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Mobile Coupons Gaining Wider Acceptance Across Age Groups And Geography (Cellfire)

March 24, 2008
Mobile Coupons Gaining Wider Acceptance Across Age Groups And Geography )Cellfire)
Marketers who’ve been waiting for mobile coupons to finally take off can now be assured that it’s not a passing trend. In fact, it’s gaining wider acceptance not only among the mobile-savvy youths, but across all age groups.
Marketing industry insiders are beginning to recognize consumer interest in receiving and redeeming mobile coupons. As quoted recently in Advertising Age, Roger Entner, senior vice president, communications sector at IAG Research suggested that “Mobile couponing is the future—hands down. Besides avoiding the fuss and muss of cutting out coupons, mobile coupons are never forgotten at home.”
Cellfire’s recent findings regarding mobile coupon redemption behavior during the 6 month period ending in December 2007, show usage of mobile coupons increasing by 119 % over the same 6 month period between January-June, with 94% of metro areas increasing in usage. This is in line with recent indications that consumers are showing more interest in receiving discount offers on their mobile phones.
The survey also shows the top 10 markets for mobile coupon usage per capita:
1.     Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, CA )previously #2)
2.     Dallas/Fort Worth, TX )previously #4)
3.     San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, CA )previously #7)
4.     Atlanta, GA )previously #10)
5.     Monterey/Salinas, CA )previously #14)
6.     Dayton, OH )previously #78)
7.     Cincinnati, OH )previously #21)
8.     Chico/Redding, CA  )previously #3)
9.     Sioux City, IA )previously #64)
10. Jonesboro, AR )previously #8)
Furthermore, mobile coupons are gaining wider acceptance with older adults. Mobile has been touted as the marketing platform for reaching the elusive 18-34 year-olds who are increasingly difficult to reach through traditional channels. But older adults are starting to join their younger counterparts in embracing the mobile web, as consumers of all ages are becoming less dependent on traditional mass media.
Although 70% of coupons redeemed were from mobile-savvy shoppers under age 34, mobile coupon redemption by consumers over age 34 more than tripled in the last 6 month.
Coupons have historically been effective at driving traffic and influencing purchase decisions. Mobile coupons are no exception. Typically, Tuesday and Wednesday are slower days for businesses, yet merchants are experiencing mid-week boost in sales with Tuesday being the day consumers most often used mobile coupons, followed by Sunday and Wednesday.