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Shell Professional Club (Tedexis)

February 26, 2009

Brand: Shell

Category: Automotive lubricants.

Location: Venezuela

Agency: Tedexis

Duration: March 2008 – December 2008

Goal: Mechanics and oil chance service operators were determined to be the primary influencers in the purchase of Shell Oil products. The objective was to create an affinity for Shell Oil brands, and motivate mechanics and oil change service operators to use and promote Shell Oil products.

Solution: Tedexis created an interactive SMS campaign with an activation through SMS, with the distribution of a manual to diminish registry errors. There were monthly contests under a format of "Formula 1 Grand Prix" where the platform measured the correct answers and the time that took the participants to send their answer. Additionally, prizes were delivered to monthly "Grand Prix" winners. Participants could also make technical questions about product properties and applications through an SMS chat with Shell experts and received SMS tips such as product attributes, product uses and general recommendations.

Result: The campaign created loyalty and affinity to Shell Oil brands and the client was able to collect a complete data base of participants. It exceeded sales expectations and the end consumer received better service because of the recommendations from influencers. Additionally, the shops benefitted from the motivation the campaign generated in their employees, and a new professional community was created.