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McDonald’s Hüttengaudi (12snap Germany)

March 24, 2008
McDonald’s Hüttengaudi )12snap Germany)
Brand: McDonald’s
Agency: 12snap Germany
We were challenged to charge the McDonald’s “Hüttengaudi 2008” in Germany with emotion. The magic word: interaction! Reach out to the audience at the restaurant, take them on a journey and put them back to the POS.
To build a buzz around “Hüttengaudi”, we created a virtual dancefloor and asked the audience for a dance “Move your Lederhos’n!” and do the traditional “Schuhplattler”.
Everyone can create their own Schuhplatt’l video by choreographing the dance from different styles and music and send it on to friends via MMS or e-mail.
A simple mechanic, multiplied with a high fun factor and viral components, called attention to products such as “Emmentaler Herzen” and co.
Within 3 months, over 4.000.000 people hit the site.
Over 500.000 videos were sent on to friends, and each has been viewed several times. Viral effects brought nearly half of the traffic to the site.
Also on YouTube, MyVideo & Co. - the audience started their own web competition. Who’s doing the “Wad’l Klatscher” best?

American blogs even take the “good old German tradition” overseas.