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U.S. Mobile Internet Users & 2D Barcodes: Quantitative Research Results )Scanbuy)
The following provides key learningsfrom an online study conducted in February, 2008. The survey was executed by Research Now, a global firm that fields over 600 online projects per month, and analysis was provided by Clear Ideas, a research consultancy group with offices in New York, London and Amsterdam.
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Ad Infuse, LSN Mobile Technologies, and Primus Telecommunications Inc. Partner for Mobile Success )LSN, Inc.)
Increase product awareness and purchase with a targeted mobile Hispanic audience.  Engage consumers who view Hispanic content via Local Wireless® ad network in select markets across the United States. 
LSN Mobile Technologies and Ad Infuse advertised the Primus Globe Talk product on Local Wireless® for approximately three )3) weeks.  The goal is to drive engagement, awareness, and purchase for a high quality long distance service that allows you to make international calls from home and cell phones to 19 Latin American destinations starting at 3 cents per minute
“Working closely with Primus, we were able to help craft a specific mobile strategy based on their target audience and local marketing needs,” said Carol Jackson, VP Global Sales at Ad Infuse. “Through that process, it became clear that our content partner Local Wireless could deliver best on those objectives, and the results speak to the high value of the partnership between our three companies.”
LSN Mobile Technologies )MT) and Ad Infuse ran the ad for three weeks in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami.  Consumers saw the ad while checking for local content on Local Wireless and then clicked on the Primus ad.  LSN MT tracked all metrics such as click thru’s, time/date stamp, frequency, type of device, banner type/size and carrier.  Consumers utilized click to call technology to be connected immediately to Primus call center to sign up for product offering.  “I’m excited about the Primus activity.  The results validate the power of a one-to-one marketing relationship that mobile offers to products like Globe Talk.  Our large and growing Hispanic audience certainly is a fit for Primus,” said David Spear, EVP Sales & Marketing at LSN Mobile Technologies. 
In the first 10 hours of the campaign, the click thru rate )CTR) swelled past thirteen )13%)!  At the end of day 1, CTR was 10% and after three weeks, the campaign CTR was averaging 7.5%, which is nearly 8 times that of any normal on-line advertising campaign.  “Unlike search and online advertising, serendipity does not apply to mobile marketing,” says Adriana Avakian, Director, Partner Marketing for Primus. “In migrating our product offering to highly targeted demographics, we clearly see the need to move from eyeballs to audiences with more compelling, relevant offers that, like our GlobeTalk product, broaden our customer’s options to reach out to people and places that matter to them. Ad Infuse and Local Wireless helped Primus execute upon these objectives.”

U.S. Cellular - Mobile Operator Case Study )Valista)
U.S. Cellular
Valista’s Operator Payments Service Helps U.S. Cellular Increase Off-Deck Mobile Content Revenues Enabling Greater Consumer Choice and Transparency
Provide customer base with greater access to mobile content and the ability to fully participate in interactive activities such as text-in media voting for popular television shows. 
Business Driver
Quickly implement a scalable and flexible premium content service business
Valista’s Operator Payments Service enables U.S. Cellular to safely and securely allow third party content and application providers to bill their customers without exposing them to potential revenue leakage and fraud.
Valista’s Operator Payments Service acts as a bridge between external aggregators, content providers and U.S. Cellular’s internal infrastructure. It is offered as a managed service, allowing U.S. Cellular to maintain core focus and improve the time to market of their off-deck premium content business. The service utilizes Valista’s industry leading payments technology and its advanced revenue sharing and settlement solution )ValistaPlus™ 4).
Valista’s Operator Payments Service supports a wide range of mobile payment options, providing consumers with greater choice in the purchasing process. In addition, the service provides support for post purchase operations such as refunds and credits and allows for end-to-end visibility of transactions.
Through Valista’s Operator Payments Service, U.S. Cellular customers will now have greater access to mobile content and be able to fully participate in many interactive activities such as text-in media voting for popular television shows.
In addition, Valista’s Operator Payments Service includes the campaign manager module which enables the submission, approval and launch of campaigns proposed by content providers or aggregators to U.S. Cellular while also protecting their customers by ensuring only content and services which meet U.S. Cellular’s criteria are accepted.

