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Project 95 – Explore China with Nokia Nseries (Madhouse Inc.)

February 25, 2008


Project 95 – Explore China with Nokia Nseries )Madhouse Inc.)
9 May, 2007 - 10 August, 2007
Madhouse Inc.
Nokia via MediaCom
Exclusively sponsored by Nokia, equipped with Nokia Nseries devices, most notably the Nokia N95, Peter successfully finished a journey long Changjiang and Huanghe in about 95 days, starting on May 9th 2007 and arriving Beijing on August 10th 2007 and having visited over 20 cities.
In collaboration with MediaCom and Madhouse, Nokia initiated a nationwide mobile campaign, sharing the exploration of China with mobile users and expressing Nseries’ spirit of exploration and discovery.
Generate awareness for Project 95 and N95 product through mobile internet ads
Provide a convenient channel for audiences follow the exploration and drive audiences to learn more information of Nseries products
Madhouse established a Mobile Campaign Site with absorbing contents including campaign introduction, Peter’s blog, quiz game, images and video downloads, word leaving and referral link.
Using N95 and N73, Peter posted pictures of places that he has visited, uploaded videos he shot and blogged through Mobile Internet and onto the Campaign site for audiences to view.
Mobile users shared contents taken and composed by Peter during his tour including pictures, video and blog. They could also interact with Peter through leaving message on the mobile campaign site and guess of where Peter had been and how far he had traveled to win a N95 handset. Sales hotline number on mobile site connected audience to Nokia online sales shop for purchase.
To drive traffic to the campaign site, ads were served by Madhouse across a breadth of large portal and digital, lifestyle, entertainment and finance sites on Madhouse's ad network, MadNetwork.
In the Project 95 mobile campaign, the ads served by MadServing achieved over 12,420,000 total impressions resulting in over 3.26% click-through rate and 1,820,000 mobile campaign site page views, generating over 18,000 participants for the activities, video downloads over 17,722 times.
During this Campaign, Madhouse had served and achieved over 2,950,000 total targeted impressions resulting in over 4.2% click-through rate and for every 2.02 clicks, Visa TV commercial was downloaded once. This is certainly more convincing than any other traditional media and Mobile media has once again proved to be better in performance and superbly cost effective.