paulo’s territory. It was important to introduce their services, make the public interact with it and so open their selfs to a new experience in mobile telephony.

Pontomobi Interactive developed a web-video-call tool to the Anhanguera College, using the model Ana Hickman as the brand’s representative girl, and simulating and interactive advertising video.

The goal was to promote the registrations for the college’s vestibular texts, attracting the possible candidates to the interactive video followed by the link to the said registration forms, in a creative and interesting way.

Brand: Unilever / Sana

Agency: Electric Agency / Turkey

Duration: 06.09.2008


Sana brand wanted to reach more households all around Turkey and increase its sells through digital tools. The aim was to reach target audience with Turkcell permitted database and to inform them with the campaign and the product itself with a genuine life experience.