Interactive Game Marketing Campaigns–Case Study )Limbo)

For consumers, Limbo offers interactive games and services via SMS, mobile Internet and the web. For advertisers, Limbo leverages its patent-pending platform—including SMS, mobile web, mobile video, web and e-mail—to seamlessly integrate brands through unique games, content and community. To support its rapidly growing and popular mobile marketing application, Limbo needed a reliable, service-oriented mobile commerce provider that could scale with its increasing traffic.
  • To be synonymous with mobile fun—while giving leading brands and media companies an outlet for product exposure to an engaged audience
  • Generate an increasing volume of text messages from members per month
  • Improve throughput performance to ensure immediate delivery of gameplay responses to consumers
  • Streamline the program application process and simplify compliance with operator policies
  • Use OpenMarket mobile commerce solution for increased scalability, reliability and throughput
  • Maximize mobile subscriber reach via direct carrier connections
  • Automate operations to help manage carrier requirements and expedite program launch
  • Access online reports to monitor traffic volumes on a daily basis
  • Increased traffic to over 7 million SMS messages per month
  • Increased throughput from 15 to 50 text messages per second
  • Leveraged carrier connection accessibility to potentially reach over 98% of U.S. mobile subscribers

Arla launches mobile cookbook to drive in-store sales )Golden Gekko)

Arla Foods )Scandinavia)
Golden Gekko
The Arla Foods Group is Europe’s second largest dairy company. In the 2005/06 fiscal year, the Group received 8.4 billion kg milk and a turnover of approx.  48 billion DKK. Arla’s website ) is among the most popular websites in Sweden with over 500.000 unique visitors per month, with the Arla online cookbook being the main attraction. The online cookbook promotes Arla’s dairy products in an non-intrusive way and makes Arla the natural choice of preference. In May 2006 Arla Sweden decided to investigate the potential of using the mobile channel to further extend the reach of the brand and get their services closer  to the clients.
Golden Gekko’s proposal to Arla was to offer their customers a downloadable application based on the online cookbook and Golden Gekko’s existing portfolio of mobile products with the following key features
·          A selection of 600 popular recipes all including one or more Arla products
·          Each recipe including a short description, shopping list, cooking instructions and a  full screen image of the dish
·          Bookmark for favourite recipes
·          Send to a friend option, encouraging customers to forward on the application to the people they know
In addition to the features above the cookbook was later extended by adding functionalities such as free text search, dynamically updated recipes of the day, most popular recipes, product news from Arla and more.
The key benefits to Arla and Arla’s customers with the application are
·          Great recipes and cooking inspiration instantly available a few clicks away , even without mobile network access
·          A tool as easy to use and as quick as playing a mobile game, which more than 55% of all mobile users in W. Europe have done at least once
·          Promotional material free of charge to the end user except for data traffic when downloading the application
·          Compatible with over 800 phones covering 95% of all devices in use in Sweden today
·          Flexibility to continuously update the service with new features and new recipes with quick turn around times at a reasonable cost
The service was launched on October 1st  2006 as a pilot positioned among other cooking tools on Arla’s website, with limited exposure . During the first 3 months the mobile cookbook had more than 10.000 downloads and over the 2007  Arla mobile cookbook became one of the most downloaded mobile applications in Sweden with over 80.000 downloads,  mainly  thanks to it’s exposure on more than 1 million milk bricks distributed in Sweden. An average user uses the mobile cookbook once every 8 days and has shown the application to 2.8 other people further promoting the Arla brand and the mobile cookbook. 20% of the users have forwarded the application to their friends. In addition to exposing the Arla brand and their products the service also succeeded in getting media publicity extending Arla’s image as an innovative brand. And this is only the beginning…
Arla and Golden Gekko are now working together to expand the service with more interactivity, direct links to purchase through mobile coupons and several other innovative features.

Action Vigorsol Launches Cippi on Mobile with Viral Marketing )Golden Gekko)

