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Interactive Game Marketing Campaigns–Case Study (Limbo)

April 25, 2008

Interactive Game Marketing Campaigns–Case Study )Limbo)

For consumers, Limbo offers interactive games and services via SMS, mobile Internet and the web. For advertisers, Limbo leverages its patent-pending platform—including SMS, mobile web, mobile video, web and e-mail—to seamlessly integrate brands through unique games, content and community. To support its rapidly growing and popular mobile marketing application, Limbo needed a reliable, service-oriented mobile commerce provider that could scale with its increasing traffic.
  • To be synonymous with mobile fun—while giving leading brands and media companies an outlet for product exposure to an engaged audience
  • Generate an increasing volume of text messages from members per month
  • Improve throughput performance to ensure immediate delivery of gameplay responses to consumers
  • Streamline the program application process and simplify compliance with operator policies
  • Use OpenMarket mobile commerce solution for increased scalability, reliability and throughput
  • Maximize mobile subscriber reach via direct carrier connections
  • Automate operations to help manage carrier requirements and expedite program launch
  • Access online reports to monitor traffic volumes on a daily basis
  • Increased traffic to over 7 million SMS messages per month
  • Increased throughput from 15 to 50 text messages per second
  • Leveraged carrier connection accessibility to potentially reach over 98% of U.S. mobile subscribers