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Sony-Ericsson uses Bluetooth for recruitment launch (BLIP Systems & Comzo)

March 24, 2008
Sony-Ericsson uses Bluetooth for recruitment launch
Company: BLIP Systems & Comzo
Brand: Sony-Ericsson
As the first players on the Swedish market o launch a Bluetooth recruitment campaign designed to emphasize their innovative and exciting spirit.
Comzo began in 2005 and quickly established themselves with offices in Stockholm & Los Angeles. Main client is a big mix from political organizations to outdoor advertising agencies to High-end technology clients. Comzo reached BlipZones partner stage at BLIP Systems within a few months and already completed various mobile Bluetooth campaigns for major brands. Their Comzones is a physical communication zone that they install almost anywhere. This was what appealed to Sony Ericsson, when they launched a new digital recruitment campaign “Wheel life. Or real life?” Attracting new and competent manpower this way had never been tried before in Sweden.
The overall campaign goal was to convince qualified people to let go of their so-called “boring jobs” and try an exciting environment with big opportunities at Sony Ericsson and with great technologies. To get them interested in trying something new, forward-thinking and open to big ideas.
The Concept Factory asked Comzo to complete this assignment with Bluetooth stations “Comzones”
at Bromma Airport in Stockholm, Malmö Train station and the Nova shopping mall in Lund and with
the additional mobile Bluetooth stations carried in backpacks of Metro newspaper personnel in those 3 major Swedish cities. The message from Sony Ericsson was clear: Tune on, Tune in and check-out – A strong message with focus on “what does your future look like”?
The Sony Ericsson was pleased with the results, which over a 3 week period, starting in October
2007, meant that more or less 10% of the by-passers with mobile phones engaged in a positive interaction with the brand.
BlipZones partner: Comzo,