Air Action Vigorsol )Perfetti van Melle)
Golden Gekko and BBH
Air Action Vigorsol is Italy’s most popular brand of chewing gum. Vigorsol’s advertising annually shocks and surprises, showing how the gum’s unexpected icy blast of freshness expresses itself in unexpected ways. Media agency BBH was given the brief by Perfetti van Melle – the owner of the Air Action Vigorsol - to build brand awareness and more specifically to engage with digitally literate 15 to 24 year old Italians.
A viral film was released with Cippi – a rodent with incredible farting powers given to him by the ‘fresh air explosion’ – as the hero. The campaign was extremely successful with hundreds of thousands of video views and visitors to the website. Soon after launch, copycat ringtones and mobile content were released into the market forcing Vigorsol and BBH to bring their mobile plans forward – and raise their game. BBH asked Golden Gekko to develop a fun mobile application based on the Cippi character.
With this in mind, the free “Trump Selecta!” mobile application was created to ensure that young Italians could play out Cippi’s unexpected icy blast in unexpected ways. Just like Cippi his Trump Selecta had to have universal appeal;  Golden Gekko has taken up the task which resulted in creating the “Cippi the farting chipmunk”  application compatible with 85%+ of all phones in the Italian market. The application was introduced to the public in June 2007.
The functionalities of the application include:
·          a timed sound joke for a friend, setting the application to countdown and making sure the “victim” is close to the handset when the fart sound is set off
·          a wind chime composer, allowing to author an uncanny melody and play it back
·          set of videos, ringtones and wallpapers fort he mobile phone starring Cippi
·          ability to pass  the application on to friends
The number of downloads from and viral networks by far exceeded all expectations. The application was launched on the 21st of June 2007 in Italy and has counted over quarter of a million downloads so far with about 80% being through viral recommendations and communities. In addition to this over 100.000 ringtones, video tones and animations have been downloaded through the links in the application.
The application “Cippi’s Trump Selecta” has been awarded the following awards:
·          “Immature application of the year” award in October 2007,
·          BIMA Award in 2007 in the category “Best use of Mobile”
·          Nominated for: The Technology Innovation Award and  The Marketing Campaign Award at the 2008 Meffys Awards.
The campaign has provided Air Action Vigorsol an undoubted recognition in the market and aside of the prizes won the liking of the public and made a truly blasting exposure of the brand to many new clients.
Mobile Coupons Gaining Wider Acceptance Across Age Groups And Geography )Cellfire)
Marketers who’ve been waiting for mobile coupons to finally take off can now be assured that it’s not a passing trend. In fact, it’s gaining wider acceptance not only among the mobile-savvy youths, but across all age groups.
Marketing industry insiders are beginning to recognize consumer interest in receiving and redeeming mobile coupons. As quoted recently in Advertising Age, Roger Entner, senior vice president, communications sector at IAG Research suggested that “Mobile couponing is the future—hands down. Besides avoiding the fuss and muss of cutting out coupons, mobile coupons are never forgotten at home.”
Cellfire’s recent findings regarding mobile coupon redemption behavior during the 6 month period ending in December 2007, show usage of mobile coupons increasing by 119 % over the same 6 month period between January-June, with 94% of metro areas increasing in usage. This is in line with recent indications that consumers are showing more interest in receiving discount offers on their mobile phones.
The survey also shows the top 10 markets for mobile coupon usage per capita:
1.     Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, CA )previously #2)
2.     Dallas/Fort Worth, TX )previously #4)
3.     San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, CA )previously #7)
4.     Atlanta, GA )previously #10)
5.     Monterey/Salinas, CA )previously #14)
6.     Dayton, OH )previously #78)
7.     Cincinnati, OH )previously #21)
8.     Chico/Redding, CA  )previously #3)
9.     Sioux City, IA )previously #64)
10. Jonesboro, AR )previously #8)
Furthermore, mobile coupons are gaining wider acceptance with older adults. Mobile has been touted as the marketing platform for reaching the elusive 18-34 year-olds who are increasingly difficult to reach through traditional channels. But older adults are starting to join their younger counterparts in embracing the mobile web, as consumers of all ages are becoming less dependent on traditional mass media.
Although 70% of coupons redeemed were from mobile-savvy shoppers under age 34, mobile coupon redemption by consumers over age 34 more than tripled in the last 6 month.
Coupons have historically been effective at driving traffic and influencing purchase decisions. Mobile coupons are no exception. Typically, Tuesday and Wednesday are slower days for businesses, yet merchants are experiencing mid-week boost in sales with Tuesday being the day consumers most often used mobile coupons, followed by Sunday and Wednesday.
McDonald’s Hüttengaudi )12snap Germany)
Brand: McDonald’s
Agency: 12snap Germany
We were challenged to charge the McDonald’s “Hüttengaudi 2008” in Germany with emotion. The magic word: interaction! Reach out to the audience at the restaurant, take them on a journey and put them back to the POS.
To build a buzz around “Hüttengaudi”, we created a virtual dancefloor and asked the audience for a dance “Move your Lederhos’n!” and do the traditional “Schuhplattler”.
Everyone can create their own Schuhplatt’l video by choreographing the dance from different styles and music and send it on to friends via MMS or e-mail.
A simple mechanic, multiplied with a high fun factor and viral components, called attention to products such as “Emmentaler Herzen” and co.
Within 3 months, over 4.000.000 people hit the site.
Over 500.000 videos were sent on to friends, and each has been viewed several times. Viral effects brought nearly half of the traffic to the site.
Also on YouTube, MyVideo & Co. - the audience started their own web competition. Who’s doing the “Wad’l Klatscher” best?

