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OI (Pontomobi Interactive)

November 18, 2008

For the operations’ start of the mobile phone company Oi in the state of Sao Paulo, Pontomobi Interactive developed a campaign that was supported in Bluetooth as a tool of contact and interaction with the public

The goal of the compaign was to turn consumers attention to Oi, the new cellphone operator that was starting to work at São Paulo’s territory. It was important to introduce their services, make the public interact with it and so open their selfs to a new experience in mobile telephony.


To promote the start of its operations in Sao Paulo, the mobile operator Oi, held several concerts with famous bands throughout the state.
To maximize the interaction with the audience it chose to use bluetooth totems, which were installed in all locations of events.
The totems distributed contents of the participating bands, among them: Mutantes, Fresno, Frejat, Lulu Santos, Pitty, Nando Reis, and many others.
As Oi defends the concept of freedom, the events entries were for free and all of then performed in public areas such as squares, parks and beaches of 5 different cities (São Paulo, Bauru, Ribeirao Preto, Campinas, Guarujá).

The number of downloads in the different cities was:

  • São Paulo- Parque do Carmo: 2761 downloads.
  • Parque da Independência: 2869 downloads.
  • Campinas: 3842 downloads.
  • Bauru: 3293 downloads.
  • Ribeirão Preto: 2978 downloads.
  • Guarujá: 2481 downloads.