American blogs even take the “good old German tradition” overseas.

Sony-Ericsson uses Bluetooth for recruitment launch
Company: BLIP Systems & Comzo
Brand: Sony-Ericsson
As the first players on the Swedish market o launch a Bluetooth recruitment campaign designed to emphasize their innovative and exciting spirit.
Comzo began in 2005 and quickly established themselves with offices in Stockholm & Los Angeles. Main client is a big mix from political organizations to outdoor advertising agencies to High-end technology clients. Comzo reached BlipZones partner stage at BLIP Systems within a few months and already completed various mobile Bluetooth campaigns for major brands. Their Comzones is a physical communication zone that they install almost anywhere. This was what appealed to Sony Ericsson, when they launched a new digital recruitment campaign “Wheel life. Or real life?” Attracting new and competent manpower this way had never been tried before in Sweden.
The overall campaign goal was to convince qualified people to let go of their so-called “boring jobs” and try an exciting environment with big opportunities at Sony Ericsson and with great technologies. To get them interested in trying something new, forward-thinking and open to big ideas.
The Concept Factory asked Comzo to complete this assignment with Bluetooth stations “Comzones”
at Bromma Airport in Stockholm, Malmö Train station and the Nova shopping mall in Lund and with
the additional mobile Bluetooth stations carried in backpacks of Metro newspaper personnel in those 3 major Swedish cities. The message from Sony Ericsson was clear: Tune on, Tune in and check-out – A strong message with focus on “what does your future look like”?
The Sony Ericsson was pleased with the results, which over a 3 week period, starting in October
2007, meant that more or less 10% of the by-passers with mobile phones engaged in a positive interaction with the brand.
BlipZones partner: Comzo,


Project 95 – Explore China with Nokia Nseries )Madhouse Inc.)
9 May, 2007 - 10 August, 2007
Madhouse Inc.
Nokia via MediaCom
Exclusively sponsored by Nokia, equipped with Nokia Nseries devices, most notably the Nokia N95, Peter successfully finished a journey long Changjiang and Huanghe in about 95 days, starting on May 9th 2007 and arriving Beijing on August 10th 2007 and having visited over 20 cities.
In collaboration with MediaCom and Madhouse, Nokia initiated a nationwide mobile campaign, sharing the exploration of China with mobile users and expressing Nseries’ spirit of exploration and discovery.
Generate awareness for Project 95 and N95 product through mobile internet ads
Provide a convenient channel for audiences follow the exploration and drive audiences to learn more information of Nseries products
Madhouse established a Mobile Campaign Site with absorbing contents including campaign introduction, Peter’s blog, quiz game, images and video downloads, word leaving and referral link.
Using N95 and N73, Peter posted pictures of places that he has visited, uploaded videos he shot and blogged through Mobile Internet and onto the Campaign site for audiences to view.
Mobile users shared contents taken and composed by Peter during his tour including pictures, video and blog. They could also interact with Peter through leaving message on the mobile campaign site and guess of where Peter had been and how far he had traveled to win a N95 handset. Sales hotline number on mobile site connected audience to Nokia online sales shop for purchase.
To drive traffic to the campaign site, ads were served by Madhouse across a breadth of large portal and digital, lifestyle, entertainment and finance sites on Madhouse's ad network, MadNetwork.
In the Project 95 mobile campaign, the ads served by MadServing achieved over 12,420,000 total impressions resulting in over 3.26% click-through rate and 1,820,000 mobile campaign site page views, generating over 18,000 participants for the activities, video downloads over 17,722 times.
During this Campaign, Madhouse had served and achieved over 2,950,000 total targeted impressions resulting in over 4.2% click-through rate and for every 2.02 clicks, Visa TV commercial was downloaded once. This is certainly more convincing than any other traditional media and Mobile media has once again proved to be better in performance and superbly cost effective.